[APPROVED] Valentine's Day card event | contribution

In the scope of the upcoming Valentine’s card event for #maksimisourhero muti would like to activate the creativity of some of the muti artists to contribute.

As 90% of the splits will go to the wallet to support Maksim & his family & 10% to the MarmaJ DAO, we would like to offer a small reward for each participating artist from muti.

We thought we would start slowly, by counting with 15 artworks, each artist would receive 2 $marmaj per artwork (given that the cards will be sold for 1N max. and that it would probably be around 1-2h of work for creating them). As the minting would happen through the DAO and we would do that through custom function calls, we would like to request 5 $marmaj for the facilitation.

Once the DAO has received the funds, we would promote the event, collect the artworks & start minting away for the good cause.

Total requested tokens: 35 $marmaj
DAO: muti.sputnik-dao.near


Awesome proposal! Excited to see what the community comes up with for some awesome Valentine’s Day cards :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

It has been approved!


Thank youuu!! We’re excited too!

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Link to our post:

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