[APPROVED] Team lead New Spaces August

This will be the last month as a team lead, the new team lead is tbc.

wallet/team lead: tabear.near
payout request: 45.5 N

In the month of August we had the following meetings:

|4.8.|meeting & 1h prep|1.5|
|11.8.|meeting & 1h prep|1.5|
|13.8.|general team sync|1|
|18.8.|meeting & 0.5h prep|1|
|25.8.|meeting & 1h prep|1.5|


  • new architect contact has been found & met
  • ongoing weekly online research & visits of possible buildings in Lisbon
  • Crowdfunding video for campaign in review
  • possible NEAR grant has been discussed
  • 10% of monthly budget has been added to the arroznewvenue.near wallet