[Closed] December - January 2022 Social Media Marketing Budget for Wizards' Guild

Hi @JThompson123 are the first two members of your guild also on the forum? it would be good to see more details of their past involvement in the NEAR community.

I note that you have been funding your guild activities from personal funds, however the amount requested here seems to me to be on the high side for a new proposal.


Good evening. Still no.

Thank you for the feedback.

In addition to managing the Wizards’ Guild I previously worked as a Degen. Ksenia sells NFT music and started out in NEAR working with Transform Guild. Yana is a Degen, Rhino Guild employee, and is helping the Stars Guild.

Based on the suggested metrics, you will see that we would produce better results than the Degens for a lower fee. Additionally, there is a vacancy in promotion and education in regards to DeFi in the NEAR ecosystem, which we believe is negatively impacting adoption. We have a large number of NFT users that with a little education, could become DeFi power users.

This funding request was created in December and this has dragged on so any funds received would be for work completed by end of February.

It’s a very generalized approach and the biggest challenge is often distribution. I know you’re making an effort and it’s clear you’ve followed a structure, the issue I see is the lack of clarity on distribution. It’s a no for me.

Hello Klint,
Could you please specify what you mean by “lack of clarity on distribution”? This thread states the guild members, responsibilities, payment amount for each contributor, and proposed metrics. Additionally, several members have already completed KYC and are in good standing in the NEAR community.

In our guild funding application we outlined that each team member would receive 2000 USD in NEAR and LiteLiger would receive 1000 USD in NEAR. This total was placed in the DAO proposal. We believe this is quite reasonable considering the work we are proposing and the metrics we must meet.

Hello again,

We’ve spent some time deliberating on this proposal. We don’t really have many data points to go by and the amount requested is relatively high.

I would be willing to support this proposal if we greatly simplify it: we can offer X amount per video and have a clear pipeline of content, for instance:

  1. Metapool
  2. Jumbo
  3. Burrow Cash
  4. Rose Finance

The above are just an example and are in no way an exhaustive list. Strongly encourage you to liaise directly with these teams. Also feel free to contact us directly to give us regular updates on progress, ideas, challenges, etc.

I would personally be willing to fund $400-500 per video, and limit it to four or five videos for this funding round so we can assess progress and reassess for next round. Tagging council for their input @marketingdao-council


Thank you for your feedback. Our original request was in $NEAR, which we already switched to USD at a reduced rate in our Guild form. LiteLiger will not work for $400 per video. Thank you for considering our proposal but I believe that your suggestion to reduce our salary places us at a level of compensation that is not competitive with the market. Good luck to the Marketing DAO and we hope you find what you are looking for.

Agreed with this, and would love to see more active collaboration with existing projects in the ecosystem.

I think this proposal could be significantly bolstered if those connections were already made and there was a clear desire from those projects.


It’s come to my attention that one of the members leading your guild may be working as a social media manager for a private company, OIN Finance, that you’re servicing.

This, coupled with their work in Flying Rhino and Wizards Guild, is a concern for me as it appears they’re being rewarded multiple times for the same efforts.

I’d love to hear your views on this, perhaps I’ve misunderstood.

Hey, as per the forum guidelines we should endeavour to:

Dropped you a DM :white_check_mark:

You voted no for funding the Wizards’ Guild and not only that publicly said no to influence other voters. We reduced the funding request in our grant proposal but it was stated that this proposal would not be considered unless we reduced our fees again. We said no so that should be the end of the story here but it seems like you really have it out for Yana and are looking for any chance you can get to sling mud at her. The reader should consider this, if she wasn’t a vital employee, then there wouldn’t be so much demand to employ her. Her metrics routinely placer her in the top 3 degens and that alone should speak volumes. I’m sure the Rhino’s Guild would vouch for her too. Anyone that can employ Yana should consider themselves lucky.

That said, I’m not going to entertain you any more Dacha and I’m not going to follow you around this forum or Telegram debating you or protecting people you attack. My time is too valuable for that. You’re pushing a lot of good people out of the ecosystem so that you and your clique can get more power and I’m not the only one who notices that.

Ok. Thank You. Sorry, for inconvenience.

Ps: I didn’t mention any persons in my question.