[Approved] Public onboarding on the physical event EAT(Encounter of Art And Technology), Nomade Label DAO in São Paulo

Ok, thanks. Yes, from me.


Good evening! Your proposal was Approved on the forum.
Please, follow these steps

Thanks :blush:


I can take this roll :slight_smile:
Telling people around about ecosystem is something that i´m already making these days.


perfect, makes sense being you, after all it was you who inspired this proposal <3


lets glow<3

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Congrats on the proposal, I would suggest you look into implementing NEARDROP for onboarding users.

There are several benefits I see from using them:

  1. Supporting an amazing project and leveraging an ecosystem asset (cross-collaboration).
  2. Neardrops enable the user to experience something unique that other blockchains do not currently have (and may not be possible at all). First impressions matter, an amazing UX flow is a must
  3. Self-selection criteria: the first fifty people who arrive may not be the fifty people that would derive and create the most value for the ecosystem. However, if you make them scan a QR code, it is more likely that only people who take that extra tiny step will do it.
  4. Make your life easier, the job of the person onboarding user would be much more simple. In fact, you may even be able to shift some funds from the salary of a person to create accounts to money preloaded into these wallets.

Let me know what you think, I’ve just voted to support this proposal either way.



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I would like to know when we will haqve the found for the onboarding, before or after the event?

I’m organizing the #nomadelabel-dao Agenda for this and the next months, and i must figure out how we can make this DAO a sustainable collective.

and also dont forget to vote on this approved poll

Astro (onboarding on physical event EAT)

Cheers, all the best


Good evening, sorry it’s out Marketing DAO control. Please, follow these steps

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hi @marketingdao-council


have a nice week

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@cryptocredit thank you for the last vote <3


should I post the transfer proposal now?

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Good evening, no. Please, following the topic to get your payment.

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Hello Dacha,

I dont understand yet what should be the procedure, as i know:

  • me, wasem_simon.near has made the verification process to receive founding (at least for creatives once), so pinkalsky did propose this project, as council member of #nomadelabel-dao
  • as he request founding, but i have the verified profile, he targets me to receive.
  • as it is approved already, he should be abçe to create this poll, right?

tell me if i miss something

cheers :slight_smile:

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Good evening, I don’t control the funding process. I think you pick up all information here [New Process] Community Payouts - #21 by mecsbecs

Thank you.

Hi @blusw - please post the requested payout value in USD in the comments of your approved Astro DAO poll so NF Finance can proceed: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-193

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Thanks Mecsbecs
We are learning everyday how to work on the ecosystem.
Hopefully on the forward months we’ll be more practical.

See on comments)

The Onboarding Status = In Progress

Past Gifted Accounts

1-urutau.near : claimed by Urutau

2-fluxuz.near : claimed by Paulinho Fluxuz

3-mayk_santos.near : claimed by Mayk Santos

4-pedro_athie.near : claimed by pedro

5-hein_oliveira.near : claimed by Hein Oliveira

6-isadora_prata.near : claimed by Isadora Prata

7-mariana_taques.near : claimed by Mariana Taques

8-leticia_esposito.near : claimed by Leticia Esposito

9-jimmy_hendrickx.near : claimed by Jimmy Hendrickx

10-diorio.near : claimed by Marcelo Diório

11-akioleonardo.near : claimed by Léo Akio

12-pradit_saengkrai.near : claimed by Pradit Saengkrai

13-bancodossonhos.near : claimed by Luís Só

14-ondrejmerta.near : claimed by Ondřej Merta


36 humans to onboard.

Next steps:

We will continue to onboard on our monthly events. Next physical events will be:

Already payed for wasem_simon.near

  • 200 USD onboarding Job
  • 10 near for sending 0.2 Near on nearnames (spent 2,8 NEAR; payed in advance 7,2 NEAR to continue the onboarding event

Total: 380 USD in DAI

8/4/22: 18 USD = 1 NEAR


we at GUME We appreciate the integration of our artists,
Thanks for the great work Nomade Label!!


sorry for the delay, but here it is, intead of renting a projector I bought one that has been used in several Nomade Label events <3

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