@cardboardnear Twitter Channel final report

Hello, in this topic I would like to summarize and make a final report for the @cardboardnear tweeter channel. Since we did not plan to continue our activity, we decided that there was no point in writing a report, because in our experience, a report is written in the event of a continuation of the marketing campaign, in order to show the results for the past month, and share ideas for the next. But after @Dacha mentioned our proposal in the list of members and guilds that didn’t provide reports, we realized that we we did wrong, that we didn’t provide the report, so we are doing it now.

We published our posters between September 5th and October 9th, during which time 9 posters were published. During this time, we tried to take photos in more beautiful places than we did before.

Analytics for September:
Tweet impressions: 7,595
Mentions: 18
Profile visits: 628

Analytics for October:
It is worth saying that after the mention and repost of our tweet by Evgeny Kuzyakov, it is difficult to sum up real analytics, since we are faced with a large influx of people into our profile.

Tweet impressions:53K
Profile visits:7,549

Also, thanks to the support of @Dacha , who added our tweet to voting in Astro Dao, we were able to win a Community Choice Award in the “Favorite Tweet about #NEAR” nomination - https://twitter.com/cardboardnear/status/1424750405838385156?s=20

I would like to thank all the consuls for their support and the opportunity to implement our idea.
@jlwaugh @jcatnear @Dacha @David_NEAR