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hi @lowcanft

have you visited our Discord-Server?
It is already up-and-running and filled with content.

One Welcome Bot is already implemented but we’d like to build a second bot.
And have someone who knows the BeeTogether project very well and will engage with the community members.

We already received an application for this bounty. Tomorrow I know more if the person takes the job or not.

As you see at the end of the bounty-summary, you can send an email to us and if you get the job we provide documents, material, links, pictures, etc. to you to get started. You will get access to whatever is needed to fulfill the job. Didn’t list all the details here, otherwise it would have been a very long text :slight_smile:

Just joined, researching now :grinning:

You mean mee6? If I understand correctly, it’s a bot which is public and can be used on any server

Any way, thanks for your response, but i don’t correspond to all mentioned criteria and will not be able to aply for this role. Just wanted to know more.

Thank you @Emmayu for your email. You got the Discord-Manager job.
Talk soon. looking forward to work with you.

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I would like to apply for the content writer job. I have relevant experience & would love to contribute.

hi @crypto_crawling you got the job :wink:


I am interested in the bounty that relates to having the role of a co-social media assistant. I believe I will be of great help to my partner concerning promotions of the community

awesome, you got the job @Tiller1 and thank you already in advance for your commitment <3
The details we can discuss via email :slight_smile:

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NFT artists wanted!
We are looking for 15 creative NEAR NFT artists who are keen to create an NFT collection for our charities. The goal is to create a charity related collection based on the charities listed on our website:

We’d like to launch the NFT collection on one of the following platforms

Here some previous successful examples from Paras

Requirements for the collections

  • min 12 max 20 NFTs
    → Option 1: you create a collection with 20 single NFTs (1 NFT per charity)
    → Option 2: you choose 1 charity and make a collection specifically for them (12 single NFTs in total)
    → Option 3: you choose 3 charities and make 4 NFTs each (12 single NFTs in total)

  • revenue/royalty split: your artist wallet / beetogether.near 15% / charity wallet 15% (every NFT needs to have the 3 wallets listed)

  • The title picture of the collections needs to visualize the collaboration with BeeTogether. Please use the hexagons in the title NFT collection cover picture. The hexagons are available on our Discord-Server under Company Information - Marketing Material. Example how to use the hexagons)

  • start the NFT collection as an Auction for 48-72h and ask for a minimum bid of 8 NEAR. After that the bidding-period the bids will define the floor-price for the collection.

  • Design: can be square, rectangle, in a hexagon (free of choice)

  • Announce your NFT collection on Twitter and tag @beetogether_org

  • Shill your NFT collection on the Discord server of Paras or FewFar

  • Announce your NFT collection in the BeeTogether Telegram-Community


  • we will pay 8 NEAR per NFT collection that includes the 12-20 NFTs (8 NEAR per collection)
  • max 15 artists
  • After Twitter announcement we guarantee 15 Tweets about your collection, as well as retweets in the first 20 days.
  • you will receive your own channel in our discord server to promote your NFT-Collection
  • We will send the NFT collection link to our NFT investor network to push the sales
  • Time-Frame for minting & launch: 01.06.2023-31.08.2023 → IMPORTANT (you have to publish AND mint it, before selling) Please send us the URL of your profile, so we can check under minted/owned that they are minted
  • please respond to this post when you are keen to join
  • after finalising the NFT collection, please post it below as well
  • please send an email with a download link of all NFTs (after minting) so we can start promoting your pieces on social media.
  • please let @Claudiathebee at least 4 days in advance know when you start the auction

on it fam! hope fully will be done next week


awesome, happy to have you on board @gc_pascua !

no hurry with the minting → the minting period starts on the 1st of June :slight_smile: and ends end of August.

this is a great opportunity to show our little talent and to help for the charity… and I’m going to join on this bounty…

Here’s my wip for the collection…

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8 Near per collection or 8 Near per NFT ??

Hi Claudia,
I want to take the bounty to create 4 artworks for 3 charities on paras

hi @anan

thank you for reaching out and being part of the social initiative.

That is such a cool project, Claudia. I would love to participate voluntarily (without receiving resources) with 1 NFT for one of the charities, if it is possible. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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hi @thephilosopher …happy to hear from you again <3

Yes, sure, you are always invited to join our community and create single NFTs for charities. You can choose the platform you mint on as well as the charities and let us know through a Twitter tweet that you have a new NFT, so we can start the promotion from our side! THANK YOU Rodrigo!


I would love to participate! :white_heart::sparkles:

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great project, i tried creating a topic and for some reasons, I couldn’t add links. is there some criteria to adding links to posts?

hi @dsacorp

Awesome news. Would be cool if you participate.

I am confused about your question though :slight_smile: … you mean on paras or on What topic would you like to create?

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I wanted to make a topic right here on the Near forum and include links in it, but I couldn’t for some reason. I keep getting an error saying “You can’t include links in your post”.** I believe it is due to the fact that this is a new account. Did you have a similar experience when you first created an account on the Near forum?

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