[Closed] Dance DAO for the Month of July

@creativesdao-council I thought the idea was to onboarded active users to Near protocol. The number of dancers that can be onboard are limitless. All the project proposed will be onboarding at the very lest, no less than 30 active users. We gather them, and educate them about Near.

Our community members are participating, and we have proposals from community members, included in the funding budget we submitted. Even more are hoping to participate in building the community.

Already we have a store on mintbase. And we have commenced minting. No less than 20 NFTs were to be minted this month.

All our proposed projects have use cases for the Metaverse.

We have filled the form you said to be filled to become a member of Creatives DAO.

We have an ongoing project, Show Your Moves. Most of the dancers didn’t join the season one because they thought we were scammers. And yet, we got over 6 thousand views across all our social media platforms. Now that season 2 has began, some of them told their friends Near is legit. And more dancers are joining from all over the world. We have opened wallets for most of them and helped them to customise their wallets. And we already have submissions…

This competition would have ended with a metaverse party were they will be properly educated about Near… NFTs minted from the entries.

We were also intentional to make sure the songs selected were projects of Nxm NFTs available only on Tamastreams wish is also a project building on Near. Imagine how much traffic and publicity we must have generated for Tamastreams.

Do we go back and tell them the competition has been cancelled? After all their hardwork and our own hardwork too…


Hello all!
Just following all the discussion here, and I would like to leave my personal comment about what I am understanding.

Since May, I started to collaborate with Dance Dao, through the proposal Mobidance 2. I’ve been following the steps and the efforts to organize and make this community grows, mainly in telegram group. I can see all the efforts from the council members to attend to all the requests and solicitudes, and thank them for it.

Dance Dao is gathering a really great and diverse community of dancers, musicians and artists in the near ecosystem, and we are learning (as we are all here) about the new guidelines, needs of metrics, decentralization and self sustainability

Maybe we can listen to dancedao community here, to understand how it is important and also engaging people…

with my best regards