[Closed] Community Onboarding through Visit to Motherless Babies' Homes

[PROPOSAL] Community Onboarding through Visit to Motherless Babies’ Homes

Proposer: tobyy.near

Hello Marketing DAO Leaders,


My name is Odunjo Oluwatobi aka T.O.B.I Paradise. I’m from Ibadan, Nigeria. I’m an artist, videographer, a writer and a teacher. I have been a member of the ecosystem and NearProtocol since March 2022 and since then, the journey has been a wonderful one.

About My Project

I would love to carry out marketing activities in my community. There are several motherless babies homes that my community supports in terms of welfare and education and I would also love to make use of this visitation to these homes to preach the Near Gospel to them.

In a bid to make it successful, I plan to make use of one of the foremost RADIO Presenters in my community who works for one of the best radio stations in Nigeria as the MC of the occasion.

He is well known and his radio shows attract more than 200, 000 listeners nationwide every week.

His name is Lord Kenny of Splash FM
Link to his Facebook profile:

The Plan
a. Visit the motherless babies homes and give them near branded gifts through the community
b. Market NEAR to the members of the community through educational talks and workshops
c. Distribute Near Branded Household items to members of the community

a. Onboarding at least 100 people over a period of 2months
b. Creation of wallets to all onboarded people
c. Assimilation of onboarded people into NEAR groups so they can active immediately.

The Budget (covers visits to the two motherless babies homes)
Dj and sound - 300usd
20 cartons of noodles - 200usd
Mc and Hosting - 200usd
Gifts for individual kids - 200usd
Gift packaging and branding (Near Branded packaging - 30usd
Logistics - 40usd
Usd for 100 wallet creation - 26N

Total: 1,070usd + 26N

I am open to answer questions about my project.
Thank you.


Well done bro, more grease to your elbow :pray:t5:

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Amen :pray:
Thank you brother :heart::v:
Cheers to greatness​:clinking_glasses:


You offer a good idea of helping orphaned children. If I am not mistaken, Near makes donations to orphanages and other categories of people in need. Thus, opening new Near Wallets, there will be little efficiency in my opinion. You can still invite children to social networks and ecosystem messengers. Is your proposal a one-time offer
Thx :relaxed:

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Hey guys – we have restriction against funding campaigns aimed at or involving children. Please read:

Thanks for the notification :pray:

This is just part of my dreams…helping less privileged people, widowers, motherless babies, bringing out the best in them, discovery their talent and support them with all their needs. And i feel with the support of NearProtocol and the ecosystem i can secure this dream while also bringing progress and greatness to us cause we are family cause our dream is similar. Helping talented people, growing creativity and bringing joy to the community. Oh It has been a wonderful journey for me been in the NearProtocol and the ecosystem that’s why i feel i could start bringing up my vision, going for my goal.
Thanks again
I hope​:heart::v:

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@tobyparadise01 thanks for your proposal and i feel your desire to help what are worthy causes.

However i refer you to the post made by @so608 regarding the restrictions on funding.

for this reason i am unable to support.

Thank you! Have a great day!

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Thank you for your feedback

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