Berryclub chinese guild report

Hello, I am Peter Feng, a new member of the guild. Actually, I have been committed to promoting since the launch of the NEARProtocol mainnet. Angela and I met each other late. I am usually active on Twitter and WeChat groups, and occasionally follow Telegram groups and guild. I will send the latest information about the project to the guild members and guide them from creating a wallet to participating in the ecology. Below is my report from October 2020 to January 2021.
·Writing “Near’s first collection of Swap, DEFI, NFT application Berryclub avocado pixel game” to guide new users to participate in Berryclub, record operation video, text version guide
The first collection of DEFI, Decentralization NFT, Swap DAPP on NEARProtocol-Berryclub avocado pixel game

·Establish WeChat group
:banana:Berryclub :avocado:Chinese Guild​:cucumber:
Respond to members’ questions every day, and the atmosphere is active. The latest information includes not limited to Berryclub, Paras, Rainbow Bridge, FLUX, etc.
·Create ecological construction fund account
ecfund.near, the ecological construction fund comes from donations and staking.
The funds in the account will be used for the ecological construction and promotion of NEARProtocol. The next plan is to airdrop some paras NFT cards through a lottery so that more people can understand, hold and participate, and gradually form a good ecology.
· Submit Berryclub to for review.
·Feedback suggestions from community members
If cucumber and banana add special attributes in the later ecology of $Near, maybe part of $NEFI, that be great.
I hope to get the master card created by the artist, and then I can spend $near to upgrade it, recreate it, and form a unique one that is easier to circulate, Like the equipment in the game can be upgraded with inlaid gems.
As the ecology of NEARProtocol becomes more and more perfect, I will do more.


Thanks Peter and your team for the nice work!!!

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The core of Berryclub chinese guild includes Peter feng, Mr wang, chiongloong, NEAR丨李哥, Jack, 少年, Sharp@coin future


peter is doing a great thing,I will try my best


Let’s work together to do better for the Chinese community!


We held a meeting in 2021.01.16, and we talked for about 2 hours. The minutes of the meeting are as follows:

  1. Set up a BERRYCLUB ecological fund account, announce the origin and destination of the funds on the blockchain, and regularly use the fund to hold small events in the community.
  2. After experiencing the new applications and new ecosystems launched by NEAR, we will analyze them to the community as soon as possible, and drive community members to actively participate (the specific division of labor and collaboration is completed)
  3. Through communication, has the ability of a lecturer to analyze technology. The Chinese community can try to open air classes regularly, and analyze NEAR’s technology in easy-to-understand language to community partners through “Tencent Conference”. The division of labor, such as people, speakers, conference announcements, etc. are completed and coordinated)
  4. Bihu, Weibo, blockchain financial media, etc. can gradually strengthen the announcement of NEAR (division of labor and collaboration completed)

“Berryclub Data Analysis and Reverie” by Peter Feng

Happy to see all the chinese friends reunite here on the forum!


Last weekend, Berryclub Chinese Association hosted an event, which was quite successful. The host @Sharp@Coinfuture personally purchased two paras cards and issued them to the winning users, so that users can experience paras. NEAR wallet is also required, and the follow-up ecological fund account will continue this matter.

From February 11 to February 26, 2021 is the Chinese Lunar New Year. Our Avocado Chinese Association has planned a series of activities. At that time, our association will carry out promotion. The purpose is to increase new users, promote wallets, and increase ecological activity. Whether you can implement part or all of it requires your advice and support.

If you log in to berryclub, you will get 100~500 avocados, which requires the approval and support of the berryclub team.
Nearkat, NFT set of card auctions for the New Year of the Ox. The number of cards can be 100-200, the starting price is as low as 0.1near, and the purchase is limited per person, and the auction price doubles after each sale of 10 cards. On Twitter, invite artists who reside in Paras to participate.
NEAR short wallet creation activity, through live broadcast and air class, NEARdrop can be used to create wallets for free.

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Hello, this is Li Jia from the Chinese community. I’ll be doing the report for January 2021

  1. This month, I spent an average of 3 hours a day in the Near Chinese WeChat community for maintenance and communication, and provided help to at least 20 community partners, which involved in-depth understanding of the Near project and how to pledge, etc.
  2. My own Near Guild #8 group has added about 15 consensus partners this month.
    Based on the above contribution I have made to the Near Chinese community, I hope I can get the incentive of 400 NEAR tokens from the project party, thank you!
    Plan for February 2021:
    Our group continued to serve the community well with close division of labor and cooperation, and shared the Near Protocol project with some blockchain associations in China, Hong Kong and Singapore to strengthen the global consensus.
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Sharp@coinfuture Report

This month’s main work is to promote the NFT platform of the Near ecological project Paras, instruct community members on how to purchase cards, transfer them, and secondary sales, etc., and show them to the community in the form of graphics and text. At the same time, I also tried some small community activities, such as weekend card draws, etc., to mobilize the enthusiasm of community members and preach the ecological projects on Near.
Article by Sharp@coinfuture
Play with Near’s NFT platform–Paras

Last weekend, Berryclub Chinese Association hosted an event, which was quite successful. The host @Sharp@Coinfuture personally purchased two paras cards and issued them to the winning users, so that users can experience paras. NEAR wallet is also required, and the follow-up ecological fund account will continue this matter.
I hope I can get the incentive of 500 NEAR tokens from the project party, thank you!


Our guild organized the second airdrop. This time 10 people were drawn from 200 people, and the guild fund provided ten NTF cards. 8 people have been distributed so far

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Nice jobs, Peter really spent a lot of times in WeChat groups

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The airdrop NFT card activity has been held for three phases. The number of participants has increased from 30 to 500, and the prizes have increased from 2 to 15. More guild members are aware of, buy and hold There are NFT works.


Berryclub Chinese guild promoting in this month.
First week of the month, a plan is made, and then the plan is implemented around the plan.
Cooperate with NEAR Chinese community to push the lunar21 event to a climax.
The second week of the month,Promote the registration and use of NEAR wallet on WeChat official account and Twitter,
purchase and collect NFT works on

WeChat official account received 105 wallet addresses and Twitter received 60 wallet addresses. At present, some member addresses cannot receive airdrops (including ether wallets, unfinished addresses).

Third week of the month,we make NFTs and transferred this NFT to the 195 participants of the Lunar 21 event. Thanks to NEAR’s lightning transfer and low GAS, it only took more than 40 minutes and less than 0.2N manually.

我想知道如何加入国内工会,博主看到请回复下 ,谢谢