[Approved] near indoor sports competition

@marketingdao-council if they are more questions about the proposal I’ll be glad to answer…the competition is supposed to kick-start after public holiday which is starting on the 5th of April.

Hello @satojandro @so608
I would love to answer any unclear part of the proposal if there is any. Also, what is the way forward?
Thanks for all you do.

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Hi @Clinton Thanks for answering our questions. I understand you want to get this decided on. A couple of things:

  • It can regularly take up to 10 days for MarketingDAO council members to have time to ask questions and evaluate proposals. Once approved, we have up to 6 days to approve funds on Astro. So whatever the outcome of this proposal, I encourage you to keep that in mind that you need to propose at least two weeks (and preferably more) ahead of the time you need funds.
  • Your event is scheduled to start on May 5th? That is one week away. Can you comment on whether it is possible to do this event with the short timeline – is it already planned and happening regardless of the funding? If not, you may want to consider updating or resubmitting with an updated timeline.
  • You answered my questions, and I think the idea of blockchain and wallets as admission to events is worth exploring. I can support this proposal.
  • That said, you have two in favor of your proposal and two council members who are not supporting it. You need a majority to have this Approved.

Please wait until it the final council member has decided. Thanks!

It’s my first proposal, I wasn’t aware of this, but I know better now.

It’s possible to host the event within the timeline and we could start the registration with an online Google form pending the arrival of funds to carryout other things that require funds.

Okay, I await the response of the next member of the council and I hope the others see this in a positive eye afterwards.

Thanks to you for the support.

Hi @Clinton thanks for submitting your proposal.

I have noted your replies to questions.

Although sports events are not an immediate fit with the NEAR ecosystem, considering the relatively modest funding being requested, I am prepared to support you on this occasion.

Please remember to provide a full report of the event, good luck with your plans!

@marketingdao-council proposal moved to Approved

@Clinton you may now proceed to posting a Poll on Astro

Please, follow these steps to get approval on Astro DAO

Thanks for seeing good in this proposal.

Everything shall go as planned.


Hi @Clinton – your proposal on Astro is requesting a different funding amount than what is in your proposal. You are approved here for the amount requested on the Forum. Can you edit or resubmit on Astro?


Sorry, it was a mistake

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@marketingdao-council here is the corrected poll on AstroDAO

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Thanks @Clinton for editing the poll

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Only one person has voted so far @marketingdao-council
I appreciate the effort :pray:

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Hello @marketingdao-council
I hope this meets you all well.

We have been working very hard to put things in place so that the event can kick start on the 16th.

Below is the banner for the event

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The jerseys are still in the works. They will be all set before the week runs out

Unfortunately, nobody has indicated interest in badminton so far, so we intend to host a 5-aside football competition in its stead.

Below is the result of entries so far

1652280157212.pdf (85.5 KB)

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As for me, this is absolutely wonderful. I am happy for the people is Sokoto, Nigeria. However, i anticipate success in NEAR ecosystem


Thanks for supporting fren.
We consider the Near ecosystem as home and as much, it will be an honour to bring the people of Sokoto into this space we call home.:relaxed:

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And everything is set!:relaxed:
Just waiting for Monday for the competition to kick-start :fire:

Thanks for supporting​:raised_hands:


Hoping 4 full success, how are you coping with the present condition in sokoto