Bounty for Graphic Designers

The NEAR style and Merchandise DAO in its bid to host a community of contributive graphic designers who would contribute to the efficacy of the community through their various graphic design ideas and suggestions will be having a bounty for which these graphic designers would be able to suggest their merch designs for the sole purpose of archiving in the NEAR style DAO merch base and also minting in its mintbase store.
These merch designs over time would aggregate to an ecosystem merch initiative that we intend to actualize in the next project we have in the coming months.

Graphic designers interested in participating in the bounty would go through the following steps below

Join the NEAR style and Merchandise DAO telegram community and follow all its social media channels

Submit descriptive 2d models of the design style to the DAO

DAO selects the most favored design by community

Graphic designer is rewarded $100 in NEAR and put on a split royalty and revenue contract for the design to be minted on thr NEAR style and Merchandise DAO store


$100 for reward of bounty winner

$150 for 3d voxel model creation of merch style

TOTAL: $250


Seems you forgot providing community links.

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Sorry sir this is a sub post. The telegram handle is included in the main post thank you sir​:pray::pray:

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