[Approved] NFT Vertical April Funding Round - SPEARonNear

Project Background

SPEARonNEAR is the fruit of a group of developers who are passionate about connecting people through valuing creation. We have been attracted to NEAR chain because of its potential scalability and user friendliness, and we feel very strongly about its future and would love to be a part of the ecosystem to bring forth its potential.

Project Goals

  • Enhancement – Our aim is to leverage our memes, brand value, and utilities to create a comprehensive entertainment ecosystem on NEAR Protocol.
  • Engagement – Bring forth the potential by increasing participation among all existing projects on the NEAR blockchain.

Strategy and Implementation

  • Building utilities – Leverage the power of entertainment, we aim to attract end users to our platform via a P2E game.
  • Collaboration – Onboarding existing projects, content creators, persons of influences, especially ones with a cultural fit to incorporate brand values onto our platform.

Budget Breakdown $5,000

  • Spear NFT – Art design, contract and proxies, data storage, application. - $2,500
  • Community engagement – community rewards and outreach activities. - $2,500


  • Cross Chain User Onboarding – We aim to onboard an additional 1,000 new users to NEAR protocol from other chains.
  • Achieve additional 50,000 impression, 3,000 new Twitter followers and 1,000 Telegram community members.
  • Collabrate with 7 more projects on the NEAR protocol.

SPEAR Co-founders:

  • Ashton
  • ProHodler
  • Zombella
  • Captain Croes

Payout Wallet: chinesenewyear.near

Contact: Telegram – ProHodler

We thank you for your consideration and want to make you aware that your support will allow us to drive the above initiative and are critical for our growth within the NEAR ecosystem. We are focused on not only expanding on NEAR, but also attract others to this amazing protocol.


Do you mind to provide details of KPI?


Yes, absolutely!
We focus on user growth and engagement. The specific metrics we use to measure those are as the following:

  1. Twitter/X follower count and impression
  2. Telegram community size
  3. Project collaboration

Short term expectations
|Month End|X followers|TG community|X Impression|#Collabs|
| March | 3,000 | 1,000| 50,000 | 5|
| April | 4,000 | 1,500| 75,000 | 8|
| May | 6,000 | 2,000| 100,000 | 12|

Please let me know if anything is unclear.

Thank you for your proposal @ProHodler. The NFT Working Group is excited to see the vibrancy you bring to the NEAR ecosystem and is supportive of your efforts to enhance it further.

However, we’d like to clarify that our funding does not cover the creation of art. For the next part of your proposal, please exclude the costs associated with art creation.

We propose a milestone-based funding model, starting with $2,500 for the first month. Based on your progress and the direction of the project, we will evaluate and decide on funding for subsequent months.

Additionally, we encourage you to explore more collaborations and activities with existing NFT projects on NEAR to build a community and grow your network. We look forward to seeing your project grow and are here to support you in your endeavors.


Thank you so much for your support, I think that is a great place to get us started! We are in the process of working out some partnerships with existing projects that have an emphasis on NFTs. We appreciate your input and will continue working on our goals. Please let me know if you need anything else at this point. Thanks!

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Hello Team;

We are happy to inform you that our funding request has been approved by House of Merit :blush:

  1. While we are waiting Trustees to release the funds, can you please complete KYC process?:

All leaders and funded wallets should get NDC KYC https://go.fractal.id/NDC-KYC After going through KYC, you need to fill the airtable choosing the DAO name so it can appear on the DAO list Interface Form - Airtable

  1. In addition to KYC, there is a request that House of Merit wants us to convey to you, we kindly ask you to take it into account:

All NDC DAO developers/founders who got funded from NFT DAO should talk about it in the form of a) posts on their social media, b) adding a logo on their websites (NDC / NFT DAO / Near)

NFT WG logos

Thank you in advance

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Hi krikkraktrak,

Thank you so much for the approval, we are thrilled to let you know that we are making great progress and your support is appreciated!

  1. This has been completed.
  2. a). Absolutely, we will be posting the support received from you, and many more posts as it approaches to our launch date. b). We put the logos on our website now.

Again, thank you for your help and support. Please let us know if you have further questions!