NEAR surrounding ecological promotion plan

“The airdrop NFT card activity has been held for three phases. The number of participants has increased from 30 to 500, and the prizes have increased from 2 to 15. More guild members are aware of, buy and hold There are NFT works.”

Participation in the three consecutive airdrops is very enthusiastic. I should strike while the iron is hot and make this plan in conjunction with the Chinese Lunar New Year event.

  1. Apply to become a artist, make localized cards of the popular Water Margin hero series, and distribute them to the guild members through an airdrop lottery.
  2. The event is expected to last 6 months, and the expected effect can be seen after one month. The number of participants is more than 2,000, and 4 WeChat groups are formed. More than 500 card holders.
  3. The activity fee is free. After the artist airdrops the card to create popularity, flash cards and supreme cards of this card will be made for sale.
  4. The event is expected to activate the surrounding ecology of NEAR and’s attention, and the artist and the platform will win.

There is currently no sponsorship for the event, and this airdrop event can only continue after becoming an artist.


As of today, the first round of airdrops has been distributed. WeChat official account has received 151 wallet addresses and Twitter has received 74 wallet addresses. At present, except for some member addresses that cannot receive airdrops (including non-NEAR wallets and unfinished addresses), 188 addresses have been successfully sent.