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On-Chain Members - 26

guild report for September

The organization known as Burlesque DAO combines the realms of comedy & art. It functions as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) at its core, dedicated to supporting performers in comedy/art and associated ventures that promote Web3 and the Near Ecosystem. Different from conventional burlesque production companies, Burlesque DAO operates on a blockchain-based platform governed by smart contracts and community consensus. This democratic and transparent approach allows all members to participate in decision-making processes concerning funding, project proposals, and other crucial aspects of the organization.

Our primary objective is fueled by the sincere desire to attract and collaborate with Comedians/Artists specializing in a variety of mediums such as Comedy skits, live comedy shows, Comedy Art Display, video shooting, and Live interviews. Moreover, we actively search for emerging talent. Our aim is not merely to educate individuals about the ecosystem and the significance of self-expression, but also to manage an array of stimulating projects that can be transformed into captivating creative products, engaging with Near Dapps. Consequently, we strive to work closely with Radio DJs/presenters and TV presenters, fostering community growth within the Near ecosystem and beyond.


Our Mission at Burlesque Creatives is to expand the reach of live comedy by empowering it with laughter and profound messages, ensuring that a broader audience than ever before can experience its brilliance. To accomplish this, we will provide comprehensive education on the Near ecosystem and web3, while also offering support to comedians, artists, comedy writers, and the entire community in every way imaginable. Our tireless efforts involve constant creation of fresh content, the discovery and cultivation of new talents, and the strategic targeting of a wider digital audience. Through our YouTube channel and various social media platforms, we have the tools to accomplish this mission. As the Burlesque Creatives community continues to grow, we enthusiastically welcome collaborations with diverse creatives and enterprises from around the world.


• Our Goal is to produce any form of comedy content that is humorous and engaging.

• We are to onboard and educate newbies about web3, Near Protocol and it Ecosystem

• We aim to deliver professional standup comedy shows, featuring Open Mic performances,comedy skit, Educations and Semester.

• We are Looking forward to bring inter-state and international comedians to work together.

• We also offer Workshop Training for educational purpose to impact existing and newbies on Near Technologies, Web3, Comedy Art and also comedy with the principles of improvisation that will enhance self-confidence, team-building, and presentation skills.


The creative process of comedy is showcased through exhibits, interactive displays, and the voices of great minds and unique voices, which we honor and celebrate. Our DAO was established with the goal of supporting comedians and artists, with a grand purpose of nurturing talents and promoting them through excellent content and extensive promotional activities. This endeavor also serves to promote the Near Ecosystem & Web3. Additionally, we are constructing a digital space on the Near Ecosystem that encourages interaction and engagement.


Creating a dynamic and sustainable ecosystem that benefits both performers and audiences alike, while also surpassing traditional models in efficiency, effectiveness, and equity, is the primary objective in supporting Comedy and its associated projects.


In order to foster an opportunity and establish a workshop aimed at educating and training comedians in the realm of web3, with the ultimate goal of cultivating and generating exceptional content, there is a desire to effectively onboard and promote Near Protocol and its Ecosystem to users of both Web2 and Web3 worldwide.


We intend to offer a range of benefits to its members, including access to funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities. By pooling resources and leveraging the power of blockchain technology, Web3.

In addition to supporting individual performers, we also aims to promote the art of Comedy and inspire new generations of performers. By showcasing the diversity and creativity of comedy, Burlesque Dao is helping to create a more vibrant, inclusive, and empowering community that celebrates the beauty and power of self-expression.


• With a strong understanding of the ecosystem, our team possesses exceptional leadership skills and extensive experience, ensuring high-quality outcomes.



DJ Ankara Near Profile

Dj Ankara has a degree in Office Technology Management from Yaba College of Technology and gained expertise in project management, communication, and organizational leadership during his time there.

Having over 12 years of experience as a musician, DJ, and hype-man, Dj Ankara has proven himself to be a dynamic and highly skilled performer in the music industry. Nevertheless, his talents expand beyond music as he is also an enthusiastic learner of blockchain technology and a fervent advocate for the potential of Web 3.0.

In January 2022, DJ Ankara was welcomed into the NEAR ecosystem by @larkim and received mentoring from @Paul . His contribution and dedication have been recognized, and he quickly established himself as a valuable asset and an eager student. Throughout a span of six months, he successfully completed numerous projects, collaborating with NxM, Reggae Dao, NxM Live, and Young Fresh Dao, utilizing his unique insights and skills to drive these initiatives forward.

Moreover, DJ Ankara actively participated as a council member in Master Mind Dao, where he brought his expertise in project management and collaboration to support the broader Web 3.0 community.

However, DJ Ankara’s most notable role within the NEAR ecosystem has been as the founder and pivotal member of Burlesque Dao. This revolutionary organization strives to empower creatives and foster artistic expression on the blockchain. Since its establishment in July 2022, DJ Ankara has been at the forefront of its development.

With his extensive knowledge of the music industry, his dedication to blockchain technology and Web 3.0, and his unwavering commitment to the NEAR ecosystem, DJ Ankara is an invaluable asset to any organization or project seeking to harness the potential of these transformative technologies.


Demola Near Profile
LinkedIn profile

Pip3r is a multi-talented professional with a diverse range of skills and experiences. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Educational Technology from the Federal University of Technology Minna and went on to complete his Master’s degree in Educational Technology at the University of Ilorin Kwara state.

In addition to his academic achievements, Pip3r is an active participant in the web 3 and Near ecosystem. He is an early adopter of blockchain technology, a pioneer on the Remitano Network and has been a Validator on the PI network. He is also a council member at Burlesque DAO, a community-driven organization that aims to empower creators and artists in the Near ecosystem.

Pip3r is currently working as a Financial Advisor at a risk management company (Axa Nigeria). His expertise in financial management and risk assessment has helped many clients achieve their financial goals in the web 3 space.

Apart from his professional endeavors, he is also a skilled graphic designer with proficiency in Adobe Photoshop software, SPSS, and Corel Draw. He enjoys using his creative talents to help others bring their ideas to life in the decentralized world.

Overall, Pip3r is a highly accomplished individual with a diverse range of skills and experiences that make him a valuable asset in the web 3 and Near ecosystem.


HYDRIZ Near Profile
Twitter Profile

"Hydriz is a visionary creative, leveraging his talents to innovate and transform the world of web3. As a multi-talented rapper, songwriter, and comedian, Hydriz brings a dynamic energy to his work in the Near ecosystem. With a degree from Yaba College of Technology and years of experience in crypto/forex trading, Hydriz has a deep understanding of the potential of blockchain technology, and is committed to advancing the Near ecosystem through his work in Near creative dao.

Hydriz is an accomplished member of the Near ecosystem, having participated in a range of events and initiatives. He’s a winner of the “ Spirityut Dao - hope for the future” music competition, a testament to his skill as a musician and his dedication to the Near community. He’s also taken top honors in the “Burlesque Dao- Comedy got talent” competition, showcasing his sharp wit and comedic prowess. Recently, Hydriz has been appointed as a council member in Burlesque DAO, a testament to his expertise and contributions to the community.

Beyond his creative talents, Hydriz is an expert in web3, with a deep understanding of the potential of blockchain technology to transform industries and create new opportunities. His knowledge and expertise make him an invaluable member of the Near ecosystem, and a driving force behind its continued growth and success.


Chrisjay Near profile
FB profile

Hi, I’m Chrisjay a creative enthusiast, social media marketer, and TA trader with a diverse range of interests and experiences. He is passionate about helping businesses and individuals to grow their online presence and reach their goals through effective social media strategies. Also Chrisjay is TA trader. He uses his knowledge of technical analysis to make informed trading decisions and find interest by drawing chart lines for yield spinning

In addition to his work in social media marketing and TA trading, Chrisjay is also a Pi Network moderator, where he helps to ensure the network runs smoothly and provides a positive experience for all users. He is also a council member in Burlesque DAO, where he helps to shape the direction of the platform and ensure that it is meeting the needs of its community.

Chrisjay is also an active member of NxM and Creative DAO platform, where he collaborates with other creative professionals

When he’s not working, Chrisjay enjoys playing Card game and Football. He is based in Lagos Nigeria and is always looking for new opportunities to connect with other professionals in the industry.


Near Profile

A woman of many talents :grin:, Linda showcases her versatility in various endeavors. Among her business ventures, creating and selling accessories like earrings, hand chains, and waist beads stand out. Currently, Linda is pursuing a degree in Mass Communication at Enugu State University in the eastern part of Nigeria.

Immersing herself in learning and contributing to the community, Linda actively translates her ideas into tangible accomplishments. As a council member in Burlesque dao, she exerts her influence and holds a prominent position.

With a staunch determination to make a significant impact within the Burlesque dao and the broader Near ecosystem, Linda sets her sights on enticing investors and expanding the user base of Near Dapps.



As of July 22, the DAO was founded and within just a month, proposals were successfully executed in August and September 22. These proposals resulted in a considerable increase in followers across various social media platforms. Particularly noteworthy was the achievement of 383 YouTube subscribers, placing the DAO closer to the goal of self-sustainability.

Additionally, an event was hosted for the first time on Metaverse with an impressive turnout of over 50 attendees, recorded for future reference.

Looking far ahead, the core objective of Burlesque DAO remains to establish a sustainable community for creatives in Africa. Some significant milestones have been attained along the way that have propelled the DAO towards realizing this long-term vision.


Facebook : 1230

Twitter : 365

Instagram : 627

telegram : 110

TikTok - 77

Burlesque Dao - YouTube :383

Follow us on Near.Social - @burlesquecreatives.near



Road Map

In line with the new guidelines from the Creatives DAO, we have formulated a Road Map to achieve NFs goals and targets for DAOs.

Upon securing funding, our immediate focus would be onboarding and establishing active NEAR wallets/users via our project. In acknowledgment of our previous shortfall in supporting Near Dapps, our primary objective is to prioritize the development and trade of NFTs, while also delving into the possibilities offered by Near Dapps to enhance our efforts. This encompasses furnishing content for NEARHub, Tamago, Mintbase, Near Social, and other Dapps. Furthermore, our goal is to guarantee self-sufficiency by generating revenue from our YouTube content, which can be realized upon the completion of each project.

We also plan to register Burlesque DAO as a Legal Wrapper.

In order to generate interest among the community and gather support for our projects on various social media platforms, including Near Dapps, we have decided to hold two bounties targeting “Comedy Writers” and “Artists”. Our objective is to expand our audience on NearHub/Metaverse and we will employ a robust social media strategy to attract web2 Artists to partake.

Our focus is on the imminent launch of our talk show, ‘Remedy is Near’, which is scheduled to take place biweekly. During each episode, we will showcase highly knowledgeable speakers who possess exceptional expertise in their respective fields, and we eagerly anticipate extending invitations

This Quarter’s agenda includes:

• A chance for Comedy Writers/Artists to earn through " Open Bounty program ".

• Hone your comedic skills with the " Comedy Workshop ", specifically designed for Web3 enthusiasts. This will be a means of onboarding students as we intend to have this project done in campus.

• Join us for an interactive session on " Twitter space to discuss how Comedy/Art can create a significant impact on the web3/Near Ecosystem ".

• We are thrilled to introduce a new addition to Near Ecosystem, " Remedy Is Near ".

• For some good laughs, attend the " Standup Comedy " event hosted by NearHub.

[Sept - 2023]

• Wk4 - Legal Wrapper for Burlesque DAO

• Open Bounty for Comedy Writers/Artist

[Oct 2023]

• Wk1 - Twitter space discussing How Comedy/Art can have full impact on web3/Near Ecosystem

• Wk2 - The First Episode of Remedy is Near

• Wk3 - Comedy Workshop with web3 (1st Edition)

• Wk4 - The Second Episode of Remedy is Near

[Nov 2023]

• Wk1 - Twitter space discussing How Comedy/Art can have full impact on web3\Near Ecosystem

• Wk2 - The Third episode of “Remedy is Near”

• Wk3 - Comedy Workshop with web3 (2nd Edition)

• Wk4 - Standup Comedy

• The Forth Episode of Remedy is Near

[Dec 2023]

• Wk2 - The fifth Episode of Remedy is Near

• Wk4- The Sixth Episode of Remedy is Near

Proposal II :

Project 1: Legal Wrapper for Burlesque DAO

Description :

Registering Burlesque DAO as a Legal Wrapper is of utmost significance. By doing so, we establish our permanent existence on the Blockchain.

Expected Outcome :

Registration on all Blockchain

Secured and personalized Identity

Budget :

Registration - $100

TOTAL: $100

Project 2 : Open Bounties For Comedy Writers & Artist

In order to generate interest among the community and gather support for our projects on various social media platforms, including Near Social, we have decided to hold two bounties targeting “Comedy Writers” and “Artists”. Our objective is to expand our audience on Near Social, MintBase etc, and we will employ a robust social media strategy to attract web2 Artists to partake.

Expected Outcome

• Engagement and excitement

• Increased user activity, as participants will actively
contribute and interact on the platform.

• Onboarding web2 artists and comedians to Near.Social.

• This not only expands the community but also brings in
experienced creators who can contribute high-quality
content and attract followers.

• Open bounties can foster a sense of collaboration and
community among creators.


  1. More Users on Near.Social

  2. Creation of more than 20 active near users

  3. Onboarding of more than 10 web2 comedians and artist


Price pool for 5 Comedy Writers winner - $100
Price pool for 3 Artist winners - $100

Total : $200

Project 3 : Introducing “Remedy is Near

Description :

Who says Web3 and Comedy can’t go together? Discover the perfect match and the future of web3 and comedy with Remedy is Near!

What does “Remedy is Near” entail?

“Remedy is Near” is a show centered around the discussion of Near Protocol’s influence on the realm of Web3. This distinctive talk show combines comedy and web3 in an enlightening manner, showcasing the fusion of comedic elements with Web3 technology and its transformative effect on content creation.

Through its utilization of humor, “Remedy is Near” aims to educate individuals on the future of Web3 and the profound impact of Near Protocol. Delve deep into the realm of Web3 and gain valuable insights with “Remedy is Near” as it explores how comedy can establish a significant role within this thrilling new realm.

Our unparalleled platform seamlessly integrates the secure and decentralized capabilities of web3 with the captivating world of comedy. Join us for an incomparable comedic experience that guarantees safety, reliability, and showcases the forefront of technological advancement.

As a quarterly offering, we have planned six episodes wherein we will explore the following topics extensively :

  1. The role of Near protocol in bringing comedy and Web3 together, and the humorous nuances that technology can introduce.

  2. The impact Near protocol has on the landscape of Web3 and how it is shaping the future of internet technology.

  3. The synergies between comedy and Web3, highlighting why it is a match made in heaven.

  4. The future of Web3 and the crucial role comedy can play in ensuring that it attains its full potential.

  5. The many possibilities of experiencing comedy on the Web3 platform, and how it is evolving with the changing times.

  6. The groundbreaking contributions of Burlesque Dao towards revolutionizing comedy in the Web3 space.


Building an audience for a newly podcast show can be challenging, but here are some strategies we will engage with.

  1. Define our target audience
  2. Develop a content marketing plan
  3. Utilize social media
  4. Engage with our listeners
  5. Encourage word-of-mouth referrals
  6. Guest appearances and cross-promotion
  7. Utilize SEO strategies
  8. Offer value-added content
  9. Consistency is key
  10. Analyze and adapt

Remember, building an audience takes time and consistent effort. Patience, perseverance, and dedication to producing high-quality content will ultimately help us expand our podcast show’s reach.

Expected Outcome :

  1. Our talk shows offer not only valuable information but also an engaging experience, enabling you to maintain a competitive edge.

  2. Join a community that is leading the path towards the future of the internet and benefit from the wisdom shared by industry experts.

  3. Explore the impacts of Near Protocol on Web3 and gain insights into the future of Blockchain technology.

  4. Discover the role comedy can play in the thrilling new realm of Web3 and envision its potential impact.

  5. Acquire valuable insights through our conversations with industry experts.


• Our commitment lies in presenting an unparalleled and original outlook on the forthcoming era of Web3 and comedy.

• Anticipate the incorporation of over 100 web2 individuals, comprising comedians, leading to the establishment of more than 100 actively used wallets.

• Our conversations facilitate even novices to enhance their comprehension of the Web3 realm, specifically the Near protocol.

• Active involvement with dapps constructed on the Near Blockchain.

• Exchange of innovative concepts that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the ecosystem.

Budget :

Invitation of 4 speakers for the 6 episode - 50$ Each ($200)

Outreach - Digital/Physical(flyers) - 100$

Podcast Show/Editor - 500$ (6 episode)- We will be getting some equipment from it.

Give away : $100

Data : $50

Total : 950$

Project 4 : Comedy Workshop with Web3

Description :

Participating in comedy workshops presents an incredible chance for individuals to acquire the skills and techniques of stand-up comedy. By delving into their humorous capabilities, aspiring comedians can benefit from a comprehensive understanding of this artistic form. These workshops, guided by seasoned comedians, employ a variety of exercises and tasks aimed at cultivating comedic timing, delivery prowess, and writing prowess amongst participants. As an interactive setting, the workshops provide a supportive and enjoyable environment in which individuals can experiment with their comedic ideas and refine their abilities.

Web3 comedy workshops offer an excellent avenue for learning the essentials of digital comedy and elevating one’s proficiency to new heights. These sessions encompass a wide range of topics, starting from the art of scriptwriting to the creation and publication of original digital content. Furthermore, attendees gain valuable knowledge on leveraging web3 technology to convert their content into NFTs, as well as insights on various platforms and online networks for promoting their work. Engaging with fans and fellow comedians allows the establishment of a dedicated online following. With the guidance of the web3 team, participants also learn how to exploit digital tools and technology to establish a unique comedic voice and style, ultimately finding their niche within the vast landscape of digital comedy.

Beyond solely honing comedic skills, these workshops foster personal development in areas such as self-assurance, public speaking, and effective communication. Whether already proficient in comedy or simply seeking to enhance their public speaking abilities, individuals can discover an avenue for unleashing their creative potential through web3 comedy workshops.

Expected Outcome

• Develop confidence, public speaking and communication skills.

• Understanding how to explore web3/NearDapps

• Develop their comedic timing, delivery, and writing skills.

• Provide a fun and supportive environment for individuals to experiment with their comedic ideas and hone their skills.

• Introducing Near Dapps, their functions and advantages.


• Exposing Near Ecosystems to the students

• Onboard of more than 20 new members/students into the ecosystem

• Increasing number of active near users interacting with Near Dapps

• Creation of more active near wallet

Budget :

3 instructor for all section : $50 each (150$)

Free Writing Materials : $30

Airdrop : 50$ (1$ each for 50 person)

Mic/Speaker rental : $100

Projector (2day) : $50

Food & Drinks : 150$

Artwork/Flyer/Banner : $150

Total $680

Project 5 : Standup Comedy

Description :

Decades have passed since the inception of stand-up comedy, a revered art form. Originally enjoyed as a live performance in comedy clubs or theaters, there is now a novel way to witness it through the vast realm of the internet. NearHub serves as the ideal platform, seamlessly connecting comedians with audiences in real-time, devoid of any technical discrepancies. Embracing NearHub’s virtual platform, comedians are granted the ability to perform their acts from any corner of the world, while audiences can effortlessly watch and interact from the confines of their own abodes.

Although seemingly unconventional, the influence of stand-up comedy on the Near Ecosystem is rather remarkable. How is this even feasible, you might question? The answer lies in the profound impact of community-building. Stand-up comedy events have emerged as a popular avenue for community members to unite and forge connections through their shared devotion to the Near Ecosystem. These gatherings not only offer an enjoyable and entertaining environment for individuals to engage with one another, but they also serve as a platform for knowledge dissemination and idea exchange. Moreover, stand-up comedy events play a pivotal role in increasing awareness surrounding the Near Protocol and its Ecosystem among a wider audience, thereby attracting fresh members and investors to this thriving community. Ultimately, the influence of stand-up comedy within the Near Protocol Ecosystem vividly exemplifies the significance of constructing resilient and all-encompassing communities in the realm of technology.

Expected Outcome

• Over 50 members will be onboarded in the event.

• Awareness of Near Protocol and it ecosystem

• Creation of over 50 wallet

• Active Member engaging in Near Dapps

• attraction of more students to the community.

Budget :

Event Space - $120

3 performing comedians- $50 each(150$)

Video/Editor- $200

Social Media Ad - $100(Facebook, Instagram & YouTube)

Graphics: 50$

Total $620

Project 6 : Twitter space discussing How Comedy/Art can have full impact on web3\Near Ecosystem

Description :

Web3 technology has enabled artists and comedians to directly sell their work to fans and bypass traditional gatekeepers. This transformative shift, combined with the rise of blockchain and NFTs, has given rise to an interesting discussion topic on Twitter spaces: The Profound Influence Of Comedy & Art On Web3. During such a discussion, field experts can shed light on how Web3 technology empowers artists and comedians, granting them greater control over their intellectual property and revenue streams. This enriching conversation would also explore how the emergence of NFTs is revolutionizing our perception and consumption of art and comedy. Participants would have the opportunity to ask questions, share personal experiences, and contribute to a dynamic and captivating dialogue. By leveraging the interactive capabilities of Twitter spaces, we can effectively educate and empower the next generation of creators and collectors in the Web3 realm.

Moreover, comedy and art have the remarkable ability to captivate and engage audiences. This is particularly significant as Web3 represents a novel technology that requires time for individuals to acclimate to its intricacies. In this regard, comedy and art play a crucial role in promoting Web3. Through the creation of humorous memes and artwork, individuals can effectively raise awareness about Web3 and its multitude of advantages. Ultimately, the exploration of how comedy and art can make a substantial impact on Web3 is a pertinent and enlightening endeavor, fostering comprehensive comprehension, active engagement, and widespread advocacy for this groundbreaking technology.

Undoubtedly, a Twitter Space dedicated to this subject matter would serve as an invaluable platform to delve deeper into the far-reaching disruptions that Web3 will bring to the art and comedy industries in the foreseeable future.


• Empower a new generation of creators and collectors in the Web3 world.

• Engaging and capturing people’s attention on Near Protocol/Web3

• Exposure of NFTs using Near Dapps

• Promote web3.


• Bring attention to Near Protocol and it Ecosystem

• Create more value for Web3/Near Dapps

• Onboard more users

Budget :

2 speakers for the whole session $50 each ($100)

Artwork for the event $50

Ads : $50

Total : 200$

Council fee : The sum of $1500 will be distributed evenly amongst the five oversight councils responsible for monitoring all operations.

Metrics On Project Completion:

Number of community members onboarded

50 member or more will be onboarded to the forum upon project completion

Number of NFTs and merchandise sold

Creation of over 50 NFTs

Number of metaverse/Nearhub events and exhibitions hosted by Burlesque DAO

2 live event display on NearHub

Feedback and engagement from the Burlesque DAO community on Government Forum

Increment of followers in all our soocial platform

Facebook Followers : 1230 - 1500
Twitter Followers : 370 - 450
Instagram Followers: 627 - 800
Telegram Members : 114 - 200
OnChain Member : 23 - 35
YouTube Subscribers : 383 - 500
Near.Social Followers : 2 - 50

Total Requested Fund : $4250

Target Wallet: burlesque.sputnik-dao.near

Thank you for your time @creativesdao-council @Paul @kc_sollano


Great, Burlesque DAO had always deliver and doing it again

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Burlesquedao is taking web3 comedy to the next level

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The proposal received a score of 6 during the evaluation process, while a minimum threshold of 11 points is required for approval. If you would like to gain further insight into the evaluation, including specific comments and feedback, please review the [Report] CREATIVES DAO SEPTEMBER 2023 REPORT.
With that said, I am closing this proposal.