[Weekly reports] Marketing DAO council Dacha

Hey @AugustKinge ! Yes, I saw. I wanted to focus on this)

Let’s make NEAR better together! :wink:


Okay @pekpytby , great!


Well done with the work you’re doing Sir.

Why does it take the Marketing DAO long time to either approve a proposal or close it? Is it that there are too many proposals to attend to? …and if its due too many proposals, shouldn’t more hands be added to the council members?

I asked those questions because from your reports for weeks now, there are so many proposals that aren’t attended to. I feel if the marketing DAO doesn’t deem a proposal fit for approval, it should be closed or the one who wrote the proposal be asked to go back and come with something better.

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Hey! Do note that the MarketingDAO have just been on holidays, so expect BAU from this week.

@Dacha is working on developing an SLA which the Council will adhere to.

You can tag the MarketingDAO council directly with @marketingdao-council, or drop us a DM through that same tag. This is the most efficient way of raising attention.


Okay, thanks for the response.
Just curious and needed to know way forward.


Week 3 draft

I helped with onboarding in two new guilds (disclaimer: I’m not response for guilds contents).

Thinking about implementing new tiering system in Marketing DAO:

  • 3/6/12 month funding with https://www.roke.to/ service for proven community members and guilds, determine fair united prices for ssm.
  • … collecting information about Flying Rhino guild, to provide better service from Marketing DAO. These guys overcharge for their services, NF (Ecosystem Dev DAO), who pays for their service discriminates OWS contributions and guilds which independently manage social media.

NF pays to Flying Rhino ~ $800 for a twitter account, OWS ~ $100 , Marketing DAO ~ $200 . Unfortunately, NF councils refused to give detailed information about Flying Rhino prices .

Working with new version of Marketing DAO guide.

Attn @marketingdao-council and @3UN1C3 @Riley @josedlujan @Srilakshmi @johanga @GeorgePro1 @GiuseppeBk still waiting for your reports.

Briefly Proposal Created Approved Delay Target wallet Amount N Report
Telegram [APPROVED] Telegram Community Monthly Rewards 9/29/2021 Yes nearlove.near 100 No
Near Punks [APPROVED] NEAR Punks as Vietnamese Community Event Rewards 10/16/2021 Yes nearlove.near 225 No
Near Mexico [Approved] Near México November 2021 Activities 11/8/2021 Yes josedlujan.near 190 No
Naksh [Approved] Updated Marketing proposal for Naksh from Mid Nov till December 11/16/2021 Yes naksh.near 400 No
Telegram AMA Ecosystem [APPROVED] Telegram AMA with Ecosystem Projects 11/17/2021 Yes nearlove.near 75 No
GoA Near OpenWeb Guild [Approved] First month budget for Goa NEAR OpenWeb Guild (December2021 - January2022) 11/28/2021 Yes goa-dao.sputnik-dao.near 345 No
Near Italia [APPROVED] Near Italia_Budget_Social Media_Networking_Article Publication 12/3/2021 Yes giuseppebk.near 440 No
Chrismas in Near [Approved]Christmas is NEAR, let your creativity flow 12/12/2021 Yes christmasnearer.near 230 No

Hey @Dacha ! Can you explain to me how the DAO works ? Applications have been hanging for weeks, even months, and no one except @David_NEAR looks at them.
But there are exceptions that are handled very quickly . Is this for a rollback ?



What proposals are you referring to? We can assume if a proposal is inactive after x (TBD) amount of time, and no efforts have been made to reach the Council, that it has been withdrawn.

Council is working on developing an SLA for proposals as we speak :white_check_mark:

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@David_NEAR in the modern world, time is the main value, you need to decide quickly, because while you sleep, competitors are working. Or do you work for competitors? :wink:

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I work for NEAR Foundation directly as I’m sure you’re aware.

yes . no offense :+1:

No worries.

Are you able to expand on the projects/concerns you were referring to, please? :smiley:

At the top there are reports @Dacha , but you yourself know everything perfectly well. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you specify which posts you’re referring to I’ll gladly address them :100:

As for ones which are particularly outdated, see this response:

@David_NEAR I am glad that you are good at criticism, which means that you are improving. :+1:

I’m not sure I understand? I’m happy to hear all your concerns and hope I’ve addressed what I can so far. That being said, without more information I’m not able to address, at a more granular level, your original comment.

Can the MarketingDAO do more? Absolutely, that’s why we’re moving forward with the creation of an SLA which the Council will adhere to as strictly as possible.



I admire your equanimity and how you diffuse potential conflict with answers that cut to the heart of the matter.

I’m taking notes, David✍️

It’s easy to imagine that @pekpytby is passionate about the progress of Near Protocol.



Still learn the ropes. Unfortunately, i see significant delays. Sorry, about it.


Current Marketing DAO proposals list with councils activities

Marketing DAO .pdf (91.0 KB)


Revisionist history, like a true revolutionary. Why did you delete your contribution?

Very daring of you to publicly accuse me of harassment and hate speech.

You like transparency? I’m happy post our entire conversation from the Marketing DAO. I explicitly told you we were having the conversation there so other Council members would be witnesses.


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