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HI, yep we agree on this point with CEDE Labs

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What project, please?

HI, yep we agree on this point with Human Guild

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Hi @IgbozeIsrael thanks for sharing. Of course, we have a rate card to show when projects ask us for their campaigns. Almost media channels like Nearity, Near Daily have a rate card.

But as you see above, we reduced all, AMA is an example. The secondly, we don’t charge projects that register to our form. Please check here and you can ask them if you want

You can also check our channel, we only produce content to promote for the Near ecosystem and support projects no charge

Is there room for supporting project, Guild that didn’t fill the initial form but are built on NEAR ?.
Or Does this means projects who didn’t fill the form will have to pay to be promoted.


Yes sure. But the best is you should fill in the form. That’s the proof to check

Yes, it is undoubtedly true! These guys will be helping us for the second time, already with another project and have never charged us a fee

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Thank you for your proposal. Could you please fill out the form Form Marketing DAO Proposal Application ?

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Hello Dacha and have a nice day. I filled in the form. Thanks!

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Hello council, have a nice weekend. Could you please review our proposal? I am looking forward to hearing from you @Dacha @Klint @so608 @cryptocredit @satojandro . Thank you very much!

@near.insider Thank you for your proposal. I believe the best way to continue your work is to be a part of the Regional DAO and be a media partner of the DAO.

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Thanks for your suggestion. How to become a part of the Regional DAO? We operate on global and focus on many countries

Please join the group Regional Communities Working Group


I will keep an eye on it. However with this our proposal? I hope we can be approved to maintain the employees. It’s hard and sad to fire them right now

Hi @near.insider we discussed your proposal in our weekly call and it was agreed there was a need for certain projects to refocus to ensure that their contributions are helping projects building on NEAR.

I would echo the suggestion by @Dacha that the best way forward is for you to work with the Regional DAO.

I understand that in the past you have operated on a global level - but in my opinion its time to help regional communities to achieve their goals.


Hi @near.insider – thanks for your proposal and your patience as we have reviewed it. You have been a longtime contributor to the NEAR ecosystem, as well as a longtime recipient of Marketing DAO funds.

You have two council members recommending a shift to working in collaboration with the Regional Communities Working Group. I’d like to add to the conversation and say:

  • I understand that you and your team want to continue the work that you are doing, and I hope you can determine a way to do that.
  • I do not support continued Marketing DAO funding for more content creation at this time for a couple of reasons. First, we’re operating under different guidelines than we were last year and under a lower funding cap. I do not see the engagement or growth at the pace we are hoping to see from a team after many months of funding.
  • If the key value to the community is rooted in your promotional and marketing services to projects building on NEAR, then I think the logical path forward is for you to evolve into an agency, where you are charging for your services and projects compensate you for them. The goal for the business model that you’re pursuing is to become self-sufficient, and I think your team has been given adequate time and funding to do that.
  • If projects building on NEAR want to hire you and come to us for funding, then in my view, they should be able to include that in their proposals.
  • I am currently less supportive of projects that are rooted in generalized messages about NEAR and more likely to support initiatives that have a strong, unique voice or point of view. In my view, generalized content is becoming less impactful as the ecosystem grows. At the same time, members of the community who are developing original content that is expanding upon the basic/general conversation in the ecosystem are more likely to get my support for funding.

While I realize you are not likely to agree with me, I believe the Marketing DAO is facing the need to shift our focus from what has been funded in the past to try new strategies and approaches with the goal always being to bring increased value and impact to the ecosystem as a whole.

I encourage you and your team to work to become self-sufficient, keep serving the NEAR community and also get involved with the bounty programs that are getting started this quarter.


First of all, thanks for repyling.
Regarding this, we have submitted a proposal following the Marketing DAO guidelines. We have been producing content on the Twitter platform with the following scope of work:

For activities aimed at attracting users and increasing brand awareness for projects, we have organized over 50 AMAs with projects and received very positive feedback.

Please let me know if we have any shortcomings. Next is growth, we started with the first proposal with only 9K followers: [Approved] April 2022 Content & Infographic Production - Near Insider Guild

And now we have 42K followers, although I don’t value the quantity, I value the quality more. And the quality here is shown through our posts being shared by many projects and KOLs in the ecosystem, especially Illia, which shows that we have done well. I HOPE YOU CAN EXPLAIN THIS CLEARLY

I would like to provide the following feedback on this:
We are currently in a downtrend market where projects are struggling to allocate budget for marketing, and not all projects know how to approach Marketing DAO. So, what does an ecosystem need to do? Attract developers building on Near by supporting them with promoting and marketing to users. The hard cap at Marketing DAO is only $50K/month, while there are 1000 projects on Near. So, sponsoring us with about $5K - $7K/month would be more beneficial than sponsoring one project for one month. I HOPE YOU CAN EXPLAIN THIS CLEARLY. We can not only support the Near ecosystem in attracting more users and developers, but also assist in promoting projects, at just $5K - $7K/month

I have some feedback on this:

  • Firstly, our message is not vague as you said, but has a very clear Content Direction, from updating news, analyzing data, user insights and promoting the project. IF POSSIBLE, PLEASE EXPLAIN WHAT THE VAGUE CONCEPT IS HERE.
  • Secondly, if our content has little impact on the ecosystem, then projects and Illia would not have shared our articles. We have been and are doing topics about the Defi ecosystem, which is something that any ecosystem must have.
  • Thirdly, you mentioned changing strategy and new approach, so specifically what is it and has it been shared with the community yet? And in my opinion, no matter how much it changes, Defi is still the core if we are in the world of Crypto. Once you still Swap on Ref Finance, Lending on Burrow, Staking on Meta Pool, what we have been doing still has value. However, I will also improve the content related to social, web3 that Near is aiming for, but we need to understand our target audience to build appropriate content.

Thank you for sharing I will definitely participate

Finally, I hope the council has a fair view of us, our work, and the value we have created. Many channels in the ecosystem have left, but we are still here and supporting. We have also reduced rewards because we understand the current market situation. I have seen Marketing DAO approve similar channels, so I hope you will be objective. Thank you
Cc @Dacha @cryptocredit @Klint @satojandro

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I believe that it is worth considering the end result of the policies which have been advanced in the past. You don’t need to be a credentialed economist to understand that subsidizing content creators increases the cost of their services. The end result is a circle of content creators who are dependent on the NF for their income.

This has created an environment where only KYC’d projects are able to meaningfully participate. The hype teams focus on those projects which have the funds from the NEAR Foundation.

Naturally, NF has an incentive to promote projects in the ecosystem and reward content creators. There’s nothing wrong here.

However, looking at the past results, a more direct approach of supporting content creators for creating content makes sense. Projects shouldn’t have to play politics navigate the ins-and-outs of an ever changing bureaucratic landscape.

The solution is very simple. Simply pay content creators to create content. Pay them to create content regardless of if the project is a grant recipient or not. The only criteria should be the quality of the content and the relevance of the project.

If the NF, MarketingDAO or whichever other current bureaucratic abstraction of NF funds is unable to do this, then the system is not open or inclusive. It is gatekept by the grant process. This is not how an open ecosystem functions.

If we accept that the subsidies are a given, the only remaining question should be how they are paid. Consider the following:

A) NF funds in whichever form, be it the Marketing DAO or another flavor of the week
B) Content creators or influencers
C) Developers delivering dApps, NFTs or otherwise utilizing the NEAR Protocol.

Funds are travelling from A → B. C has no role here. The current system is exclusionary. B has already shown the willingness to navigate the bureaucracy and become KYC’d. C has already delivered a working project. This something rare considering the promo’d, “1000+ projects building on NEAR”

Why exclude developers who have already contributed working projects?

Consider the above and how NEAR can be truly inclusive and live up to the concept of an open ecosystem. Developers should be supported for utilizing the NEAR Protocol and delivering projects.

The system of incentives is completely out of order. This is not how an open ecosystem functions.


Thanks for your proposal and patience.

I believe some context is very important here:

  • NEAR Insider has received support from Marketing DAO since the very beginning.
  • Marketing DAO has recently been through a review where the funding cap was decreased and the standards and expectations increased. Please understand this - the alternative to these is no funding at all.
  • Marketing DAO has been informing NEAR Insider for months of the need to reduce funding, to ‘wind down’ the project, and;
  • Last proposal from NEAR Insider has already been rejected. Little has changed since last month.
  • To sum up the background - the changes introduced here are not sudden or unexpected. They are in line with the ecosystem and we’ve provided plenty of notice.

Now to provide more insights into the specifics of the application:

  • First I’d like to make it clear that just because a project is no longer (or not yet able to be) funded by the Marketing DAO doesn’t mean that it has no value to the community or that the work should stop.
  • A community member has shared the paid packages NEAR Insider offers to projects. This is directly after the team claimed not to charge for projects. While this can be seen simply as a misunderstanding or a play of words the point is that NEAR Insider has been requesting the full budget to cover its operations while failing to disclose additional income streams.
  • The point above has a couple of key aspects - the channel is indeed large enough where it can monetise. Even if it is not maximising that potential now, believe that the team should’ve aimed for being self-sustainable a long time ago. This is important as we struggle to accomodate new projects within the existing budget caps.
  • Separately, to add more context to the Regional DAO suggestions, an issue with the current content is that it is not tied to any KPIs. By working with a Regional Group it should be easier to track the growth of the various communities targeted.
  • I also want to add that the Marketing DAO is increasingly shifting towards a bounty model - specific content requests that align with strategic goals and key partners. NEAR insider is welcomed and encouraged to submit entries as part of these bounties.

I want to close by highlighting that this decision are very hard to Council members. We acknowledge the value people have created over time and it is not easy to implement and communicate shift in priorities and funding. Please do not take it personally, and most importantly, do not direct any personal attacks or criticism towards Council members. We are merely the frontline operators within an entire ecosystem that has undergone massive change and we must adapt.

I am moving this proposal to closed.