[CLOSED]Host the first Near Event in Punjab , India

Hey! I am a young builder from Punjab, India, and a few weeks ago I organized a web3 meetup in the city of Chandigarh - and saw a huge interest ( Got 2x more signups than the spots in a single day) which shows the potential for a Chain specific meetup and who would be better than Near which has the best tech in all of web3!!
I have been wanting to organize a Near Meetup for a while and think that it’s the right time now that the market and builders are clear.
The budget would be at a max of $500 in the form of near Tokens to pay for the place and food for builders.
Location- Chandigarh
people - 30(We can get as many as 50 developers if the budget is increased)

-New Developers are onboarded to the Near Ecosystem

  • Shows that Near is committed to help more people learn about their technology
  • Twitter posts and testimonials from the attendes

Solana organized its hacker house in India which was the biggest in terms of attendance and projects submitted which truly shows how much the Near Ecosystem can grow, Chandigarh is the hub of tech for two Indian states and has some of the best hackers and builders.It could be a jump start for Near in North India and help onboard new developers to NEAR.

If you have any questions hit me up on discord - madhavg.eth#4168


Welcome to Near Forum & Near Community, I am Curious about this Event !!
Can you share more details @hydrogenbond007
Are you connecting Normal Users or targeting Only Developers?


It will be open to all but most of the people who turned up last time were devs.
if you folks want can focus on non-tech people too but mostly wanna share how cool near protocol is! Btw also had an idea, In august, the biggest web3 conf of India is happening in Goa. If the Chandigarh event goes well would near like to do a bigger event there? People from all over India are gonna be there

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Hey there,

I love the enthusiasm but this proposal’s structure is missing most of the core elements required for submission:

Please review the link above and resubmit your proposal when you’re ready.

gotcha thanks! btw could you give some feedback new to proposing formal stuff :sweat_smile:.

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Hi @hydrogenbond007 ,

Nice work on building the local community.

Couple of pointers:

  • Do coordinate with @semwal, founder of Uniqart, who is well connected in the region. Might actually be pretty interesting to get some Punjabi artists together under one roof, if they’re open to it.
  • 500 USD for a 30 member meetup sounds like a lot. I think we should be able to bring it down as most cafe’s would only require you to pay for the food and the venue is usually free. Would also encourage meetups over light food/pizzas/snacks, that allows us to get more participants and not just limit to 30.
  • Also worth running a poll or inviting folks from NEAR India community to join in case they’re around.

Good luck!


Thanks for the info! @shreyas and for being my first interaction in Near Community!

-Will for sure dm @semwal for help.

And as for the budget, last time 1/3 of the attendees were +1 or colleagues of people who signed up and wanted to join in the last moment so if we cap it at 30 easily it can crop up to 40 and after doing some searching have found out it usually takes around $10-15 per person for a cafe in Chandigarh. Might be able to cut a deal or something for sure too.
Would be fully transparent with your folks and return the money not spent.

  • Would for sure bring this up in Near India community telegram.
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Hi @hydrogenbond007 i too like your enthusiam and see that you have organised an event in the past.

However, your proposal lacks key information and i suggest you edit / add following the link in the comment from @Klint

Hey guys – thanks for the proposal. I am glad to see your enthusiasm. I can’t support this proposal at this time due to lack of clear information and plan, but I would recommend connecting with other active members of the community here such as @Monish016 @Albhion @johanga @Srilakshmi – many of whom are planning events for the Goa Web3 conference coming up. I think they will be helpful in advising you on how to get involved in the ecosystem and make an impact.

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Yup I didn’t realize the timeline, maybe I will chat with other folks in Near India and come up with a proposal for a Meetup during web3 conf, goa as There is gonna be way bigger footfall then rather than in Chandigarh.

Btw @cryptocredit @so608 could you help me out what I should mention with the next proposal cause I am just 17 and naive haha

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Hello @hydrogenbond007 , Nice to See you again .

Hosting first Event in Punjab is Very Interesting and I am happy to Support , But If you want to Ask Funds for Some Budget to organize these Event. kindly Create a Proper Format for using Marketing DAO Standard Format for asking funds for Event or Any Marketing Activities .

If you select New topic after putting your Proposal , Kindly Select your Category - Markekitng and Marketing DAO , you will get an Format showing all the Details respectively .

Kindly Introduce yourself too in Proposal your background and when did you joined Near and Near Ecosystem .

All the Best for your Next Proposal . If you need any more help kindly Send me DM on Telegram - abcd@crypto90 .