[APPROVED] The Penmanship Guild April Funding *UPDATE*

Project Proposal: Connect the Coast NEAR Tape Vol 1.

Treasurer : ConnecttheCoast.near
Council: ConnecttheCoast.near & ChornijBlack.near

Members :

Target : ctc-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Total Requested Funding Amount : $5,000

Summary of last month’s activities

Our approved February proposal

Projects & Timelines : The Penmanship Guild educates independent artists on how to conceptualize, produce, market, distribute and promote musical releases from the early production and writing stages to the final album release and event, our 3 phase plan will cycle every 6 months.

PHASE I ( Jan - Feb ): Writing and producing music
PHASE II ( Mar - Apr ): Strategy and distribution :arrow_left:
PHASE III ( May - June ): Marketing and Event Production

TPG in conjunction with Connect the Coast will partner with independent black and brown artists from Califonia’s central coast to attend a writing camp, produce and release a 4-10 song original EP complete NFTs, and host an official hybrid IRL/metaverse event to celebrate and promote the project. February’s funding came later in the month so we’ll be combining February’s and March’s activities to try and stay on schedule to host our event by July at the latest. In March we finalized the audio production portion of the project and hopefully wrap the filming of the “Good Day” music video. We’ve secured an exclusive sponsorship with our local radio station KWWV Wild 106.1 San Luis Obispo (100,000+ total listeners) please see last months report for sponsorship details and benefits.

  • Complete “Good Day” music video $2,850

  • Talent ($1,850)
    * Wardrobe (stylist $500)
    * Edits and color correcting ($500)
    * Director and equipment rental (ARRI Alexa camera rental $850 for the day)

  • Hire a design team for marketing assets $650

    • Album cover
    • Single cover
    • Social media assets
  • KWWV Wild 106.1 Sponsorship $1,500 (per month 2 months remaining)

  • Vote on the finale venue

    • Last months vote was delayed due to receiving rewards later than expected

I am in for this project as a Graphic Designer/ illustrator…

What a good project… let’s get started with the flyer and social media design.

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That’s so dope! We’re trying to keep this project as local as possible I want us to be a catalyst for NFT and crypto use in our county. That being said I’d love to check out some of your work and if it fits what we’re looking for we can definitely have that conversation!

Hey @Connectthecoast , very cool initiative!
I have a few questions about the proposal so far.
Will there be people onboarded throughout this process? (ie. music video director, design & marketing team, engineers etc.)

Can you clarify what “Feature Balance” is in the above proposal?

Did the proposed events for month 1 take place or have they been postponed due to the funding process as it’s not clear from the february report.


Hi @ted.iv thanks!

Onboarding is absolutely a priority for our guild, all of the involved artists have NEAR wallets and we will be helping those who are interested start guilds of their own. Since our February funding was received on the final day of February our timeline has been pushed back by a month. Typically we’d have to pay a deposit to secure whichever artist we’d like to feature on the track then we’d pay the balance once the track has been delivered. We were looking to get the process started in February but it took the entire month to apply for our reward. The month 1 activities did take place, I continued to do the month 2 activities that I could afford to do from my own pocket (i.e. mixing mastering, securing the director for the music video) now that I have access to the February budget I’ll continue to update the report as I cross things off of the list.

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@Connectthecoast great, thanks for clarifying. I would recommend adding in the near names and forum accounts (if they have them) of these artists for the transparency’s sake.
Glad to see you finding resourceful ways to continue with the project.
Can you clarify what “feature balance” is in the proposal above.

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@ted.iv No problem thank you for the suggestions, if you take a look towards the top of the proposal beneath the “members” section I’ve added the onboarded wallets. I’ve also added more detail to the “feature balance” bullet point hopefully this provides more clarity.

Thank you

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Ok, thanks @Connectthecoast . At the moment this dao just has one council and I was wondering if there were plans to extend the voting power and council member for it?


Have you guys received your Feb budget by now?

As for the ongoing council member topic: Creatives DAO does not fund proposals from individuals. The Astro DAO is used as a tool not only to handle funding but to also govern a community (through the voting & bounty system). As the CTC DAO still only has one council member in the DAO, the voting power is centralised. Therefore it would be great to know if you are planning on expanding the council and updates on the feb budget :slight_smile:

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Hey @Connectthecoast looks like you have requested 5000$ but the projects add up to $4650, can you clarify this? Also, could you give a bit more of a detailed cost breakdown for the “Good Day” music video? Thanks

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@Connectthecoast thanks for the update but the figures still seem off, but correct me if I’m wrong:

$2,500 - “Good day” Music Video

  • $1000 location

  • $1850 talent
    Are theses for the same shoot?
    If so, this total would come to $2850

  • $650 Design team

  • $1500 KWWV sponsorship

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@Connectthecoast thanks for the edits. This proposal follows the Creatives DAO guidelines and I’m happy to say that it is approved by the Community moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao, so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts. Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization

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