[CLOSED] artist stipend # 4

Artist stipend #4 is here!

For the 4th edition of our artist stipend, we are looking forward to supporting 2 more artists based in Portugal that use nature as their inspiration. The open call will be open to all art forms but our main focus will this time be:

  • digital animation
  • VJing visual art (that can be projected during events)

Each artist will receive a stipend of 300 DAI to be working on a project for 4-8 weeks.

The stipend serves to give the artist the freedom of creation on a daily basis, being able to buy materials and without having financial pressure for the mentioned timeframe.

muti does not expect a work that will be monetized afterward, if the artist decides not to do so. In case physical items are produced during the stipend, the artist is free to use our mutibazaar (digitally & physically) to sell them.

We do request one or two NFTs as proof of participation. The NFT will be minted in the muti Mintbase store with 25% going to muti & 75% of royalties and splits to the artist.

In addition, the artist will write a brief report about the work that has been done during the time of the stipend.


  • Artists based in Portugal
  • The theme of nature/ work with natural materials, elements, patterns or sounds (digitally & physically);
  • Open to all artforms but focus on
    a) VJs
    & b) animation
  • Strong concept for the proposed work

How to participate:


  • Applications open 14th of Nov.- 5th of Dec.

Artist - Catarina Gil
Portfolio - (PDF Doc. link), https://drive.google.com/file/d/1142orRqrwmBkwOBaqJJIXXsP-LKdDEL_/view?usp=share_link
Social Handles - Instagram, @_.gilart and Website, (https://catarina-gil.webnode.pt/)
Project Description - Work with flower or dead plants as a way to explore and reveal their similar degradation processes with our (humans). This, through installation and photo support.

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Carlotta Premazzi - Glitch&Flower VJ
Site and portfolio cpdesignstudio.com
Instagram @carlottapremazzi

Project Description: :butterfly: :microbe: :rosette: :potted_plant:
video installation or live VJ with mapping of a space or an object, (mix of real, generative and AI images, distorted and warped with many glitches and effects)

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AVR010 - sound & paper collagist
Project description → As I am a sound and paper collagist, I want to merge my two forms of design into a series of 3d visual and sound objects.
Lately I’ve been really wanting to introduce NFTs to my project and to merge my visual and sound world into a new concept. This opportunity seems like a good fit to have support and receive constructive criticism.

PORTFOLIO available in googleform.

thx so much for the space.

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Artist: Eloiza Montanha
Portfolio (canva link)



and @elomoontattoo

Make a live drawing performance connecting a projector with an Ipad while using the Procreate drawing app (in the meantime of a DJ set or a concert.
Nature themes. Can be a jungle. Can also be anything related to the songs that are playing, as a real live act performance that engages with the environment).

(The screen of my ipad with the app I use to draw can be recorded and there can be a timelapse of it as well as a recording of the actual wall being projected with the live drawing performance. All of this or one chosen option can become a NFT and since this will be recorded, the video of the making can be used on other events as an animation to be projected on other concerts or dj sets.
also, inside of this project, there can also be the actual live performance act in an event.)

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Artist: Inês Barros
Portfolio: https://www.hyperlinkedbodies.com/
Social Handles: Instagram @ines_qrbarros

Project Description:
Cyber Nature Landscapes is a speculative project about artificial nature, modeled in 3D. The project aims to develop a series of cyber-dead nature video-portraits, displaying ethereal but mind-calming videos of impossible anti-gravity ecologies.

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Hilma Sassa - Graphic Designer and Visual Artist
Website/Portfolio: Hilma Sassa - Artwork
Instagram: @hilma.sassa

Project Description: A Static VJ Set Artwork or Painted Mural, Inspired by the movement and shapes from my culture. I want to challenge myself with this project to create a larger scale artwork that brings life and excitement to the audience.

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Artist: Luís Luzia - Ecological Visual/Sound Artist
Instagram: @luis_luzia
Portfolio: Behance
Project Description:
Develop an interactive audiovisual installation that explores the impact of wind turbines on the landscape and soundscape of its surrounding environments.
A virtual environment will be created using projections of video footage, and field recordings, that will be spatialized throughout the room. Using a sensor, as an audience member moves forward, the playback speed of the videos will increase, resulting in the faster rotation of the turbines. The characteristic sound of the moving blades will follow along, increasing in volume and period, gradually engulfing the natural soundscape.

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Artist - Anu Loureiro
Portfolio - https://anuloureiro.vsble.me
Instagram - @anuvem__

Project - Editing & Screening of a short film, about an ecosexual person. This project aims for the public to get conscious of how plants are sentient beings.
I plan to use animation for the editing, as well as VJing with the screening of the film.

Thank you for all your applications the Open Call is now closed and we will announce the 2 stipend artists on the 11th of December :partying_face: :purple_heart:

Congratulations to @luis_luzia & @GlitchandFlower to the stipend :slight_smile:

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