[CLOSED] Marketing of OCTÓPODE DAO / april

Just reiterating that we didn’t know, we thought that we @Natashacremonese @macieira had to make the proposal to the vertical DAO when we were called by some DAO to do our work. We are learning from all this. Thank you very much for being so patient with us, we look forward to our approval.


@marketingdao-council approved? :relaxed:


@Natashacremonese please await further feedback from other @marketingdao-council members. Thanks


Thank youu soo much for patience :pray::pray::pray: hugs


It is my sense that the team involved here is very passionate about NEAR and has been involved in the ecosystem in many different ways. Wanted to say that first.

In reading this proposal, I want to respectfully admit I am confused about a number of different things. Can the team explain:

  • What is the relationship with Gambiarra DAO and Metaverse DAO? I know there is controversy and a formal complaint issued elsewhere on the Forum. Is this project an attempt to create a new DAO and continue similar activities? Can someone clarify for me what is going on?

  • I think your social media funding numbers are too high. For example, the twitter account has sporadic content and it’s not high-quality in my opinion.

  • I don’t understand $100 for updating Linktree. It’s literally copying and pasting links. I feel like this is part of social media activity for channels, not a separate thing.

  • I don’t see the point in producing across all these channels at the start. If you’re trying to build or cultivate an audience, I think you have to focus on creating high quality content regularly and with enough frequency to attract and serve the audience. So for example, one YouTube video a month to me is somewhat pointless.

  • What is the publication formats you are referring to? The $250, what is that for?

  • Who is doing the work for this DAO and what other DAOs and projects are you also working on so I can understand how these things connect?

Not trying to be harsh or rude at all, but honestly trying to understand what the goal of this project is, why the funding request is what it is and how the activities mentioned are going to contribute to the project goals.



We are part of Gambiarra Dao, and started our work with its marketing. And we were invited to do the marketing for Metaverse Dao, (not as members, but freelancers).
What happens is that 1 - We did not know exactly who should propose when we were called to freelance, and if we proposed for marketing in connection with the Daos that called us we would have some problem. (I contacted @david to know, he said there is no problem in providing services to daos, since they propose and we provide the service) Something that I nor the rest of the team knew.

2 - No, octopode is not an attempt to continue the work, octopode came from our perspective of organization and work, I’m a teacher, post graduate student … as I said before, Alexandre is a photographer and publicist, Vínicius is a programmer, we are both artists. We both do the following works:
Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)
Serving the public
Create engagement strategies
Monthly Calendar

When the copywriting, graphic design, engagement research, hashtags, schedules, days of the week are done, it is possible to notice that our posts have a lot of quality.

We cite the daos we work with exactly because they have performed important actions on social networks, as in the case of TV presenter Marimoon who has everything to do with Metaverse Dao, and started following dao on both social networks.
Well this may not have value when you do not know your target audience, but in our case we focus on the target audience, we had good results from the dissemination of Feminu for example made by @Ghini we did the dissemination of this gambiarra project and were more than 300 people at the opening.

In our case, we don’t intend to copy and paste, we also intend to put the titles to organize according to dates so that whoever views the profile can have access to dao’s content and links, speaking Portuguese or English.
And by the way, the translator will help with this, we think it is important to pay for someone to do this, people who are starting to work in social media, and this is one of the reasons to pay even for this work that seems very simple.

We are proposing low market value. We don’t want millions of followers, we want loyal followers who will participate in the activities, get to know the teachers, the near network, and enter the mintbase store that we will start in May.

I did a little research to find out, we are dividing between several people 2700 dollars, to accomplish several activities, don’t you think that is a fair amount?

I ask you because our idea is to continue to expand our dao activities, we have held classes, research grants, and so we intend to have good marketing.

I kindly ask you to read the feedback from the daos we work with, people are satisfied because we do good work.
250USD is the amount we assign to whoever is going to create the art design, the social media cover, the infographics, all the visual material for that month.

250USD is the amount we assign to whoever is going to create the art design, the social media cover, the infographics, all the visual material for that month.

In fact it is very important, we already have a class proposal for this month, and youtube is where all the class content will be, besides having there the playlists with videos from our colleagues’ channels that are also part of Near. With the intent of helping us reach audiences and collaborate with colleagues;

I don’t think this work should be for free, whoever manages the social network knows how much work it is.

I even propose to bring the report with the detailed results of these actions, how many clicks we will have on social networks, all of them, the importance that the videos will have, I know we will do an excellent job.
I ask you for a vote of confidence.

Me, Vinícius, Alexandre, Nataly, Jardel ( Nataly and Jardel) will join the network near now, and that they will work at dao doing the translations, in Nataly’s case, participating in meetings, and Jardel will be responsible for the soundtracks themselves, and will do the linktree, we want the professionals to be paid, so they started as soon as the proposal was approved.

Jardel will also be part of the store next month, as well as artists who participate in the bountys, not to mention that we are already working and promoting dao.

About other daos, as I mentioned above I asked if it would be a problem for us to provide services for other daos, and it is not a problem,
we do good work, we have Daos clients who want us to continue, in my case I work in another team, because I was called separately from my colleagues as well.

As for Gambiarra, we learned that it is not us who propose but the dao, hehee And the people of Gambiarra want us to continue, including we planned the month with interviews, spaces on twitter mega cool stuff.

The fact that we created the octopode-dao is because our dao has a research bias, also a great learning bias.

After all, I am a teacher! hehehe

Well, once again thank you for your trust. I hope I have clarified.

Ah we have been invited to freelance in other daos. I guess it’s because our work really has a positive effect.
Looking forward to seeing you!

Thank you soo much!


We will start the youtube already with Gus’ classes, it is important that the professional is paid for posting the videos, editing, putting the specific dao track, making description, links, hashtags, besides creating the playlist, with the videos of the daos colleagues, because we think that the work can be collaborative too.

Here is the link to @gushlewis s class proposal


I think that’s it @Natashacremonese Natashacremonese. Are we getting paid too much for our work? From the research done here ( Salário de Social Media em Portugal ), I don’t think so. Why are we being invited to work in all these DAOS? I think the answer is already there. @so608 If the work is well done, the result is this.


I would like to share with the Near community the importance that Octopode had in all the dissemination of the exhibition FEMINU, both in the onboarding phase, in the registration phase and then in the opening of the event that had about 300 people, becoming the largest event of the xyz Museum so far, also making posts on instagram and twitter, as well as all the cards and placement of the sponsors’ logos, all absolutely on a voluntary basis. I am eternally grateful to this sensational team @Natashacremonese @ViniciusGCP94 @macieira for all the effort dedicated to the exhibition, exclusively for having believed in the project and in the importance of giving visibility to cis women, trans women, non-binary women and transvestites. Congratulations for your work! I hope for more Daos like yours that cherish what is important to the community before anything else.


We always thank you too @Ghini for trusting in our work that is not more important than yours but of equal importance, one contemplates the other and this is how the community grows.
Congratulations on the success of the FEMINU.


Once again I deeply thank you for the affection and trust, we really want to share knowledge, grow together and with good foundations.

The Feminu Expo was amazing, and I feel honored for having trusted us, and it was and is amazing to be a team that has known each other from afar and got closer, with such incredible purposes. Of Art, education, diversity, creation, community, construction… research and everything else !

Thank you @Ghini


Dear @Natashacremonese, I took long time to read your proposal by OCTÓPODE DAO, and I really appreciated the first steps you are taking for this new DAO.
I got to know your work as a team together with @macieira and @ViniciusGCP94 and I really admire what you are doing for GAMBIARRA DAO and its projects and the works you have done to FEMINU. Marketing is not an easy job, it consist in paying a lot of attention on materials produced by each project, dates, and to fulfil all the social medias with the right information, great designs, video and gif materials.
So I wish good luck for your new steps with OCTÓPODE DAO, and I hope you can spread the message of Near ecosystem.


Thank you @filmesdeinfiltracao we also admire your work as an advisor to the gambiarra DAO, thank you again for your comment that we keep working hard and building beautiful things.



Please read:
We are starting our Dao, the Octópode Dao, inspired by our studio.
Our main goals are Art, Technology and Innovation.
Provide training for artists, use technology to share information with the community, courses and experiences.
To provide innovative environment for experience exchange.
Besides sharing advertising and marketing content.
Respecting the creative experience flow of each Dao member, and participants of the trainings. Committing ourselves to deadlines and the community.

Each tentacle of the octopus is a part of a whole.

We would also like to share what Near is like, and make information accessible, through trainings, such as how to create a Dao!

Roadmap, In Q1:

April : Organization of the DAO.
Introduce Dao on social media. ( Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Discord)

Considering that we have classes, weekly from the first month, it is very important that the social networks youtube and discord are active as well.
For sharing, communicating and organizing the DAO.

In view were added to the introduction.


Hello councils, due to a little oversight, I almost left out important things from the introduction.
Well, we have a proposal for free classes for the first month, where the professional will be paid and the classes will be available on Octópode Dao’s youtube.
There will also be a channel on discord with the class, to organize and better and discuss, ask questions with the teacher.

This is how it is always intended to be done. Each teacher will have their channel within the Octopod Dao discord server.
We will also have a bounty, creating octopus where the 12 most voted in the community received 2.5 near ;

And for the pre-disclosure of these projects, official and post-event events, we will use the social networks Twitter, Instagram, Discord for dissemination and organization, and youtube mainly in the post-event, considering that the classes will be available there. With edited videos and background tracks.
Links organized by date and language will also be available on linktree, thus facilitating access to the various audiences that make up the Near community.

I look forward to hearing from you about this funding.

As for the posts I put 3 per week, but I believe there will be more. We always deliver more than the proposal.

Thank you, Yours truly, Natasha Cremonese


Hi guys, I came to share my experience working with the folks at Octopode DAO.
Although we are members of Gambiarra DAO, I had submitted works for Metaverse DAO only.
I already had close contacts with @macieira , who helped me many times for free with marketing strategies, and even did some curatorial work for me at no cost, just to help in the visibility of the artists involved, making lists of artists, talking to each one individually, collecting deadlines, etc.
@Natashacremonese and @ViniciusGCP94 I met during 4Women, a project developed inside Metaverse Dao.
I really liked the work developed, they are organized, committed, accessible, do even more than they propose and are very open to ideas.
At the 4Women exhibition the team got the attention of the MTV VJ, Marimoon, who is very famous, with more than 700mil followers. She started following Metaverse DAO’s profile on instagram.
I really enjoy working with them, and find it amazing how they manage to organize themselves to deliver all the demands on time (often more than agreed), the proactivity in helping, the ideas they bring with the publishing strategies, the texts they put together, the presentations, the promotion of the artists in the community.
In short, I am very happy to be able to share the work with them.
And I think they receive a fair price for what they do.
Unlike some DAOs that only work during business hours and on weekdays, the staff is always ready to answer, available, even if they can’t meet the demand at that moment.
I hope to work with you more often! Congratulations for the work done and thank you very much for the support provided at 4Women and Metatronic 2.


@ViniciusGCP94 Thanks and let’s make a difference, embracing this important cause. Count on you my friend!

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@Natashacremonese I am so happy with the opportunity of working together in this great cause! Thank you for your kind words my friend :sunflower: :butterfly:

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@Klint @Dacha @David_NEAR @cryptocredit @so608 @marketingdao-council please read guys :pray::pray::pray:

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Thanks @Natashacremonese for answering all the questions and providing additional information about your proposal, goals and roadmap.

I think now that you have given me so much more information, I am understanding this much better. If I am reading this right, what you are doing is requesting funding for marketing your DAO/group as a collective of professionals who can be hired/brought in to do all kinds of different creative work for other DAOs, projects, etc? It’s almost like you’re an agency organization and you need marketing funding to help grow your team’s presence so you can continue to participate in more projects etc?

Am I reading that right? If you can let me know if that is an accurate understanding, I would appreciate it!


@so608 Good night. Almost that, maybe in parts. What we are is a DAO that works with different segments. 8 Principles. And these 8 principles include art bountys for example, classes, exhibitions, research, marketing training among other subjects as well. At the moment 3 people who are part of DAO OCTOPODE were invited to provide services to other daos. But it doesn’t mean that this is exclusively the focus or we as Octopod dao. Only a few of the people came to comment on work we had already done before the creation of Octopode dao. We have comprehensive maid goals that provide services, we also have our own projects. We want to spread the word, increase our engagement, reach the public, people interested in near and Tambem, and much more. This month we have the release of EXHIBITION 8, a class of cryptovoxels, bountys, discord to organize… We also need a professional translator to help us express ourselves better. In short, the budgeted order is to invest in our advertising, in the growth and development and in the connections we are going to make.