BOUNTY- 200NEAR- NFT Licenses for different categories (music, art, photography) will soon be integrating licenses for different NFT categories (art, music, photography). As such, a Mintbase minter would be able to pre-select the different licenses.

We would need someone to do the research and collect the most used and most adopted licenses in music, art and photography so we can integrate them on Mintbase.


Hi @caromintbase

Yep…as you know i’ve been looking at this as part of a recent art sale , so yes I would like to apply for the bounty/project.

Assume you are looking at IP/reproduction licensing information ?



exactly just collect the most important licenses :slight_smile:

Sounds great. I’m a musician and blogger from Cameroon :cameroon:. There are lots of creators who lack means of selling their arts. This will be a good idea for them


yep perfect @caromintbase
ok, do I need to do anything to formally claim the bounty at this point ?


No you got it! Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


ok great, i’ll get cracking on it


Hi @caromintbase
Updating on progress…
I’m working with an IP lawyer friend of mine on this. (Going to get him onboarded for a share in the bounty).
We have collected a number of typical licenses covering a number of sectors…and are putting it into a report format for submission.
Would expect to be done by mid-Sept.


super cool :slight_smile: There is no rush! Thanks so much for doing this and getting your lawyer friend involved

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Ok…so [beyond] time for an update

This has gotten really complicated…and I now have a stack of documents [boilerplate templates], example licenses and some discussion on NFT use-case licensing that covers the issues of licensing both for the platform and the artist - i know that is going above & beyond the brief [excuse pun]…but once you dive in…it’s difficult to not go further into the rabbit hole

So…my plan is to start uploading information here next week…and just keep going until everything is up there…and then discuss “what next?”…


Hello thanks so much for the update! What’s next is that we will integrate it on Mintbase in the next few months for artists to choose from :slight_smile: @MoniBlockdiver

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Hi @caromintbase

Hope all is well

Apologies for the delay in completing this task - a number of factors conspired against an earlier delivery and correspondingly it sat firmly on the back-burner throughout the autumn - but please find below an overview, along with details of the various assets that I’ll be sending over to you via google drive share.

Shared assets:

1 - Spreadsheet of linked pages to current NFT licenses in use, potential licensing suggestions, platform terms of use, creative commons licenses, IRL platform terms, IRL licensing.

2 - Folder of template/boilerplate documents (some with accompanying ‘notes’) - IRL licensing, ‘Software as a Service’ platform terms agreement, and a copy of a ‘Network Agnostic NFT License’ document.

Having spent a lot of time researching the various options and approaches - both existing & theoretical - while trying to avoid disappearing forever down a copyleft/copyright rabbit hole…what is clear is there is no unifying standard for NFT licensing…and that adopting existing IRL infrastructure has some drawbacks.

The discussions with my IP lawyer contact/friend were continually quagmired in IRL considerations. In particular, the basic responsibility of a platform to get users to accept a set of terms that protect the platform, and within which a licensing baseline standard would be set, with any deviation/enhancement being at the mint stage, at the risk/responsibility of the minter.

A boilerplate ‘Software as a Service’ platform agreement and a Digital Content Creator License template doc - both with notes on completion - are in the folder.

The terms of service of many of established NFT platforms have been linked in the spreadsheet as there are some license provisions within them - notably the various Rarible docs on Github.

As above the folder also contains a selection of other IRL licensing templates

The widely used "NFT License’’ [developed for Crypto-Kitties] is listed in the spreadsheet, along with a general license developed for Avastars which are both used by/adapted by a number of other projects.

There are also links to licenses for specific NFT projects [BAYC, EulerBeats, NBA Topshots, etc] which all have variations of their own…and a research document on the opaque licensing arrangements for CryptoPunks

There is a link to a second spreadsheet with three proposed NFT licenses and the background to their establishment. They were produced by Yam Karkai & Raphael Malavieille in May 2021 as a potential solution, and offer different rights to buyers. (This was referenced within a GitHub feature request for HicEtNunc to have a similar drop-down selector of licenses function…which did not seem to advance further.)

If the intention is to offer a dropdown of licenses, then for the creative NFTs [art, music, photography] Creative Commons offers a suite of 7 options [6 licenses plus public domain] that cover a wide range of scenarios and practices in a simple [even graphical/symbol] format. They are listed in the spreadsheet along with a link to the legal text for each license.

There is also a ‘platform integration’ page linked which might be interesting to explore as a starting point for Mintbase.

Digression/nb: In terms of the wide variety of applications for “purposeful NFTs” proposed/supported by Mintbase, it’s fairly obvious that the complexity of licensing arrangements will multiply as the spectrum of applications increases. Just as an initial insight into this…ticketing and the use of the redeemer function in general might need a completely separate set of licensing/T&C’s.

Fyi, there is also a link to a mint on Mintbase by the artist EV3RETH [from Hype DAO] that includes a ‘Forever PDF’ that details a “license agreement” covering the arrangements for the future split on reproduction rights, and governance of the IP rights of his work “SUNflower”. This is effectively a “verbal agreement registered on-chain” - and similar to custom licensing text on a per NFT basis that can be found across other marketplaces [Opensea], but makes use of the Forever PDF to provide clearer detail.

As you know, over the summer, I was exploring the possibilities of an on-chain smart-contract solution to licensing rights…using either a micro-DAO, a separate IP token, or both. It became an overly complex thought experiment that probably didn’t address the issue any better…and I only include it here for info/jumping off/criticism purposes. I can go into more details if required but the options under discussion were:

1] A separate [purposeful] IP token that is airdropped to the initial buyer of a creative work. This token replicates what EV3RETH has written into the mint, but separates it both on-chain & commercially. The minter/creator bakes in a royalty rate [currently 10% - at some point soon customisable] but the token otherwise represents an agreed license…which can be sold separately.

2] Licensing rights are placed in a Micro-DAO with governance by two tokens - 51% to the buyer 49% to the creator - the DAO wallet is the beneficiary of the IP governance token…the buyer of the original work maintains control of the IP rights by virtue of the 51% token…but the creator receives a 49% share in the event of the IP being commercialised. [Cumbersome or what…]

​Ok, that’s it for now, more info can/will be added to the spreadsheet and folders​ going forward.

Happy to discuss further on a call etc - or here obviously. In the meantime, please let me know what you would like to see more of.



Hi @zeitwarp will take a look into this during this week! We will need to adapt the pricing as Near has pumped :slight_smile: :partying_face:

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Hi @marianeu …yeah sure…I’m relaxed about payment

Do you want me to share the google drive folders with you ?

@caromintbase has them in view mode currently

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yes please @zeitwarp I am dropping in on this and will need to get through the whole thing to understand it better :slight_smile:

yep, will do it now.

@marianeu will dm u in telegram for the share email address

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Hi @marianeu

Just to summarise the status & next steps re this project:

  • The relevant materials [docs, spreadsheet & folder] as per the requirements above have all been transferred to you by google share, along with all the supplementary information & templates that came out of the research.

  • Following on from our de-briefing meeting and various discussions, I have made the recommendation to consult a blockchain legal expert that I met last Autumn in order to devise a strategy to deliver NFT licensing as part of the new Mintbase UX/UI.

  • To this end, I have made the approach to the proposed expert & outlined the requirements, and have their agreement to open an exploratory discussion.

  • Consequently, I have set up a private group on telegram and made the introductions, summarising the current status & requirements of the project.

  • Subject to you approval, I will now step back from the discussions, unless there is something you want or need me to do related to it that falls within the context of the above.

Thnx :+1:

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Hi @zeitwarp we appreciate your work a lot!

So, this bounty was submitted on the 21st of August, when NEAR was 4,41 USD - resulting in 882 USD

You can submit payout proposal for 882 usd to our Astrodao. Thank you