[CLOSED] First Proposal Limoeiro DAO / AUGUST 2022

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Hello @Isa_Danoninho! We are noticing that there seems to be the same 4-5 people operating

  1. Limoeiro Studio

  2. Gambiarra

  3. Octopode

  4. Children of The DAO

While @Natashacremonese is specifically going against guidelines by being on council of more than 2 of these projects and requesting funding from Creatives DAO, we believe that this project in particular could fall under the other 3 projects already operating under your collective leadership.
It does not feel fair for the same people to be operating 4 similar projects and it concerns us for these reasons:

  1. Decentralisation - This could lead to all 4 DAOs becoming part of the Creatives DAO council creating a cohort of centralized voting power.

  2. Creatives Community - This sets a tone for others who are working on similar art based projects around the world to begin diving their DAO members into various DAOs to spread out and ask more for funds without actually diversifying or expanding their communities.

  3. Near Foundation - Funds are being provided for the development of NEAR ecosystem, however if the same group of people form exponential amounts of groups without diversity, then funding is essentially making less impact.


At the moment I am taking part, but I didn’t know that there is a rule that I cannot take part in more than two daos as a council.

The only dao that I am part of that is on the board is Gambiarra, of which I am only a member

Now if that is a problem, I can ask for my removal as a council. I don’t see any problem.


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The issue is that the money is circling between a few accounts.

Also there is a guideline which says that you cannot receive funding for creatives as councils if you’re a council of more than 2 DAOs

The point highlighted below is mentioned in the link attached above

In order to move a step closer towards the goal of decentralisation, the Creatives DAO asks for community members to limit the amount of council positions on DAOs on the Creatives DAO Council to 2 separate DAOS. Any member with several council positions above this number may slow up or put a halt on the proposal process of that DAO



I would very much like to ask you, to reread, when you say you may delay, but I would very much like you to evaluate my work.

I am dedicated every day, I have a great resume, I work every day, and I was invited because of my competence.

I would very much like to be evaluated for my capacity.

And I would really like this not to affect the DAO, being that I have dedicated myself during the past months without receiving anything, we created instagram, telegram, made posts, without receiving anything.
I helped in the creation of the bylaws, it’s even a model of mine, I’m a cultural producer, I know the industry very well. ``

Let’s build for the community. We even have roadmapping, was interrupted with the break. But we will resume this month to bring new proposals.

I want to make myself available to answer any and all questions that arise about the work as a council in the daos.

Im Brazilian Visionary Artist 2D and 3D, Art Educator, Visual Arts Teacher graduated by (UNINTER).
Post-graduate student in Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous History and Culture (UNINTER). Workshop, Multiartist, seamstress, artisan, cultural producer.


FOUNDER / FOUNDER @octopodedao

Social Media at @GambiarraDao (Instagram and Facebook)

She has several trainings in education and art, such as Social Educator courses, complementary trainings as Special Education, Transversality Teaching, Digital Painting, Concept Art and 3D modeling at Revolution School.

She worked as an Art Educator/Social Educator in 4 social projects of MDSCS (Mitra Diocesana de Santa Cruz do Sul), Projeto Sol Maior, Cora Coralina, Santo Inácio e Querubins. Serving children, adolescents and elderly in social vulnerability. In addition, she has almost 3 and a half years of experience as an Art teacher at E.E.E.M. Nossa Senhora da Esperança (Santa Cruz do Sul), where she still works today.

      Worked in the Art Direction of the independent record label Estação do Baixo. Performing functions of Social Media, Graphic Designer, Art Direction in projects, Illustrator among other functions.

In 2022 she worked for 6 months as a teacher of Visual Arts at SESC/Santa Cruz do Sul

She is one of the creators of the Collective of Women Project, in which she maintains a support group in WhatsApp where women (cis, trans?) exchange ideas, help each other and strengthen bonds.
Where they share and promote information about laws, debates, the lgbtq+ community, culture, art, and entrepreneurship.

At the age of 16 developed the Free Art Project: Projeto Arte Livre

Participated in events doing live painting. In the Soundvision/Serra Gaúcha Festival (2017), Psyres/SCS(2019), Origins Gathering Festival(2020) and Online Festival KIZOMBAR A festa é do Povo é Fora Bolsonaro (2020). Besides working in the Management of the Kids Space and Workshops of the Origens Gathering Festival since 2016, performing inside the Festival the Free Art Project and that in the year 2020 (before the pandemic), executed together with a team of professionals, monitors and workshops, the Potý Project, which she was also the creator.

Potý Project: Redirecting...

She began studying digital painting in 2018, and since then she has been developing works, visual identities, and is currently creating her own tarot deck with her version of the 22 major arcana. Besides starting to walk the path of 3D modeling, which was a dream.

Substitute Councilor of Street Art and Culture in the Council of Culture of Santa Cruz do Sul.

Participant of the International Biennial of Psychedelic Culture and Visionary Art:
Initiation Ritual), Exhibitor of the Museum of Babel 2021, ABAV Art & Sensorium (Brazilian Academy of Visionary Art).

In the year 2020 she received the CULTURAL TRAJETORY AWARD of the city of Santa Cruz do Sul 2020 EDITAL Nº 002/SECULT/ ALDIR BLANC .

Approved in EDITAL AQUISIÇÃO DE BENS E MATERIAS. Nº 003/SECULT/ ALDIR BLANC 2020 Santa Cruz do Sul in the amount of R$6.000,00

Cryptoart Expositions:
First Exhibition of Psychedelic Cryptoart of Brazil (Dilated Pupil). 25/03/2021.

Second Edition of Pupila Dilatada Exhibition. Where he also worked as Social Media. 06/08/2021 Access:


Works made for @raizverticalfarm (LISBOA/ PORTUGAL) 12/2021

Works available for sale at mintbase:

In-Person/Physical Exhibitions:
Origins Gathering Festival in the year 2018

Origins Gathering Festival in the year 2020

1ª Amostra da Setorial de Artes Visuais de Santa Cruz do Sul 2021

Group exhibition, works made for @raizverticalfarm (LISBON/ PORTUGAL) 12/2021

Exhibition Visionary Art Gallery / Forró da Lua Cheia 30 Anos Altinópolis/SP - 2022 Curator Rodrigo NINI


Works available for sale at mintbase:

I thank you very much for your answer. I hope I can show my work to you masterfully. :purple_heart: :pray:


Hey …
Very nice to talk to you, I want to formally introduce myself to you and introduce myself to you.
I’m Isa, I’m a member only of Gambiarra DAO and now I come to build another path through Limoeiro DAO.
As the founder of the project I believe it makes sense for me to be council.
Regarding Children of the DAO I believe very much in the project and always participate in the actions, but as a community, and I believe that the actions are made for the community.
Octopode DAO I am not a member, I don’t have voting rights.
I am hired for specific projects and to do specific things, like setting up exhibitions in the Metaverse and creating flyers.
I have more affinity with educational projects and with that I have been migrating my activities within the ecosystem.
I see many DAOs working in a collaborative way and I don’t see this as a deterrent, the Brazilian community is very large and our territory is also very large, Natasha for example is more than 1000km away from me.
In the last project I did for Gambiarra we worked on the publicity part together with the Metaverse DAO event.
And this was very beneficial for both DAOs, the metrics were very positive.
There is a language barrier within the ecosystem that forces us to work with people where communication happens more clearly and easily, and who speak the same language.
In fact this is one of the goals of DAO to help break down this language barrier to make the ecosystem more inclusive.
I invited Natasha and Carol Venaghi to be councils because I believe and trust their work.
Even though neither of us has proposed any projects for DAO.
DAO is not a member of Creatives and if this happens one day I don’t know if it will make a difference if the changes that are being implemented occur; and even so we are working with guesswork, because nothing has happened yet and can simply be barred here on the forum.
I truly believe in the potential of this team, and I also truly believe in the DAO proposal.


Hi Natasha and Isa
Thanks for sharing your work and accolades.

I don’t doubt that you’re hard working or the quality of your work, infact I personally like the artwork you guys make. It’s unique and shows years of dedication and I genuinely appreciate your participation and efforts.

The only issue we see is mentioned above and the reasons are too.

It’ll be great if you guys can internally come up with a resolution to deal with this.


I understand. But it also doesn’t seem fair to work dedicatedly and responsibly. And having a barrier even with all the effort and dedication to be part of more than one dao. or similar projects. I’d like to ask you to think about it. Not only do I create works, but I teach, I’m a manager, I work in cultural production and execution (with projects approved with the culture incentive law in Rio Grande do Sul/BR). They can look alike. But they are different. Gambiarra is a gallery. Octopode Dao is an octopus (8 principles, including physical events aimed at/startup training), Children of the dao (FOR parents and educators) and Limoeiro an art school. Even if you don’t speak fluent English. I’m dedicating. It’s not fair Also friend, They are different initiatives. The similarity is we are Brazilians, and the projects have similar biases connecting to art, culture, technology and education.

I would like to deal openly and lightly and calmly as we are doing. Do you prefer to stop an amazing project, why do I work so well? this is a little tricky. Can I work at dao as a Cultural Consultant/Producer? instead of Council then?



Hi Natasha,

20k USD in funding for 5-6 people running 5-6 DAOs for similar work just doesn’t seems fair from any standpoint.

The best case would be to allocate the work under one of the associated DAOs you are either a council or a member of.


Ok. Thank you so much @Cryptonaut

According to the guidelines 2 DAOs correct?

Please verify Limoeiro in Astro, I’m not the council. Thank you so much


According to what you quoted, I am now following the guidelines, thank you soo much

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@Cryptonaut , it is a pain to lose someone as capable as @Natashacremonese
But I read the guidelines and we talked about it, and her removal as a council member of the DAO has already been done.
Thank you for advising.
The proposal is available with this change.
I await for your positions.
And I am at your disposal.


Hi Isa,
The project and the work you’ve shared can fall under one of the DAOs that is run by your councils.

Please allocate this funding request via one of those DAOs
It’s a no from my side for this funding.

Tagging @creativesdao-council for their opinions.


Very sad. I’m not a councilor anywhere and my project that has months of development projection is going to die because someone has a fixed idea that the DAO shouldn’t exist on their terms and insists that it fit into something it is not a part of. I’m so sorry girls, sometimes I Just want to give up…

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We will not give up without a fight, after all, this project has been built since May and with a lot of love.
We already have more than 50 followers on instagram, without having any project executed, more than many stores and DAOs that are still being funded.
All the social networks are ready, all the visual art material created.
With all due respect Cryptonauta, I do not know which DAO you speak of that has the same projects as ours, I would like you to point me.

There is no DAO, or project within the ecosystem, that cares about onboarding into the network, myself when I was onboarded I had to discover and explore everything on my own.

Alexandre is responsible for building our community in a healthy way, taking care of the people who are entering, and giving support in the process of understanding the ecosystem and the possibilities.
There are 3 meetings with 1 hour each, teaching how to open a wallet, explaining what NEAR is, introducing the marketplaces and the forum, teaching how to mint, set up a profile, create 3XRSPACE exposures, the DAPPs, with learning material.
I wish I had joined the network with all this support.
It is creating an active community with responsibility.
Until today I live giving support to people lost with the basics inside the community and I always look for older and active people that can teach me what I don’t know or what I can’t understand.

L is the most active person in the bounties of the Brazilian community, knows all the participants, super well-connected in the network and with potential to engage the community and manage the bounty and create this collection that will be the beginning of a financial freedom.
Super communicative, and with the potential to keep the community active.

Bea is new to the ecosystem, just joined, visual artist with an impeccable resume on managing start ups.
Offering the first of many courses for our network.

The DAO aims to create a platform for online courses, I haven’t seen this in any other DAO; to enable Brazilians to speak English, to be part of the global community and break this language barrier once and for all.

None of the councils are proposing projects, we are standing by to get our hands dirty and make DAO happen.
Not afraid to work, and with all the gusto to grow and do something different to make the ecosystem proud.

I would like to ask you to re-evaluate with all your heart, because I really believe in the potential of the project!

Thanks again for your time.

@Cryptonaut @Monish016 @adrianseneca @ted.iv @blusw @FritzWorm @hevertonharieno @kc_sollano @Paul @williamx

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Yes Isa, I see 10 people marked with decision-making power over the projects and I don’t understand how we don’t have a position of each one of them. I especially want to call @blusw who is our BR representative. Support here please? Don’t let an amazing idea die before it’s even born. Thank you and good week to all.


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Hey Isa!

No one is doubting the potential of your project! More power to you!

Request you to kindly run it with one of the associated DAOs and ask a part of funding from either Gambiarra or Octopode. I’m not in favour of this funding.

Just to be clear Isa, this is not a fight and no one is trying to attack you. If you keep thinking it’s a fight then it will be difficult for us to communicate.

5-6 people are trying to run 5 DAOs and I’m not in support of it. This is the issue. Nothing else.



Hey, hey, just to give one more voice from the side of the Creatives DAO moderation team. I think @Cryptonaut put it correctly in saying :

This conversation is by no means about the quality of the work as it is quite apparent there is a high standard of creativity and experience involved :slight_smile: