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Eric Asomugha
Media/Blockchain Expert
+234 9012658103
January 13, 2022

C1 Foundation

Dear Sir,

I am Eric Asomugha, a media/blockchain expert, with more than 25 years experience in journalism. A former publisher who has managed and contributed to various publications.
A newsletter for C1 guild is a positive one and the advantages are not limited to the following:
For C1 to connect with more artists and enthusiasts in the industry, increase the body’s credibility and authority, low-risk and high-reward, boosting content marketing strategy, and customizable for stronger engagement.
The newsletter will be produced twice in a month, which will facilitate the disemination and quick follow up of information and activities of C1 guild.
To achieve this at the moment, the total budget is $1,000 (54 Near) in a month for two publications. Included in the budget are payment to the Editor, contributors/writers, artwork and design.
I look forward to hearing from you to start production.
Best Regards,
Eric Asomugha
Cell: +2349012658103
Email: achoski2017@gmail.com
Wallet address: Achoski.near


Great idea, I totally support this :raised_hands:t6::100:

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Hi can you please move this to the Creatives C1 category instead of just the creatives with the C1 tag?

Looks good though and will be well needed!