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Chop Life Inc is an entertainment and lifestyle brand set up to tap into a new set of events that capture a new and upcoming wave of individuals and brands tapping into the zeitgesit culture of the time we target. We have successfully hosted six events [3 Editions of Game Nights, 2 Beach Trips and 1 silent disco event] on the theme of community and we have decided to build on the successes of past events by hosting another game night event which we believe will expand the reach of the NEAR community in the web3 ecosystem.

THE CHOPLIFE INC TEAM: The event is organized by Chop Life Inc co-founded and managed by myself (Legend Harry) and my partner Jamal (@BigMal). We also have two team members (Brand Manager- Temitope & Brand Ambassador - Sandra).

COUNTRY AND CITY OF RESIDENCE: The Chop Life Team currently operates out of Lagos, Nigeria.


EVENT SUMMARY: The GAME NIGHT will take place on Saturday, the 1st of October 2022 which also coincides with the Independence day celebration of Nigeria. Therefore, it is our belief that a social activity such as a game night event on such day will yield a positive result as young, outgoing and social people (our target demographic) will be more enthused about it. The theme of the event will be centered around NEAR and the web3 ecosystem in general. We will have banners and other props to this effect. The attendees will be grouped into four teams distinguished by the color of their hand tags and each team will be assigned a Captain. This Team Captain will facilitate the participation of their teams in the team games and will also act as a liaison between the attendees and the organizers. Each team Captain will also be tasked with onboarding their respective team members to the telegram and whatsapp groups. Refreshments in form of snacks and pet drinks will be served to all attendees.


  • Introducing game techies and Web3 enthusiasts amongst the attendees to the gov forum where they can connect with the Human Guild, the NEAR guild dedicated to supporting the next generation of Web3 games built on NEAR.

  • Creation of the Chop Life Inc mintbase store which will feature sales of NFT Tickets to attendees. Tickets will be available on our store and can only be purchased with Near.

  • The event will also be hosted in the metaverse via NearHub to encourage online participation from our community. NEAR Hub offers users the option to interact with the metaverse through their mobile phones and to access the space by easily connecting with their NEAR wallet login. It is also the perfect place to meet like minds and learn about NEAR Protocol, DeFi, DAOs, Gaming, NFTs and so much more.

  • Minting of Pictures and video content from the event on our Mintbase store as NFTS. All highlighted activities and photoworks from the event will be minted.

  • Promotion/Marketing of the NEAR ecosystem to the attendees: There will be a live interactive trivia session about NEAR and the WEB3 ecosystem. This will form part of the Team Games that we normally have. The trivia questions will be printed on playing cards carrying the NEAR logo. There will be two sessions, one at the beginning and the other to wrap up the event. The winners of each session gets a $50 reward in NEAR. Also, we will introduce the attendees to NEARCRASH, a game on the NEAR PROTOCOL where players have to login with a near wallet to play and earn rewards. Branded souvenirs such as face caps, T-shirts, Mugs, Water bottles, key chains etc featuring the NEAR logo will be awarded to attendees who win different game rounds. Attendees that are eligible for these giveaway prizes will have to open a NEAR Wallet to claim their prizes, this in turn makes onboarding easy and fun.

  • Encouraging game enthusiasts from none-web3 background to opening a Near Wallet (winning the trivia sessions and other game rounds and being incentivized to open one).

  • Creating a community of game nights lovers of up to 300 active participants. We already have a chop life community on whatsapp with about 100 members where we share news and event updates. We will onboard new game night attendees to the group as well and to foster participation and community engagement activity, they will be onboarded to the NxM Discord Server where they can participate in the weekly Trivia challenge to win prizes in NEARcoin. We believe this idea will exponentially increase interest in participating in ecosystem activity.

  • We have a following of over 300 people on Instagram that we’ll continually feed content from this event and we’ll also promote our NFT collection (pictures and videos) from the event on a regular basis for increased visibility and reach.

CONTENT: Here are some content from our previous game night editions. More images and videos can be found on our instagram page via the link above.

Please click the link below to watch our mission and vision statements:
VIDEO LINK: Chop Life Inc ℒ️ on Instagram: "The maiden edition of our Game Night + Party was a complete Vibe ⚑️⚑️⚑️πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”- The next edition promises to be more fun❗️ Follow us and stay tuned for updates ✌️ β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”- #ChopLifeInc #choplife #gamenight #lagosparty #lagosnights #lasgidi #goodvibes #games"


  • Enthusiastically preaching the gospel of Near and the ecosystem to over 200 attendees on the event day and onboarding at least 150 people.

  • Introducing onboarded participants to different DAOs and Guilds in the ecosystem so as to foster participation in ecosystem activities. For instance, musicians and other creatives will be introduced to the NxM and creatives DAO respectively. Onboarded musicians will be introduced to the NxM discord server where weekly trivia sessions about NEAR and the music ecosystem are held. We hope to onboard at least 50 people to this community.

  • Connecting game/app developers from our tech audience to the Human Guild where they can connect with like minds to build more Web3 based games for the ecosystem. We also aim to onboard at least 10 people from our audience to this guild.

  • Projected sales of over 50 NFT tickets.

  • Sales of NFT content (photo and video) from the event.

  • At least 50 people in attendance in NearHub.













Total requested amount in USD - $2,060

NEAR Wallet ID - legendharry.near

This proposal has been edited and corrected as advised by @Dacha

Cc @marketingdao-council


It’s Game time!

Excited to be a part of this. :100:
Let’s get the ball rolling

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Can’t wait to bring this idea to fruition :white_check_mark:

Hey guys – thanks for the proposal. This looks like a fun event, and I don’t doubt your enthusiasm, but we’re in a climate at the moment where I think we need to see more potential for onboarding and return on investment via active users (not just opening wallets and onboarding, though those things are nice to have), new developers and allocating funding to projects vs. funding social events.

Again, looks like you have a fun brand and are enthusiastic about NEAR, and while similar projects have received funding in the past, I can’t support funding from the MarketingDAO right now given a need to shift priorities to focus on funding projects that have a wider-reaching goal and larger audience.


Thank you for the response. We were hoping to not only onboard users but also have active members in our community that can be a useful part of the NEAR ecosystem. There are new and upcoming games on the NEAR PROTOCOL like NEARCRASH (as mentioned in the proposal) that require funded wallets for participation, we believe this is a source for active users of NEAR. Lagos Nigeria is a bubbling hub for young Techies and truth is, events like this presents the opportunity for onboarding of talents into the ecosystem. I believe without these social events, we might continually miss out on the bundle of talents out there that will be useful to the Near ecosystem. I think the results from the first event in the series will change your views about the long term advantage i.e a trial will convince you :blush:
Again, thanks for your response @so608 . Well received.

Hi @Legendharry thanks for your proposal.

i see that you have experience in organising some fun events but i am unable support for the same reasons given by @so608. I suggest that if you believe in the NEAR ecosystem you should find ways to bring together people and present a more focused proposal that shows clear benefits.

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Thanks for your response @cryptocredit . However, to clarify once more, this is an ACTUAL WAY to bring people together and the metrics are clearly stated. Creating a true community from scratch requires some time but once achieved, the ripple effect of the benefits is usually immense. We all became part of this ecosystem by the virtue of being onboarded and look what we are all doing to further the growth and advancement. A whole lot could be achieved from this project series if given a chance and allowed to thrive and who better to give the opportunity to champion such other than someone with experience in the field of bringing people together? Once again, thanks for your response. Well received.

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Dear @Legendharry we’re looking forward to seeing revised proposal. Thanks and have a great day!


Thanks for the feedback @Dacha

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Hi @Dacha, @cryptocredit @so608 , the proposal has been revised and the goals/impacts and metrics have been updated accordingly. Kindly take a moment to go through them. Thanks for the insights and support.

Good morning, could you please create a new one? Thank you :blush:

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Alright I’ll get to it. Thank you

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