Audio/Video NFTs discussion

Hi everyone,

I know some in this community may have already found their own solutions to these questions, but I’d love to open a discussion and try to come to some consensus on how to support non-image NFT media, so we can encourage creation of music or video NFTs.

When I say “support,” I mean:

  1. User interfaces that display NFTs should be able to know the file format of the media referenced by the IPFS cid, without having to read the file first to determine its format. E.g. the media metadata attribute could have the file type appended (mp4:<cid>), or there could be a separate metadata attribute, though this is probably less desirable when considering extra storage costs

  2. Consideration should be made for for UI’s that only support images (as I believe is the case with the current NEAR wallet). I’m not sure what is the best solution here - there could be an optional cover attribute that references a cover image file inside an IPFS folder, e.g. /cover.png. Ideally, interfaces would support various media types.

Ultimately, ABS (Adaptive Bitrate Streaming) should also be supported as this is a standard feature for any app that supports video playing, so that users don’t encounter buffering and videos play even with limited bandwidth. I have quite a bit of experience here and am happy to provide further input. But perhaps this is Step Two of the discussion.

Please do comment with your thoughts, comments and concerns! And if you have already thought about or implemented solutions, it would be amazing to hear about those.



Hey. I found the proposal to discuss this interesting. I have problems for audio mint. I only have the cell phone for everything and I never managed to mint only audio, it needs a video together to work. I would also love for the .MB limit to be higher, especially for the banner image, when it comes to GIF the quality gets really bad. I’m talking about Mintbase. I don’t know anything about development, I’m just an artist user who produces transmedia works. Thanks :v::sunglasses:

Hey there - I’d recommend joining the Mintbase Discord and raising your issue there, as I’m not sure how much the Mintbase team is around here. Thanks for contributing!

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For those who want to work on a Rich Multimedia Standard then go to NEAR Hacks, currently drafting this here, we also have telegram groups, dm me on twitter for the link

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any progress on reference implementation for this