Call for Suggestions for the Transparency Report of NEAR Foundation

Dear NEAR Community, we would like to present to you our thoughts and get your suggestions regarding a Transparency Report to be published by the NEAR Foundation on a quarterly basis.

The objective of the Transparency Report is exactly that, to bring transparency and provide an update on achievements and objectives of the NEAR Foundation’s work towards its vision and mission. The proposed content is as follows:

1. Executive Summary

2. Vision, Mission, and Roadmap (brief update)

3. Top highlights / Key metrics
a. User growth
b. Projects growth
c. Validator growth / network health
d. Technical milestones met

4. Community
a. Update on community and recent developments
b. Upcoming events, highlights, key initiatives
c. DAOs, guilds, core contributors, …
d. Community funding
e. Tokens

5. Projects
a. Description of a selection of new projects
b. Ecosystem map
c. Ecosystem valuation

6. Network
a. Stats on network health
b. Number of validators and developments
c. Throughput
d. Technical developments

Each section should include links to other resources and opportunities to engage, e.g. when a guild is mentioned, people can click it and get to the guild page and/or guild forum.

What additional or specific content would you like to see in NEAR Foundation’s Transparency Report?

What content of other Foundation reports do you appreciate and would you like to see by the NEAR Foundation? What content should the NEAR Foundation not report on?

Please reply with your thoughts!


Hello @Yessin, first off - excellent speech at NEARcon, it was super interesting and can be an interesting starting point of reference for anyone who wants to learn more about one of NEAR’s core values i.e., sustainable development. Would request @JMaenen and the social media team to upload individual talks on YouTube since it’s currently very hard to navigate through six hours of recorded streams to find what one is looking for. :sweat_smile:

Thank you so so much for this call for suggestions, personally I would love to also get a brief of future initiatives (to the extent possible without revealing trade secrets or crucial information) that the Foundation is planning to take on and opportunities for the guilds, individuals and wider community at large to be useful towards realization of the Foundation’s goals.

Would also love to see a dedicated community relations desk of sorts or a point of contact between the community and the Foundation. The community infrastructure we have right now is flawless and almost everyone from the Foundation is easily approachable and very empathetic but I feel there’s one missing loop which could further enhance the discourse. I am a big proponent of townhalls/business hours where people can have open ended conversations. How about the Foundation assigning someone to entertain comms from the community. This could even be a whole area of focus in itself. Will help streamline the flow of direct information within the ecosystem!

Thank you once again for this post, also I would be honoured to be useful in any way possible, I have plans to spin up a bunch of community-driven initiatives starting November, please feel free to ask for clarifications on any of the aforementioned suggestions! Grateful for the Foundation’s guidance and support towards the community. Happy to help anytime! :grinning: :pray:t4:


Exactly bruh though in the aspect of guild ,
The link to the guild page or social media should be available
So people can get enough information .

U said it all
Am in massive support

Good morning!

I’m interesting how is effective Near Guilds spend money.

Why they still do it not transparent, NIA guild, for instance.

Why some guild’s management salary over 50% of all budget? Swine guild , for example.

Some guild’s managers got money for their guilds, but spent them on trip to Lisbon and pizza . They had opportunity watch Near Con on YouTube.

Why some guilds doesn’t have DAO’s? Stars guild, for instance .

Why Near still funding some guilds which violate transparency policy? Which refused answer on questions.

Still waiting for a hiring process procedure information from Degens .

Why we don’t have a salary standard, works reports for councils? Why council work it’s still a privilege for friends?

Please, stop spend money for ALL NOT TRANSPARENT GUILDs!

1.Every paid guild should have KPI’s, history of transactions per wallet , every member should introduce yourself , write about responsibilities in a guild.
2.Management salary can’t be more than 10% of all guild budget, other money - on community growing.
3. Gulid’s (which get money from Near) must have transparent procedure of joining for new members. It should be published on all Near official resources.

And particular topic about Ref.Finance members board. How these people were elected ? Interesting detailed procedure, how it was . I couldn’t find any information or announcements about it. Near should re-elect them and do it on 100% transparent in this time. Before re-election need to stop all payments to Ref.Finance members board.
Current list of them :

Just wondering what is football club or Near guild’s leadership doing there?

And definitely reduce / revise guilds budget. Near pays them ~ 2000-2500N a month ( $20-25k dollars, wow, for what? ) , use roketo service .

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Transparency is an important part of our Ecosystem and Governance. There is lots of room for improvement and we ar working on it!
Keep asking why… make us all accountable.