Burning Polaroid Launch Party by Dreebsby

Dreebsby & KIL DAO would like to host the launch party for Dreebsby’s next single, Burning Polaroid. Following the success of Dreebsby’s metaverse show, ‘open to vibing’, on 23 Jan 2022 with KIL x NXM which saw a record 237 unique visitors (right),

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-31 at 07.46.10


Dreebsby & KIL propose to follow-up the momentum with an even bigger event: bigger production value, bigger audience, and bigger reach.

The event will feature the exclusive release of Dreebsby’s much anticipated studio single, Burning Polaroid with a 30 minute show with live band and a setlist of most-streamed songs, and NFT drop to support the single. Guest features and a marketing budget with a fully organized Facebook-publicized event will attract a much larger audience than the previous show which onboarded 24 new NEAR wallets and introduced countless new members to the NEAR ecosystem.

The event will also attended by representatives from Believe Music as well as representatives from Spotify Singapore and Apple Music Singapore and an exciting opportunity to strike relationships with notable industry players and get them onboarded in the NEAR ecosystem – each rep will be gifted a NEAR wallet with 2 Dreebsby NFTs (one general, one relating to the single release) as an incentive for onboarding.

Funding Breakdown

Artist, Features & Band: $1000
Production Cost: $198.90 ($98.90 Tonehouse SG venue + $100 for cameraman)
Social Media Ads: $50
GiftedNEAR Wallet Budget: $25
Streaming Cost : $60
Venue - The Playground Cryptovoxels : $50
Event Management & Coordination : $200

Total: $1583