BeatDAO is hiring | Graphic Designer

Hey Creatives souls!

BeatDAO is looking for a graphic designer who would like to work closely with us and provide a graphic background in the DAO. We need flyers for our few activities such as Beat Attack, AudioNFT buyout, Music Clinic, Rhymes N Flow, and Re-making show or others that will come in near future. Flyers should be simple and should look cool.

The available monthly amount for the position: $300

Please share your portfolio below, by the 28th of March.
The artist with the best portfolio will be chosen by BeatDAO Councils.

Stay Creative,


I’m available for this !

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I am available for this position
I am a skill and experienced Graphic Designer with more focus on branding, 3D, promotional AD, UI/UX design

I have experience working on beat DAO creative and a winner of Beat Attack flyer for April.

I love to bring fresh ideas, innovation and inspiration to the Beat Dao designs ranging from cover Art, YouTube Thumbnails and social media creative.

Hoping to hear soonest

Check my portfolio:


I Like to Apply for this Position , I am Motion Graphic Designer

Here is my portfolio attached , Not only creativity , working on Video editing … In Cool Effects

Using software - Photoshop, illustrator, After effect


Thanks looking for positive response @Paul

Currently Working with Talks on Near YouTube channel .
Near Insights Instgram Account


Hello Fam;

My name is Roxy, and I’m interested in the above mentioned post.

I’m a still and motion graphics expert, I shoot and edit too

You could check out my Instagram page and see what and what I can offer

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Greetings to Yall
Thanks to NxM and Beat DAO for this great opportunity

@Paul Here is my portfolio:
ASPIRING FOR THE POST OF A DESIGN DESIGNER FOR BEAT DAO. Hey Fam! I’m Boy Chula a Music Artist also a graphic designer and Video Editor. I have been Designing for more than 3years now, I Use my Phone… - Beastboychula - Medium


I am interested. I have designed several flyers and posters for different clubs on my campus.

Hey fam, would love to help if you need any. I’ve designed hundreds of flyers and art for shows. While my style is primarily of vaporwave/hyperwave variety, I can adjust my aesthetic to fit what you’re going for. Much love. is my portfolio

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I’m a Graphic designer and I make music cover Artwork and flyers too.
You can check my work on Instagram


I’m interested. would be great!


It would be a great privilege working as a graphic designer with this organization I love so much. :fire:

Below is a link my portfolio.

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Good afternoon! I am a graphic designer who worked in a large information agency in Russia, so despite my great experience, I have no right to show what I did for work. In my incomplete portfolio, only what I did as a part-time job. But now I am a political immigrant and I really need a job. Dropbox - portfolio - Simplify your life


Good one bro
It’s cool to see you enter for this
And thanks for helping me out with the art work for discord
Good job


I’d like to get on board for this. Here’s a link to some of my work:

@irinagabe on Instagram


Thank you very much for sharing opportunities with community


Congrats, your portfolio won, @16mps.story ! :slight_smile:
Please share with me your telegram contact, I’ll add you to the BeatDAO operating group where you will get more details!

I’d like to thank all interested participants, as all your work is great! Keep up your good work!


Hey There @sharatk20 is my Username on my Telegram.
And Thanks for Choosing Me :pray::heart:


congratulations man.


Daaam! How did I not see this topic! Congratulations to the winner :raised_hands:


Thanks Bud
I Wish that @Paul Made the Right Decision By Hiring Me.