Hi everyone!

We would like to propose the creation of a website for DoiDoi DAO.

We live in an era where we can’t get our work across without social media. So, we intend to work on our visual identity and branding across platforms so we can start building and growing a community through social media who will engage with our projects and goals.

With the development of this project we will need a space to materialize and showcase our projects in a more organized and curated way, so, we also propose the creation of a website for DoiDoi.studio. The creation of DoiDoi’s website will be a place to show future publications, animations and overall projects, as well as a place where artists can find us and where we can help them navigate our community.

In order to achieve that we are going to need funding for the following tasks:

Creation of a logo + branding = 300$

  • Website design
    • Domain + hosting = 250$
    • Design = 200$
  • Setting a social media strategy to grow the community = 50$

Total: 800$

Thank kindly!


Thank you for the proposal. When is the website going to be online?

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Hi, we plan to have the website online in mid June.

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