C1Newsletter March edition report

Eric Asomugha
Media/Blockchain Expert
+234 9012658103
March 03, 2022

C1 Foundation

Dear Sir,

I am Eric Asomugha, a media/blockchain expert, with more than 25 years experience in journalism. A former publisher who has managed and contributed to various publications.
A newsletter for C1 guild is a positive one and the advantages are not limited to the following:
For C1 to connect with more artists and enthusiasts in the industry, increase the body’s credibility and authority, low-risk and high-reward, boosting content marketing strategy, and customizable for stronger engagement.
The March edition of the newsletter will be out soon. The February edition is already uploaded to the forum. This publication will continue to facilitate the disemination and quick follow up of information and activities of C1 guild.
To achieve this at the moment, the total budget is $1,000 (84.5 Near) in a month for the publications. Included in the budget are payment to the Editor, contributors/writers, artwork and design.
I look forward to hearing from you to start production.
Best Regards,
Eric Asomugha
Cell: +2349012658103
Email: achoski2017@gmail.com
Wallet address: Achoski.near



Thank you sir! You are doing a great job.

I have attached the newsletter here just for everyones convenience.

c1_newsletter_feb_22 (1).pdf (3.1 MB)

The have also been uploaded to C1’s website here.



thats a strategic approach, welldone buddy.