[APPROVED] Vinyl Affair - Weekly vinyl only music night - Poster

Date of the event: 18.08.21
Name: Vinyl Affair
Concept: Vinyl only DJ event
NEARname: senhorsantos

Iterations of the vinyl only nights in Arroz have existed since around the beginning of the pandemic.
Over the course of the last 18 months there has been in excess of 12 of these events. From its inception, it was run weekly but now has switched over to a monthly format.

The event always entailed a warm up set from the residents and then the main act playing the main slot with food available from the pizza oven crew.

We want to push the scope of the event forward now. Below is the timeline of the event.

  1. 16:00 - 18:00 Open decks

  2. 18:00 - 20:00 Invited DJ’s play B2B

  3. 20:00 - 21:30 Residents Senhor Santos and Whole Ball of Wax play B2B

  4. 21:30 - 23:00 Main guest DJ finishes out the event

For our upcoming event we want to incorporate several other aspects to the event.

As a push to the NEAR wallet, we want to offer an incentive on the door for people to arrive early. By arriving early (before 18:00) and setting up your near wallet on the door we want to offer enough tokens to incorporate 2 free beers. Also for anyone who shows up to participate in the Open Decks at the start, the offer of a beer and a pizza for playing through the near currency (must set up a wallet of course).

For the poster (artwork) we want to make an NFT for each event. The artist is Eddie Ivers who is no stranger to showing NFT’s at Arroz in recent months and is along time collaborator. He will custom design each one.

We believe 50N will be sufficient to cover the cost of:

The poster design and the cost of the poster creation (minting);
The cost of paying up to 4 people who will partake in the “open decks” (Free beer and Pizza);
Covering the cost of people who setup their NEAR wallet (2 free beers);


Hey @senhorsantos,

Great event & nice to include more artists!!

Just to confirm, this proposal covers the costs of design & print of the poster, the NEAR drop & onboarding will happen through Arroz as it is a Wednesday and we will provide the weekly onboarding station, correct?

I have just added “[PROPOSAL]” to your post so it is easier for us to categorise it.

Please also add your nearname so that it is clear for the payout.

You can find some general outlines on how Arroz Criativo is funding projects/guidelines for sending a proposal here.

Given that the value of your request is higher than 30N, I would suggest a payout of 30N upfront for the material costs and the 20N once you have received the poster from @ted.iv

Let me know if we’re on the same page so we can change to “approved” & handle the payout proposal :slight_smile:

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@tabear I have made some update to the proposal.

Let me know if you need anything else :slight_smile:


@senhorsantos Thanks for updating! As discussed, because the flyer has already been delivered in the meantime, feel free to post it here in the forum & send your payout proposal for 50N to our DAO to pay the design, pizza & beer for the artists :slight_smile:

Hey @senhorsantos :slight_smile:
Hope the event went well!
Please add the flyer and the created wallets from the event in here :slight_smile:

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Here is the poster from the event that we must now go about minting (I will speak with Fred or maybe you about this process).

I will also speak with Fred about how many wallets were created.

It was a wonderful event and we got way more people than was expected

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Looks great! Happy to hear that the event went well & looking forward to the number of wallets.
As for the minting, yes! Feel free to mint it tomorrow in the Arroz mintbase store :slight_smile: You could add the wallets of all DJs, designer of the poster & arroz for the splits :slight_smile:

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