Board and Drop box for complaints,proposals: everyone will be heard (Rewards, Multi-languages )

Dear Near Community Members, everyone knows how each member of the community is valuable for Near Ecosystem.

Unfortunately, not everyone of us, our/ your leadership seen Community Guidelines and aware about Community Etiquette . I’ve been insulted and bulled many times because I fighting for transparency and asking questions.

Before this moment we didn’t have a source where we could leave a complaint or proposal , report somebody who violate our values, find support, help and to be heard.

In October, as an Independent Near Community member, I have started include information about Drop box in my signature in testing mode. Since this time, I got more than 70 private messages, analyzed them, prepared proposals to OWS team and other guilds.

I improved the form and now I’m happy to present new upgraded DROP BOX

Some cases:

  • Guild leader doesn’t want to create a DAO? - report it!
  • Somebody have favor in your guild? - report it!
  • Guild leader discriminate you? - report it!
  • Guild leader got money for community, but spent them on yourself/friends? - report it!
  • Opportunities only for the guild leader friends? - report it!
  • Do you see “ breach of justice”- report it!*
  • You cannot reach NF people about your proposal or feeling any discrimination? - report it!
  • Have an idea or proposal ? - say about it!

If you know something - say something!

Now, everybody can be heard ! If you chose, your complaint / proposal will be published here. No censorship!



1.Open the drop box form:

2.Choose “Complaint” or “Proposal” , then write your near wallet or skip this step

Screen Shot 2021-12-16 at 10.54.13 PM

3.Write your information

Screen Shot 2021-12-16 at 10.55.23 PM

4.Choose one option - Don’t share your information / Share with Near Foundation only / or post your complaint/ proposal for everyone here in this topic (name will hidden)

Screen Shot 2021-12-16 at 10.56.15 PM

You can anonymously send me a message on Telegram (profile - @kmotiv)

I also understand, what first-of-all, this information should be important for NF and propose stir up interest of Near Community Members and pay 2N for every complaint , 1N for every interesting valuable idea.

Experimental Budget:

  1. Management , reviews: $0
  2. For Community Members Payments: $1000 (100N)

Payroll request Astro

@Grace @David_NEAR @jlwaugh


Уважаемые члены сообщества Near, все знают, насколько каждый член сообщества важен для экосистемы Near Ecosystem.

К сожалению, не все из нас, нашего / вашего руководства ознакомились с Принципами сообщества и осведомлены об этикете сообщества.

До этого момента у нас не было источника, где мы могли бы оставить жалобу или предложение, заявить о ком-то, кто нарушает наши ценности, найти поддержку, помощь и быть услышанными.

В октябре, как независимый член сообщества Near, я начал включать информацию о Dropbox в свою подпись в тестовом режиме. За это время я получил более 70 личных сообщений, проанализировал их, подготовил предложения команде OWS и другим гильдиям.

Я улучшил форму и теперь рад представить вам обновленный DROP BOX

Для каких случаев этот DROP BOX:

  • Лидер гильдии не хочет создавать DAO? - скажи !
  • Кто-нибудь пользуется поддержкой в ​​вашей гильдии? - скажи !
  • Лидер гильдии дискриминирует вас? - скажи !
  • Лидер гильдии получил деньги для сообщества, но потратил их на себя / друзей? - скажи !
  • Возможности только для друзей лидера гильдии? - скажи !
  • Вы не можете связаться с людьми NF по поводу вашего предложения или чувствуете какую-либо дискриминацию? - скажи !
  • Есть идея или предложение? - скажи !
  • Если что-то знаешь - скажи !

Теперь всех можно услышать! Если вы выберете соответствующий пункт, ваша жалоба будет опубликована прямо здесь без какой-либо цензуры.

К тому же, если заявку одобрят, вы будете вознаграждены за это сообщение.


Красавчик ! Лучший детектив NEAR !


Hey hey!

We do have a reporting function, it’s outlined in the Guidelines:

Worth noting that everyone on the forum, NEAR Core or otherwise, are approachable - especially admins.

Can you please use the report function outlined in the Community Guidelines above? Nobody should ever feel like this on the forum, or in the wider community.

I don’t fully understand. Myself and the rest of the team are contactable at the click of a button, if you’re feeling discriminated against, which should never happen, feel free to reach out to another member of the team to mediate.

Why would you report an idea or proposal?

I don’t support this. You’re incentivising people to complain, that removes any semblance of impartiality.


Dear @David_NEAR

Do you have any statistics ? How many complaints you got / resolved ?

Worth noting that everyone on the forum, NEAR Core or otherwise, are approachable - especially admins.

Unfortunately our dear councils don’t have enough time for response on claims and can have favor to particular persons…

Can you please use the report function outlined in the Community Guidelines above? Nobody should ever feel like this on the forum, or in the wider community.

Just wondering what you and all admin were doing when I was multiple harassed here because I fought for transparency ?

@David_NEAR some guilds members and leaders feeling discrimination with their proposals. Some “trusted” guilds who do their work bad, don’t care about Near values, get money in one hour , some people waiting weeks to be approved.

I don’t support this. You’re incentivising people to complain, that removes any semblance of impartiality.

No David, I’m looking for a way to bring more information to NF and Near Community, encourage people for their bravery and openness. Like we pay money for quizzes .


In the last 30 days there has been 23 flags and 100% resolved


This isn’t the case. I’ve mentioned to you repeatedly that, for certain Guilds and contributors, they have received Trusted status. Happy to discuss this in more detail, and there is a forum post en route outlining this.

Can you be specific please? Where were you harassed there? Worth noting that I don’t believe anything was reported using the report function, nor were the Guidelines published at that time.

Who is feeling this? And why are they approaching you? Please, if you feel like this is the case, I implore you to come to myself or another member of the NEAR Foundation directly.

It’s a firm no from me for paying for ‘complaints’. It will just encourage people to submit one, whether founded or not. Rewarding people for it will create a false representation.

If anyone has any grievances, issues, or worries regarding the NEAR Ecosystem, funding requests, or anything else, my DMs are always open in the forum, or you can catch me on Telegram using @David_TCC - I will listen, I do care, and we’ll work through whatever they may be together.

I don’t think adding a ‘complaint’ to a dropbox will solve whatever issue you’re having. I, however, will be sure to address it.


Thank You. What kind of proposals were prepared?

I meant not only “flags” on the forum, I told about entire communities. Kind of Google map reviews, may be.

I think we need revise trusted statutes, because the status was granted without community involvement. When @illia talking about members driving Communities , our “trusted” Reddit guild has one council in DAO and ignoring questions from community members.

Thanks, will share with you too . Unfortunately, before you showed not independent position in many questions.

Don’t worry about it. I can recognize real and fake cases.

Thank You for your great work.

In Decentralization world we can’t have one particular authoritative location or group , like “David” . Drop box it’s the way of implementation decentralized ecosystem, like another one node.

Thank You for your opinion and thoughts.

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That’s not data that has been collated AFAIK.

Let’s discuss this on the upcoming forum post, 100%

Thank you!

Is the Dropbox going to be open and accessible to all?

I would also err against incentivising this with NEAR for another reason; we shouldn’t be setting a precedent that feedback and community-driven accountability should be paid for.

To clarify; I 100% support the notion of having a more streamlined way to source feedback. However, incentivising it like this isn’t the best way to go about it for reasons discussed above IMO.

Depends on claim sender . There are 3 options.

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Doesn’t that make whoever runs the Dropbox the ‘authoritative group’?

No. Drop box is another one way for our members raise their hands. It’s only members choose share information or not.

But if it’s not open and transparent, doesn’t that make whoever runs it authoritative? Shouldn’t it just be open and anonymous?

What the alternative do you wanna propose for community and guild members?

Something more open (like the forum), so feedback can be addressed as and when rather than being collated like a case file

The forum cannot guarantee it. Moderators and Admins were not voted by Community. They are selected by NF.

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Surely an open forum is more efficient than a dropbox which goes to one individual? The latter seems the complete opposite of openness and transparency?

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Guilds are assessed as their proposals come in. Can this community member please provide examples of their second point - where two people are being rewarded for the same work?

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