Gaming DAO Grant Program (May)

Gaming DAO is excited to announce the launch of a new financial program for May, aimed at bolstering the gaming industry on the NEAR and Aurora platforms.

About Gaming DAO:
Gaming DAO is an organization built on the NEAR blockchain, representing a decentralized autonomous community focused on developing the NEAR gaming ecosystem. The Gaming DAO team consists of three consuls who work on the development of the NEAR gaming ecosystem, including organizing hackathons, tournaments, providing connection support, and fostering gaming media.

Our Mission and Metrics:
The main goal of Gaming DAO is to increase the number of games and players in the NEAR ecosystem, with User-Activity-Week (UAW) being the key metric. When applying for a grant, the following metrics and objectives are considered:

Objective (OKR): Support NEAR Gaming Ecosystem

  • Key Result (KR): Increase in the number of developed games
    • KPI: Number of games launched
  • Key Result (KR): Grow active gaming audience
    • KPI: Growth in Unique Active Wallets (UAW)
  • Key Result (KR): Enhance community engagement
    • KPI: Social media engagement metrics

Objective (OKR): Foster Innovation through Hackathons

  • Key Result (KR): Attract top talent to the NEAR ecosystem
    • KPI: Number of hackathon participants

Objective (OKR): Support Emerging Gaming Projects

  • Key Result (KR): Increase in projects receiving support
    • KPI: Number of supported projects

Objective (OKR): Elevate NEAR’s Brand Awareness

  • Key Result (KR): Expand NEAR’s online presence
    • KPI: Social media growth metrics

May Launch of Grant Program:
In May, we plan to allocate $62,000 in grants to support ambitious and innovative gaming projects on NEAR and Aurora.

For Developers and Gaming Enthusiasts:
We invite you to present your projects that can make a significant contribution to the NEAR ecosystem. Whether you are building a game on NEAR or Aurora, or wish to contribute to the development of gaming on NEAR, your participation is valuable to us.

Submission Deadline for Gaming DAO Funding Applications:
The final date to submit funding applications is April 10, 2024. Applications submitted post the announcement of the approved projects for April will also be considered. Submissions after April 10 will be evaluated in the subsequent month, and our application form remains continuously open.

How to Apply:
To participate, fill out our application form . Each proposal will be carefully reviewed by the Gaming DAO team. We will contact the best projects for further discussion of collaboration and determination of the next steps.

Join Us!