[Approved] September Budget - ViaNFT

Hi there,
Hope everyone is fine

First of all, here is our preview proposal and report

The idea to September is simple:
Grow more and create more content to and about Near:

  • More Interviews with artists to promote their work in NEAR
  • Partnerships with artists to create articles and posts and a joint outreach to reach more people
  • Partnership with Influencers to reach more people

We are helping to bring NEAR to every corner of the country. As a reference channel in NFTs in Brazil, everyone who accesses will know about NEAR.

With the giveaways we will create more wallets in NEAR

By showing the use cases and dapps in NEAR, people will know how to use

By testing the dapps we will be able to give feedback to the developers

By creating partnerships, we also bring NEAR to more people

In September we will:

  • Create 2-3 podcasts about projects on Near = $ 500
  • Create Posts for Instagram = $ 200
  • Create 2-3 vídeos about Near projects and updates = $ 500
  • Translate 2-3 articles and post in my website = $ 200

Total: $ 1400
Wallet: vianft.near

@marketingdao-council | @Dacha | @David_NEAR

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Share your instagram and the platform where you publish your podcasts. Without access, while in Brazil, I will not be able to find out information about Near from you?
Thx :blush:

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Can you share your instagram profile too? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Wow. Hi.
This is a forum, not a dating site. We will not depart from the purpose of the forum. The purpose of the forum is proposals and discussions of projects.
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lol, you mean a bot can just request fund, and thats not a concern to you?

how is hiding under the mask of a stalker helping the ecosystem

cos everyone ive seen here are not in this form… yea

All the links are here:

Feel free to follow us

Thanks for providing last month’s report and this months proposal.

I’ve had a browse through your Youtube Channel, content looks like it is off to a good start (although I have some limitations as I don’t speak Portuguese). Really curious to learn what your experience has been like in growing the amount of subscribers, asking as a fellow YouTuber.

Considering the relatively low amount and performance so far,I am willing to support this initiative for another month under the category of an experiment and monitor how it evolves and grows.

Overall, I would encourage you to start thinking of ways to measure impact (users converting into developers courses, enrolling in hackathon, etc.)


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Hi @satojandro

Thanks for your support.
The challenge to grow a channel focused in NFTs in a bear market is high.
We create educational content, help them but they only want to know how to make easy money (most of them) - I’ve heard the same to crypto in general at these times.

We are trying many ways to reach and bring people to the channel and the main reason I contine is because many of other channels will be dead in some months - Influencers or Youtubers trying to make money on the hype.
As I am going to maintain my content in good and bad times, I know that the time will make our channel one of the best in Portuguese, so, we have to work, work and be patient.

We also will continue to support Near channels, devs and artists.

Thanks for the proposal - you mention podcasts, interviews and partnerships.

I am curious if you have ideas/a plan around what the content will be (ie who you will interview, what the podcasts will be about, who you plan to partner with?).

I am also curious how you plan to continue to engage people after they initially engage with your project. As we move forward with the NEAR ecosystem, I am looking more and more to support projects that not only have a plan to reach new audiences, open wallets, etc., but to continue to involve people in the community over the long term.

In terms of engagement, I have seen projects outside the NEAR ecosystem do interesting things around a membership-based service where there is public content but members get exclusive content, alpha, tutorials, etc. That is also a potential additional revenue stream one can implement and monetize. Food for thought!

Hi @so608

Yes, I do. The plan is to interview brazilian projects/artists that are doing a great job. I have a list of them.
The videos I want to create are about NFTs projects on Near - for example, the most valuable NFT PFP project now, or/and projects on the categories we are covering: Music, Sports, Arts and Games.

One idea is to create a free course about NFTs so I could focus on Near projects (and open more wallets, etc).
This idea was sent to Near University, but I had no answer until now.

Finally, as you said, there are some good ideas around membership-based services. I am thinking about lauch our NFT project, but it will be done calmly.

Free training in creating an NFT? Are there any difficulties in creating an NFT that you need to pay money for it? In the ecosystem, is someone teaching to create NFT for a fee?
Thx :blush:

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its a course about NFTs and its ecosystem - how to invest, what is an NFT, what is NFT Music, NFT games, etc.
Its not about creating NFTs.
Probably people who never heard about blockchain and NFTs will pay for it.

Hi @pathfinder not sure if your Q was about my comment, but I was referring to memberships that help people understand NFTs, give recommendations, alpha on white lists, access to white list spots, etc. I don’t know of anything like that in NEAR yet, but I have seen it work successfully for the creator in another ecosystems

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Thanks for the reply – happy to support this for the next month and look forward to seeing the progress.

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Thank you so. much @so608

Sorry. This question was intended for the creator of the proposal @jcsta . Your answer was good :+1:
Thx :blush:

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Good evening, happy to support !

You can now

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Thanks @Dacha
the pool was created

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