[CALL TO COMMUNITY] Hangout with the NEAR Community Daily in Twitter Spaces - NEAR at NIGHT

Hey there NEAR Fam! We are super excited to get NEAR at NIGHT back in action; delivering a strong daily presence for NEAR Protocol on Twitter Spaces.

We just wrapped up with the first Spaces today and it went great! 83 people listened live and there was engaging conversation about the NEAR ecosystem. We welcome you all to join us whenever possible. Large scale attendance is a great show of strength for the NEAR community and it is definitely getting recognized by other ecosystems.

Please note the NEAR at NIGHT schedule has adjusted to accommodate community members in different time zones. See below:

  • Monday / Tuesday: 3PM EST (8PM UTC)
  • Wednesday / Thursday: 10PM EST (3AM UTC)

NEAR at NIGHT episodes are always recorded so you can listen in later if unable to hangout live.

We will see you all tomorrow Tuesday 12/27 at 3PM EST (8PM UTC) for another epic NEAR at NIGHT Twitter Spaces :saluting_face:

Special shoutout to the @marketingdao-council for their hard work and support to push these powerful community initiatives forward. You rock! :clap:


This is great! 3 AM UTC is the time slot I can tune in. Can’t wait for the next one :+1:

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Tuning in today! Love your work, keep it up!

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Good afternoon.Be aware of scammers. The Trove Labs shills all king scam NFT projects. Now they want to engage our community. Don’t be scammed. Some NF staff is ambassadors of the projects (Neko, Real Birds). Thanks fof attention

Why NF pays money to Neko ? What the value for our Community?@illia @jackc @marieke.flament

Hello,why the project was funded if Jump DeFi has rewards for giveaways? https://twitter.com/jumpdefi
@illia @marieke.flament @Jackc

will definitely tune in after new year!

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