[CLOSED] DAOrecords at the NEARcon 2022 & August+September Marketing Plan


Additional links:

Marketing Plan & Budget Overview

Team: @_Tech1 & @Sleezy_Moss & @ADAM4Artists (August help)

Proposals Request
[Proposal] DAOrecords @ NEARCON 2022 $1690
Instagram - Four posts per week $500
Twitter - Four per week posts $500
Flight tickets to Lisbon from Budapest for Peter Ott - DAOrecords’ Full Stack Developer $200

Total Request Amount: $2890
Target: daorecords.sputnik-dao.near

DAOrecords August Marketing Plan

Current numbers
  • Instagram: 1315 | (1287)
  • Twitter: 8358 | (8251)
  • Telegram: 86 | (78)
  • Discord: 635 | (629)
  • Twitch: 90| (87)
  • Medium: 61 | (53)
  • Instagram: 2500
  • Twitter: 10,000
  • Telegram: 100
  • Discord: 1000
  • Twitch: 100
  • Medium: 100

In August DAOrecords kicked off with a SoundSpalash post promo with the additional support of Adam4Artists services. Find the internal Marketing Plan for August above.
At the end of the month, we’re going to collaborate with MetaJAX on their live event which will occur on the 25th of August. Rythym&Soul is the album that will be minted via our core product FonoRoot and its’ concert will be live-streamed to Twitch into DAOrecords HQ, whereas it’ll have IRL venue projection in Newport Beach, CA.

As NEARcon is going to occur soon, DAOrecords would like to have there a live party with its Partners like NearHub x AstroDAO x Roketo x Human Guild x Tamago x Plantasia x Harmonic Guild x Arroz Creativo x MarmaJ x x The Auction x Endlesss and more! In order to make this happen, we need additional marketing materials presented in DAOrecords @ NEARCON 2022 and support by Marketing DAO Council.

We also would like to ask for support with flight tickets for Vandal and Peter as they are going to be DAOrecords representatives at the NEARcon.

Appreciate your time during this review process @marketingdao-council!


Hello, could you please give more details about the grant from DAOcubator?

Goals, milestones, reports.


Approved by Kin, Primordia DAO council , DAOcubaor, and taoist.near

$10 000 4/10/2022

Reason : approved proposal in Marketing DAO at the same period.

Dear @Cryptonaut congrs with new role! Could you please help me here?


Cc: @creativesdao-council
Thank you!


Hey @Dacha could please keep this topic related only with DAOrecords?

@Cryptonaut has nothing in common with DAOrecords team…

Yes, but probably he can help to get reports as one DAOcubator instructor. Thank you :blush:

It would be great to see information form all DAOcubator grantees which received funds from Creativities and Marketing DAOs in 2022.

  1. DAO records, approved $10K , requested

  2. Naksh NFT approved $10K (already spent $3K for 2 events), - in treasury;

  3. EFAM DAO approved $5K

  4. Liberation Wellness approved $5K ,

  5. Sacred Waters DAO approved $5K,

Below $1K

  1. Black History DAO,

  2. Performance DAO,

  3. Rising DAO,


And other, like

  • Kaizen DAO approved $1K,
  • Legacy DAO, approved $1k,
  • SpaceRanch DAO approved $10k,
  • DeMo DAO approved $5k,

Hi Dacha,
Thank you for the wishes!

Anything in particular that I can help you with?

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Thanks for looking into this. From my understanding, the grant from DAOcubator was in support of our project and the use of AstroDAO to facilitate all related transactions. At that time in April we were not asked to submit Milestones, but if you have a look at the transactions of the DAO you should be able to see how the funds have been used (for the team). I personally have invested over 15K into setting up the DAOrecords team and every little bit of support at this early stage helps us reach out goal to build the music ecosystem here on Near and gets us closer to launching an amazing product and secure VC funding, so that instead of needing to use Foundation funds in the future we will be the ones doing the funding and offering grants :pray:

As always appreciate your support @Dacha!

Oh yeah, cc @starpause to help clarify anything


Hey @Paul,

I’ll need to check with the other council members but I was under the impression the cut-off for funding additional attendees to Nearcon passed a few weeks ago. I’ll have to sync up with the council to be sure.

Outside of Nearcon, can you clarify the purpose of the marketing efforts?
Are the posts on Instagram and Twitter promoting a specific project, artist, or event?

Looking forward to understanding more.

Unable to support this propsal in its current form

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It’s clear that the deadline has passed since we accept Nearcon proposals.

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Hey guys – we had a community deadline for NEARCON funding requests that has passed:

I also think the funding amount requested for the social media activities is high considering the output posted here. I would need to have a lot more detail about what’s being produced, whether the funding is for content production or engagement (or both), etc.

Since you do not have the support from the majority of the council for this proposal in this form, I am closing it out. Please feel free to submit a revised proposal for social media activities in the future.

I will also note just to be aware that the council is doing an aggressive review of how funding is allocated to community projects and may not be able to support long-term projects in the future in the same way as we have in the past. I know you guys are highly involved, active members of the community. I want to be transparent that we are constantly aiming to up-level and shift our approach going forward.