[APPROVED] Purchase "Titan" in Cryptoheroes Presale

Info on the sale: https://ecosystem.pixeldapps.co/

Proposal: 250 $NEAR → marmaj.near for “Titan”

Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 1.42.10 PM

For 250 $NEAR the Marma J Foundation could support the PixelDapps team, as well as get a new item every 20 days which would support new content being created by the DAO (currently mostly in the form of daily streams, but hopefully soon more blog posts as well)

The asset would be held at the marmaj.near account and managed there for now (until it becomes reasonable to transfer the asset to the DAO)

The $PXT that is earned from entering the presale and from playing the game will be added to the PXT <-> marmaj pair on Ref Finance.


Approving this proposal. Please feel free to request a payout proposal. Looking forward to seeing these streams. I’ll get working on a new youtube cover for you.

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For continued support for PixelDapps projects and CryptoHeroes in particular, the marmaj DAO has been supporting players that raid with the marmaj community.

These payouts can be seen on the marmaj DAO.

Also, there is a 10 $marmaj a week bounty for managing the Discord Server that we now use to manage the raids for each week.

Please feel free to join the Discord server to see how you can get involved <3

The weekly budget for this initiative is ~37 $marmaj and the monthly total would be ~66 $marmaj. (10 marmaj per week for server maintenance, 2.19 marmaj per hard raid member, 1.19 marmaj per easy raid member, not all raiders claim)