[Approved] VanCHAN Style Guide Creation

It’s Time 2 Change Da CHAN!

Through this proposal I will be commissioning the creation of a Style Guide for the future minting of VanCHAN NFTs, to be collected on Mintbase & Paras.

Ideally I would love for @akmal (confirmed) to do this, as I feel like he’s the most ideal candidate to come up with what will be the core of all future VanCHANs and having worked with him previously I believe his style and understanding of the Rare Vandal brand is the perfect match!

Vibe & Aesthetic

Fun, cool, & action oriented…

Urban, musical & mysterious…

Supporting The Ecosystem

It is the intention of VanDAO to support the ecosystem and my aim with this proposal (and all future proposals connected to it) is to encourage the creation of content that will be minted on NEAR and ultimately purchased by the DAO.

Inspired by @chloe’s MarmaJ Chan project I’m excited to see what the community comes up with and how it evolves over time as new ideas get added into the mix!


Style Guide Creation - $250

Target - akmal.near

UPDATE (06/01/2021)

First Draft:

2nd Draft:

A final Style Guide is still in the works but will be posted here before we create a new announcement post for the project!


Hello there!

Have you considered to make this proposal in the VanDao? There you may get the funds!


Yes, this proposal will be directed to VanDAO as a part of the funding proposal for the DAO that will be submitted to Creatives DAO :slight_smile:


Excellent!!! Go for it :wink:


It is a very beautiful art and a great proposal! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:


Thank you! But the art hasn’t been done yet, so what you see is just an example :blush:. Still waiting for approval!

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This is so epic! :heart_eyes: MarmaJchan and NEARchan making new friends!


Espero verlo muy pronto! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:


Gracias @Nicolasp2 I hope so too!

The Style Guide created by @akmal is finally done! Have a look!


thats awesome! great job

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Thanks! You should see all the amazing entries we got!

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