Argentina Guild Yearly Goals - "The 300"

Hello to everyone, glad to be creating this post with the community of NEAR Argentina.

We are really happy to announce our main goals for this year to come.

We aim as a community to aid NEAR in their search for Certified members around the world, for that we have an ambitious goal, but one that will have us working really hard and tight as a community. A noble goal which is to educate students and giving them something more important than a certification or new knowledges, that something is Freedom.

We believe that specializing in any aspect of life is a road towards Freedom, and which better way to do it when we already have the means to teach and the means to get to people. We only need to work on it. Aim to the moon and even if we come short and hopefully do it right, we might at least arrive to the stars.

We call this project “The 300”.

Our goal for 2022 will be getting 300 people certified in NEAR, and at least 60 to become instructors/professors (20% of certified users to follow through, until the last step of the certifications)

We know this is a big step to take, but we are confident that we will make good results. At least we will prepare the grounds for it, and even if we come short we will keep at it in the next years to come.


The 300 is a project that we present in Near Argentina to contribute with the objective to get more professors and certified members into the Near Protocol.
Our goal in 2022 will be getting 300 people certified in NEAR, and at least 60 to become professors (NCP).
We know this is a big step to take but we are confident that we will make good results. At least we will prepare the grounds for it, and if we come short we will keep at it in the next years to come.


My current team is formed by everyone in the Argentina Guild.
We currently have more than 100 members of whom around 15 of them are developers. Two of those developers are NCD 1 and 2 and on their way to becoming NCI.
Leandro Manzanal and Dario Sanchez will be in charge of the bootcamps and onboarding into the Developers Certifications.
My community alongside me will be in charge of getting new students on board and getting them to be Certified Analysts or Certified Entrepreneurs in order to achieve higher certifications later on and getting them to become Instructors/professors in the near future.


  1. Getting in contact with different universities, institutions, academies, digital platforms and more educational programs. Teaching them the basics or a soft onboarding to Blockchain.
  2. Onboarding to Near Hispano. Getting students into our community and showing a different perspective of what can really be achieved through Blockchain. Show them the extensive use cases
  3. Guiding them in Near Certifications and bootcamps with our certified instructors. This would be the final objective in which we will accomplish our main mission.


  • February and mid March:

Getting our community and Instructors set up for every milestone and getting the ground ready for bootcamps to come, contact with institutions and universities from the get go in order to be ready to launch in April completely.
Regardless of preparations for the launch of the project, we aim and expect to launch already in the first week of March.

  • April:

Have our first batch of certified students ready, and will aim to have at least 5 analysts and 5 developers. Also we should have our socials and academics net and prospect students ready and fully functional.

  • May:

By May we expect to have a better reach to students, to be already working with institutes and universities and to get 10 to 15 analysts and 10 to 15 developers. By this month we expect to have fully polished or at least to get contact with most of the universities and to fully develop our networks for the second half of the year.

  • June:

In June we should have gotten the necessary traction to have bigger numbers regarding certified students obtaining the certification or enrolling into them. We aim to have already 30 to 40 analyst and 30 developers

  • July:

By July and the next months moving forward since we can’t predict at the moment which will be the reach of our project or if we will have collaborations in another projects to come regarding new platforms or partnerships (but we expect so and aim for it) we will directly address the desired figures and milestones to get each month. For July there will be 50 to 60 analysts and 40 developers. We should be reaching the 100 instructors already or at least be close to that number.

  • August:

In August we expect 80 to 90 analysts and 50 developers and if possible start having some NCP and/or NCI onboard, at least getting 10 or 15 by that time

  • September:

We should be arriving in September to our hard cap on Analysts which would be around 100 or 125 to start certifying those analysts into developers or professors. The hard cap would be 125 Analysts, 100 Developers and 75 Professors or Instructors, depending on our students preferences

  • October:

October should be one of the deciding months to analyze if we are getting there in our project or if we are coming short. Either way the milestone to get is by that time 100 analysts, 70 developers and 30 professors or instructors

  • November:

Arriving into the last part of the year, in November we expect to complete the cap on Analysts and get 125, on developers getting close to the 90 or 100, and 50 professors onboard.

  • December:

Last month of the year in which we will assess how the project is landing and which were our metrics to date. We expect to get the full 125 Analysts, 100 Developers and 75 professors.

Regarding *Development* we have:

Thanks to the lead in the Development department and the Dev team that @leamanza gathered, we are about to launch one project regarding NFTs.

We have an overview to present about the project we are working at the moment:

I Wish You NFT (IWY) is a Decentralized Application that offers the services of digital art to be designed, minted, and delivered as a form of NFT. This offers the possibility for users to create their own NFTs in the IWY platform and send them to other people, or also to themselves.

More information about IWY will be revealed later on since Leandro will create the post with further details. Will be added here in this post. [EDIT] Here is the post created by Leandro for further details of IWY.

That would be what we have to offer! We are fully committed to contribute with the NEAR ecosystem and to bring the best people we have into this incredible community.
Thank you for your attention this far and hopefully we will create great things together!

All the best dear NEARians!

@FritzWorm @Dacha @Butneversaved @Alecaseg @David_NEAR @simeon4real @satojandro @erikaprepon


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This is awesome stuff guys, but it’s not too clear what the proposal is for? Are you requesting funding? Or is it more of an update?


Hey David! how’s it going?

Oh yes its more of an update, I mean I wanted to get this on record since I’m going to present a lot of projects in these days to come and it may be a good post to refer too.
I categorized it as a proposal because I saw some posts that had the [proposal] on their name and they didn’t specified budget, it was just to let it on record.
Should I change the title to update? I will use this post in a request for an EiR as well. or should that have other taglines as well?

Thank you :blush:


All good thanks man, hope you are too :tada:

I’ve amended the title now, great update :muscle:


Hello Nacho, if this is for the Regional LATAM project we have yes please change title to EiR.

Big hug and cheers :beers:

Some examples:


Great, thanks Fritz, I’ll make the title as the second example that you gave me. Will relate it as EiR - Argentina Guild - The 300. And also updates the tags as well if thats possible
Thank you and thanks @David_NEAR for the assistance ! Big hugs to you all.

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Definitely an awesome plan, i truly believe that this will work and with excellent results!

Lets go NEAR Argentina! Here to help to make the guild of my country biiiiig!



This is outstanding as a goal! It’s amazing! I’m here to support you!


Hola @nacho.near Excellente nombre e iniciativa!

Just curious: how did you arrive to the 300 target? I see Argentina has 45 million population, perhaps using some math?

I am asking because I have recently launched NEAR Malaysia guild, and I would like to find a logic to put ourselves realistic targets in terms of wallets opened, “NEAR Certified” people onboarded, etc…

Stay in touch! Cheers!


Buenas Antonio que tal!

Sorry for the late reply, I took some days off since I had quite a hectic week.
So yes, there is a calculus that I made, don’t have precise numbers (results) right now since it would be in Argentina the first to start exploring this new ground that is blockchain instruction but I can share a glimpse of some starting numbers and what we are expecting.

As you could see above we have this first contact with SOLOW which would be a digital platform in which it has a reach to 2000 students, from whom 500+ completed their courses which is to include Near and Near Certifications on it (or at least an onboarding to them) from there we are always calculating around a 10% in every area

10% should be your rule of thumb to follow in every interaction which is destined to getting students from development or economics into Blockchain and Near in general.
Just to be sure, because most of the times it surpasses that 10%, but “worse” case scenario you should look for that number. A 10%

Another metric I took into consideration are the latest unviersities that I have been to make contact. For example a Nation wide university here in Argentina which is Siglo 21 and specializes on the economic educational area (even though they nowadays have medicine, design, law among others) their first career paths to excel were economics, administration, marketing, international business and so on.

Taking into consideration that probably a 30% of their alumni are economics oriented, then you have right there 19.500 students who study something related to economy. Then you can take a 10% of those which may be oriented into finance or crypto and you have a 1950. If you want to be real conservative you have 975 which may enter into a blockchain course or degree. From which 10% of that may be certificated. Then right there you cover 97 certificated students.

That is at least the math that I do behind it. The numbers are handled by big institutions like Siglo 21, and we have the results in other virtual platforms like SOLOW, in which they have 500 students from 2000 that successfully completed the courses (More than 10% easily). That is what I can offer you, I hope it sheds some light to your case. But be aware of this:

Every institution, university or academy is different. Here we have a really high demand for economics and crypto courses and studies, I know this 10% does apply because we pursue this kind of content to study nowadays. It may be different in the future.
Always do your own research in your own academies and institutes before getting to a solid result or number.

Any other question you may have feel free to ask or send me a message :blush:
Have a very nice day


=) Hello Hello, I will bet on @nacho.near that we are brave, we are NEAR.
I cant see 300 and dont thing about it hahahaha


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Super interesting. @kelsontoh, please see Nacho’s rationale, for your consideration on future university partnerships of NEAR Malaysia !!! :raised_hands:


Hahahah I frequently have that image in my head.
This will be our crusade in NEAR! Prepare for Glory!!
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Great! Happy to be part

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Most definitely and an interesting rationale. In what way is the best way to contact you @nacho.near ?

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Hello @kelsontoh pleased to meet you
You can send me a direct message over here if you need to talk specifics on something.
We could also schedule a meet or zoom call, let me know if you need help with anything.
Have a very nice day