[ Closed ] August Funding for DAOLLYWOOD



Council : @ValueObinna2 @Louise @DrayActo @JohnWike

It is with much pleasure, I present the proposal of funding for DAOLLYWOOD activities for August.

But first off, a recap of most of our milestones for July.

In July,

Unveiled our official logo

TELEGRAM: Rose from 17 to 40 members.

TWITTER: our twitter page was added to astrodao’s list of daos

TIKTOK: our official logo announcement post has 518views and counting.

ONBOARDING: We unboarded over 10 people with gov.near.org accounts and near wallets. ( Special thanks to @JohnWike who paid for creation of these wallets with his own money)

All these and more we achieved without any funding from anybody. But we believe there’s a lot we can achieve with funding.


  1. THE 200 CHALLENGE $1400

In our bid to support upcoming Filmmakers around the world, we created #The200Challenge a short film challenge where two Filmmakers are each given $200 and 200hours to create a short film and the winner wins a $1000 grant to support their career. They can use the grant to buy equipments, support their next big project, be part of a seminar, organise an event or any other thing which will advance their careers. Our choice of short films added with the financial and time constraint is just to create an obstacle course to bring out the best from the filmmakers. The two Filmmakers are selected by how active they are in DAOLLYWOOD and the quality of their previous work.

For the August edition, we will be having Obed Emmanuel @youngestdirector11, an Abuja, Nigeria based filmmaker ( Obed previous work >>> https://youtube.com/c/FreeTVAfrica ) going up against Damilola Omotayo @Damilola a Lagos, Nigeria based filmmaker. ( Damilola’s previous jobs ) https://youtube.com/channel/UCTJJxuN1IH-Xa8Angw1VfNA

Both of them will onboard all their cast and crew and create near wallets for them. This is to make it easy for them to pay their cast and crew. It is our policy in The 200 Challenge & DAOLLYWOOD that people get paid for their work. No matter how small it is, both ‘contestants’ are to create a budget for their teams. We intend to show them how easy it is to pay workers and collaborate using their near wallet.

The two short films will be posted on our official youtube page and winners will be selected by votes by viewers and council members.

The films will also be minted as NFTs on all platforms. With income shared between the Filmmakers and DAOLLYWOOD, this will be an income generation stream for our DAO.

We will also include NEAR & DAOLLYWOOD ad placements (we will collaborate with the marketing DAO for NEAR contents of their choice) in the short films before the movies commence.

#The200Challenge will be a bimonthly event so we can take our time in selecting Filmmakers and also making use of the films before creating new ones.


We at DAOLLYWOOD intend to support not just the cast and crews but also critics. We create this bounty for those who will watch the two films that will be created in #The200Challenge; they are to write a comment or review about the two of the films on youtube or social media. The most interesting, witty, surprising and catchy comments/review will be selected.

Winner $60
Runner up $50
2nd runner up $40
3rd runner up $30
4th runner up $20


Everyday we have people who are interested in being onboarded and given near wallets. We intend to set asides $100 to create approximately 100 wallets in August( 1N at $4, $100 will create 96 wallets at the price of 0.26N per wallet).

We will also set aside $300 to run our social media pages and have resources to follow up teams participating in The 200 Challenge. $300 is small for all these but we will find a way to go about it. I guess that’s our 300 Challenge LOL


Thanks to this proposal we’ll:

  • Onboard and Create atleast 15 new wallets
  • Get 5k views or more in our videos on all our platforms(giving more visibility to the Near Protocol)
  • Create numerous NFTs that will be available in various NEAR supported platforms.
  • Have contents for our various social media


Cc @creativesdao-council @Paul @Monish016


TELEGRAM : https://t.me/+dqkWm543IzFjNzdk


Hello audiovisual friends =)

Happy to see more and more DAO’s interesting in this type of art here in the ecosystem.

I have some points to comment here:

  • I don’t feel that this reward is open-ended enough. I was very excited to see a challenge involving filmmakers who could receive a grant to boost their career, but by doing this challenge with only 2 previously chosen filmmakers, I can’t see much potential.

I understand that your intention is to create a project that can get some with the crew and cast, but maybe you can develop it in another way. In general, I feel that you either take on a really open challenge or turn this project into pre-existing films that have generated on board them.

What do you think?

  • My second point is about structuring your proposal. Break the projects into different posts (using the Creatives tag and not with the CREATIVES DAO tag) and use this posts as a hiperlinks here. This is a good way to keep your monthly budget clean and easy to read by your community.

Do you have a good examples here:


Thanks alot @hevertonharieno for your observation.

To your first observation. The two Filmmakers were not pre selected. THE 200 CHALLENGE is open to all Filmmakers around the world but they must meet the following criteria:

Firstly, be a member of the DAOLLYWOOD community via telegram (this is to ensure that they are part of the community and not just coming to participate in challenges and going afterward)

Secondly, have already created short films which are of good quality. Out of all the Filmmakers on DAOLLYWOOD that submitted, we chose @youngestdirector11 & @Damilola

Any Filmmaker who would like to be part of the next editions should do well to join the DAOLLYWOOD telegram.

To your second observation about the arrangement of our proposal. We agree and will make sure sure to follow the examples you have set for our subsequent proposals.

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You had no funds for the challenge yet and are now asking for funds for the challenge with two selected filmmakers. That means they are pre-selected, because their choice precedes the funding request. Do you understand? Maybe you could then add your proposal to the post or something that demonstrates how the open call worked before the choice of the two filmmakers in this edition.

Or, another way that I think is possible would be to add in your proposal a roadmap that points to how the next editions will work and how the community can apply (perhaps expanding the grant possibilities since, all going well with this proposal and the report related to this proposal, you will be eligible to ask for 3k next month).

It is important to stress that I am not here to impose what you need to do, I am just trying, with my experience in the ecosystem and my position as moderator, to contribute to the stronger aspects of the project. You are always allowed to keep the proposal as you see fit, and the moderating team as a whole will evaluate and give their opinions when desired.

The second point that I told is essencial to fit your proposal in the Creatives model, including, describe the metric of success expected from this proposal. Again, you can find this examples in the proposals that I sent in my last comment.



@hevertonharieno you are not imposing at all. I really appreciate your observations. It’s very helpful.

We didn’t post it on gov.near.org but we posted the open call for Filmmakers on our telegram. This is one of the post on the 5th of July 2022 we hadn’t selected anybody. It was after the post Filmmakers showed interests and we selected from among them.

The reason is because we want you to be a part of the community, then you can join the challenge.

The next edition, we will also post an open call for Filmmakers also on gov.near.org so those who are not on DAOLLYWOOD telegram can see it. They still have to join though. I believe people should be open to join the community and not just want to be part of it cos of the challenge.

I just edited the proposal to include metrics of what we intend to achieve with the proposal.

I promise our proposal will be better structured next month. Thank you.

@blusw you closing this proposal means it was not approved by the creativesDAO council?

Hello @JohnWike
Thanks for submitting your proposal.
I am sorry to inform that your are right, this proposal did not get accepted by the Creatives DAO Moderation on this Month. We have being reviewing over 70 DAOs Proposals, and your proposal got not enough votes casted from the moderators team.

The is a lack of activities on the DAO shows that we haven’t a community engaged yet.

I would like to consider keep on trying for next month, if you really think our ecosystem is the place to be with your project. The main point of closing this proposal is the lack of clarity on the distribution of funds and
If you go to take a look at the [GUIDE] How to submit a funding proposal to Creatives DAO, you mite see other DAOs proposals and operations that mite inspire you of how can we growl a community on a decentralized way.

The for closing this month, but I hope to approve next proposals when it get improvements.

All the best!

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Thanks for the clarification. We will keep trying our best and improving, even with no funding. We hope for the best in out next proposal.

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Thank @JohnWike For your enthusiasm, looking forward to see the improvements next month :slight_smile:

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