[Closed] Building days with BOS | Workshops series in Mexico

Hi NEAR Family, it is always a pleasure to write in this forum and share new initiatives for the growth of the NEAR ecosystem. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::wave:

TL;DR :zap:

Proposal to carry out 3 days of construction focused on Blockchain Operating System in three cities in Mexico.

Abstract :nerd_face:

Since 2022, the Open Web Academy community has focused on attracting new users to the NEAR Protocol through IRL events, specifically hackathons, construction events, where attendees get together, learn about the NEAR Protocol and create new solutions for the ecosystem. . In our last three events we have added +200 new users, +15 projects based on NEAR and with the latest protocol technology we have added +5 new widgets for BOS. For this reason we want to reinforce these spaces aimed at a Spanish-speaking public and promoting the use of BOS and NEAR.

Team :dancing_women:

The Open Web Academy has been testing NEAR certified bootcamps, and its members have worked for the past two years on NEAR Protocol educational projects, as well as building and configuring NEAR validator nodes in Stakewars III.

Our team includes:

  • Nicole Arreola : Professor of software development and dev relations
  • Alan Estrada : NEAR certified developer and co-founder of web 3.0 projects at NEAR.
  • Irving Cariño : Certified NEAR Analyst, NEAR Professor and Google Lv2 Professor.

OWA social networks.

Proposal :writing_hand:

Plan, organize and execute 3 “Build Day” sessions in three different cities in Mexico. The build Days are spaces of 7 hours each where the local community, technology students and those who are passionate about blockchain technology meet to learn as a developer about NEAR Protocol and the Blockchain Operating System (BOS), listen to talks and build quick solutions that allow ecosystem growth. In addition to adding them to NEAR’s decentralization initiatives such as the use of decentralized interfaces, the use of NEAR Social and the verification of i-am-human.

Schedule of activities :watch:


First Build Day.

  • Nayarit, Mexico.
  • To be held in the second week of July
  • Manager: @dokxo96
  • Venue: Bilingual Polytechnic University of Nayarit

Second build day.

  • Western Pacific Ocean, Mexico
  • To be held in the first week of August
  • Manager: @dokxo96
  • Venue: Technological University of the Coast

Third Build Day.

  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • To be held in the last week of August
  • Manager: @pamm.nico
  • Venue: To be defined

KPI’s :dart:

65 attendees per build day
65 new users on NEAR Social per build day
30 registrations in i-am-human per build day
Publication of the contents used in Spanish for the community

Cost :coin:

Total: $9150 USD

:credit_card:Wallet for funding: open-web-academy.sputnik-dao.near


Just tagging Marketing DAO council here - @marketingdao-council
Thanks again :nerd_face:


Hi team @marketingdao-council
Do you know if there are proposals updates? or is this on pause due to the activities of the RC DAO?

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Dear @irvingcong ! Due to transitions into NDC, unfortunately, we need to close your proposal. Feel free to apply later



If I want this proposal to be reviewed, can I just modify the title or is it necessary to redraft the proposal in accordance with what is indicated in the last publication of the MDAO?