[Approved] Near German Community January 2022


Hi @marketingdao-council

A month ago we started to build a German NEAR community. We created a community on Telegram and on Twitter. We think we managed the first month very well. About 900 members joined our community and we already had some discussions about NEAR related topics in our communities and were able to answer some questions about the NEAR ecosystem. You can see some facts about our activities and some statistics in our report. Now it’s time to take the next steps.


  • In January we want to grow further our German community on Telegram and Twitter. We want to increase the members and followers and we also want to have more activity in our community .
  • Therefore, we are planning to do a quiz in our Telegram group in the middle of January . In the quiz, users can answer questions about the NEAR ecosystem and win NEARs.
  • And we also want to translate some (3-5) articles of the NEAR ecosystem to German and present these articles to our community (e.g over medium.com). We think it’s important that there is some content in the German language to engage more German people for the NEAR ecosystem.

In the next months we will be doing more and more activities. However, we want to grow sustainably. So, we will proceed step by step to achieve our goals that we have set at the beginning of our NEAR German journey.


Till End of January, we are expecting to reach:

  • 1,000+ members on Telegram
  • 250+ followers on Twitter
  • German articles about NEAR in German Language


Successful activities in January means:

  1. Active Near Germany Telegram group, talking about the NEAR Ecosystem.
  2. Active Near Germany Twitter account - with the latest news about NEAR.
  3. Successful completion of the Quiz
  4. 3-5 articles in German about the NEAR ecosystem published on medium.com


We will have some expenses to support our communities on Telegram and on Twitter. We will have to answer questions on Telegram and will tweet regularly the latest news of the NEAR ecosystem on Twitter. We will also make promotions to be able to grow our community.

We will have expenses for the quiz. We will have to plan and implement it and we want to distribute a prize of 350$.

And we will have expenses for the German NEAR articles.

Therefore we’ve decided to set our total costs to 1950$.


Good evening! As I understand in your community three managers: You, Kemo (Near Concierge service, got 10N) and Cizi (Near Turkey, got 51N). Right?

Here are Near German Community goals from your last approved proposal (120N)

bring content in German about NEAR

Telegram not too much active , I don’t know why actually, because you have over 700 members in the group.

Twitter 19 tweets since November, last post was 12/19

Create youtube videos, NFT’s, … , focusing on education (e.g. Near University, events, academies),

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find information about it in your report.

Do you have information how many people have been opened wallets ?

Thank You.

(My decision status- delay, waiting for additional information)


Hi @Dacha

Thank you for your comments and sorry for the late answer.
I was on holiday last week and @cizi31 and @Kemal were both infected with the coronavirus. Cizi is still in quarantine. but is luckily on the way to recovery.

Yeah you are right, there are three managers for our community (Kemo, Cizi and me)
Cizi and I have created the proposal for December before we knew Kemo. So we calculated the budget without Kemos efforts. We have already talked with Kemo and have now included his efforts in our calculation.

We will have huge efforts for the implementation of the quiz. But we are sure that the quiz will help us to improve the activity in our Telegram group. We have started a good month ago and it’s impossible that our group is as active as the official Near Protocol group. But I think we are on the right way and with the quiz we will improve the activity and also more people will join us.

I don’t know why you state that the last tweet was 12/19. That’s not correct. I think our Twitter account is very active. We have made some interesting Tweets. I think it’s more important that our tweets have quality and present the latest news of the NEAR ecosystem rather than some random tweets or retweets.

Youtube videos, NFT’s, focusing on education are our strategic goals. We will focus on this goals over the next months.

I hope that my comments will help you for your decision. We would have planned the quiz for 23 January. So we would need the budget in the next days.

Best regards


Ok, thank you very much for additional information. Freue mich, es zu genehmigen :smiley:


Hi @Dacha

Danke für deine Genehmigung :wink:

Dacha has already approved it
Waiting for other approvals from @marketingdao-council

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Hey guys,

Is there no Twitter or Telegram account open right now?

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Hi @David_NEAR

Yeah they are open, we created them over a month ago

Our NEAR German Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/NEAR_German
Our NEAR German Telegram Group: t.me/Near_German

Best regards


Awesome! Happy to support, moving to Approved :de: :tada:


Thank you for the approval

How can we proceed with the payout? Should I create a funding proposal via the Astro Dao?
We would need the money asap because we have planned the quiz for Sunday 23rd @marketingdao-council

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I think only @David_NEAR knows the answer…

Please note: The payout process is changing. Do not submit a funding request to the DAO. You will be notified when the new process is live. Thanks!

Update here:

Thank you for the info @David_NEAR

We would need 350$ in NEAR for the prize payout of the quiz that we have planned for Sunday 23rd

Can’t guarantee that the funding request will be able to be approved by the 23rd of this month, it depends on a few external factors.

Will keep you updated :muscle:

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@cryptoheitzi thanks for your report and to hear that the german language community is growing. Good luck with everything!



Thanks for your patience!

The new funding process is now live, you can follow the instructions here to request your funding:

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I have taken all necessary steps and have created a payout proposal on Astro

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