[BOUNTY] Create a summary of the NEAR eco-system [15 NEAR]

For all the future NEARIANS we would like to provide a quick and easy guide through the NEAR ecosystem, i.e. what is the NEAR coin? What can it be used for? How does one receive their NEAR wallet, etc. (visuals are very welcome)

Bear in mind that this summary will help onboarding artists who have not been in touch with the crypto realm yet.

If this is for you, please leave a comment incl. the summary structure in here and link @tabear to confirm.

Once approved and created, share the doc via Gdrive with tabea@arrozestudios.pt and use your comment thread for the payout proposal on Arroz Criativo Sputnik Dao


Hi Tabea, i’m working on something that might fit into this. Unfortunately if the target audience is artists who are not familiar with crypto there has to be an intro to blockchain tech , what it is, history etc…which might make the paper fairly lenghty…any thoughts?

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Heya @squattingPigeon !
Thanks for participating!

We have recently posted an article about NFTs and crypto which is very onboarding friendly, maybe we could link to that. Here is the article

Or you could set up your own proposal to give a more in depth insight of NEAR.

Feel free to give some more details about what you are working on and then we can see which would be the best option.

Doing a prequel Fred’s NFT article is a great idea! I would cover zero to NFT basically. Most people still don’t seem to know what a blockchain is still and how it might be of use to them so i can try to tackle this problem and also situate NEAR in the landscape to the best of my ability of course. Covering the entire ecosystem and the technology stack is probably not possible in one paper.

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This bounty in here is meant to create an article specifically about NEAR for readers who have no experience with crypto yet, so with fairly easy to understand instructions or summaries about the main goals of NEAR, structure, etc.

Your idea for the text sounds great though, feel free to send a proposal specifically for that. You can find the general guidelines here.

If you need help regarding that, feel free to comment here or in the TG group.

Looking forward receiving that proposal :slight_smile:

The problem we’re going to have here is that crypto newbies won’t understand what NEAR is without understanding the basics of blockchain tech and why it is a good idea to use it. It is however possible to write a thousand word paper on the NEAR ecosystem but not for crypto newbies…What i mean is the paper on the Near ecosystem for crytpo newbies is going to be long and complicated…I hope i’m making sense sorry:)) I’ve started working on something but it can be divided into 2 papers if it is too long i suppose…

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Yes, gottcha. If you want we can brainstorm together to give some points that might be helpful (from a position of someone who does not know much about crypto yet). Or you simply send a new proposal for the text you are writing currently, that way you will not have those restrictions :slight_smile:

Great! I’ll send you a draft soon and we can take it from there.

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Perfect :slight_smile: Looking forward!

Hi os this bounty still valid ?