Artemis - elearning / Month 4 Week 3 - from July 18 to July 22

In reference to our proposal, mentioned here:

Proposal Near - Artemis

Report week 3 of month 4 E-learning Artemis

Alan Estrada - @cloudmex-alan
Cristian Zambrano. @Cristian

Project members
Maria Gutierrez - Marialegg.near
Jorge Cuauro - Jorgeluiscuauro.near
Juan Ochando - Jochando.near

Goals achieved in week 3 of month 4

Work was done on the structuring of the contract to mint the certificates, work was done on the functions used within the contract, the array where the contract metadata is saved was modified and validation was worked on so that a certificate can no longer be minted At once, the baul account was worked on, which would be the account where the earnings obtained from the certificates and courses are stored.

Improvements were made in the function that allows displaying the list of certificates that a person has, work was done on the validations to make the funding for the cost of the certificate.

Corrections were made in the library that converts the html file into the certificate image, where the instructor’s signature is validated to attach it to the certificate and be issued with the instructor’s signature.