[APPROVED] SputnikDAOs generative brand family, landing page and UI/UX + MagicPowered.io

TLDR of the proposal:

Collab with MagicPowered.io design team to create a world class brand family, DAO UI/UX and website for SputnikDAOs. (not just one, it’s more like a platform for all Sputnik DAOs and can let users easily create new DAOs)

Detailed proposal - max 450 words, if more info is needed link to docs:

Their detailed proposal is here (PDF). The project will have two phases. Phase 1 (70% of cost/work) will be design and UI/UX. Phase 2 will be implementation and partially done by our own community devs (Vadim and Denysk) in collab with their dev team (30%).

Potential ROI/impact on the NEAR Ecosystem:

Sexiest DAO framework/platform in da existence! Generative brand for all future (Sputnik)DAOs. We are paying once to create a generative brand family similar to Sub-Brands category below:

Amount of funding:
10K for phase 1 (30% in tokens most likely). A separate proposal will be submitted for phase 2 (3-5K).

Project lead (internal/external):
NiMA (internal), Max (MagicPowered)

 Voting and quorum thresholds:

**- 2-10K$ - 2X Yes - no min quorum**
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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