Hello, NEAR fam and @NearGlobeDao team!

Our Project

Project Overview: The NEAR ES project aims to drive adoption and awareness of NEAR Protocol within the Spanish-speaking community through a comprehensive educational initiative. Our goal is to onboard new users, guide them in creating wallets, and empower them to confidently engage with web3 technologies. Through education, gamification, and outreach to non-blockchain communities, we seek to demystify NEAR Protocol, strengthen community connections, and contribute to the growth of the NEAR ecosystem in the Latin region.

We have been talking about Near in Spanish for quite some time through:
Near Venezuela, Aurora ES NEAR, and now we are consolidating as Near ES, transcending borders for the benefit of an entire region under the same language.

Building on the success of our previous work, we aim to expand and enhance our efforts to foster understanding, engagement, and widespread adoption of NEAR and BOS.

Previous proposal: [[APPROVED] Near ES February 2024]
([APPROVED] NEAR ES February 2024)


Funding scheme: 1 month

Links to social media

Medium: NEAR_ES – Medium
Near Social/BOS: https://near.org/near/widget/ProfilePage?accountId=mundoaurora.near
X (Twitter): https://twitter.com/Near_ES?t=uO3h5p-8KfQGp3F_eNuGZg&s=09
YouTube: https://youtube.com/@ESNear?si=H02iK6aCb-ZNK25m
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @ES_NEAR

KPIs according to the Globe DAO plan :+1 (Combined Tier C and D):

- Referral System: 50 wallets / month and 20 average txns for 25 new wallets
- 10K impressions on Twitter
- 50 active members on Telegram
- 2 Videos on Youtube/300 Views
- Demonstration NEAR to NON blockchain communities (1 partnership, 1 online event)
- Education of the local communities:

  • 1 offline event (minimum) and two online events(minimum)
  • 5 developers
  • 2 medium articles

Engagement Mechanism:

To achieve this objective outlined by Globe DAO, our strategy revolves around leveraging NEAR ES’s social media channels - Medium, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, and Near Social - to effectively promote NEAR through education, engaging quiz challenges, and NFT rewards.

  • Launch campaigns on Twitter, Telegram, Medium, and YouTube.
  • Use educational content. Our primary strategy for onboarding new users and wallets is centered around grassroots education, through clear and accessible materials on platforms
  • we will conduct engaging quiz challenges, games, and educational activities on Twitter, Telegram, and Near Social. Promote content on Twitter and create shareable, informative videos on YouTube. Award NFT rewards to winners and active users to encourage participation.
  • Demonstration of NEAR to Non-Blockchain Communities:
    • Strengthen partnerships through Twitter and Telegram.
    • Host online events on Telegram and YouTube to showcase NEAR’s applications to non-blockchain audiences. Additionally, host training events to guide new users on how to use NEAR Dapps.

We commit to maintaining a consistent presence on our social media channels, updating the community on NEAR Protocol’s latest developments, news, and opportunities. Through these direct initiatives, we aim to actively contribute to the growth and adoption of NEAR in the Spanish-speaking community.


As more than 80% of the content available on Near is in English, we have taken a deliberate step towards sharing information with the global Spanish-speaking community in their native language. We aim to educate and equip Spanish-speaking communities by creating informative resources that can be utilized to encourage interaction and engagement.

Our Team

Activity Member
Project Manager: Ulises Marin @ramgor
Telegram group moderators: Yaneisia Hernandez @Yaneisia, Julián Mostacero @jblm, Gilberth Betancourt @gilberth.near
Twitter: Milly Rodriguez @MillyR06
Content Curator, Near Social / BOS, Medium América Castro @ame9986
Content Creators, AMAs, Workshops, Relations, and Collaborators: Fritz Wagner @FritzWorm, Alejandro Moreno @alejandrom, Juan Peña @jeph, Francisco John @Butneversaved Angel Sanchez @skyempire


Our project is driven by clear and ambitious goals that align with our mission to educate, onboard new users, and build a vibrant Spanish-speaking community around NEAR Protocol, its ecosystem, and BOS for grassroots users. With education, we will be able to retain more users in the ecosystem. These goals are designed to foster understanding, engagement, and widespread adoption:


  • 1-2 live events for grass root users (Non blockchain and beginners). In each session, we will initiate users with wallets.
  • 2-3 AMA/WORKSHOPS online about the NEAR ecosystem, and its DApps (one of them oriented to catch developers)
  • 2-3 medium articles in Spanish.
  • Telegram and EasyPoll Quizzes, Educational Posts in the Telegram Channel, News Posts, and games contests.
  • X (Twitter) 4-6 Educational threads about NEAR (and ecosystem), each one reposted in BOS + News publication.
  • Near Social/BOS: 4-6 educational articles with infographics.

Funding scheme:

1 Month

Funding Details

$3200 monthly payment scheme, distributed as follows:

Activities Description Budget period
Activities Giveaways, contests, quizzes, games, contests-organization, arts $300 monthly
Staff Project Manager, Social media Managers(3), TG moderators(4) $1500 monthly
Creation of blog posts on Medium and Near Social in Spanish Articles, post, infographics (500 to 1000 words each) $400 monthly
AMAs, Live events, Podcasts, Workshops Introducing Near Network and projects, BOS widgets and Dapps use cases to different Hispanic Crypto-communities. $1000 monthly

Total requested amount

Month Description
March $3200

Near Wallet ID: almore.near

Name: Alejandro Moreno

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @amorenod

Email amorenod10@gmail.com

With this proposal, we aspire to sustain our fruitful endeavors in empowering the Spanish-speaking community to embrace web3 technology and amplify NEAR’s impact in the Latin region. We kindly request your support to materialize this vision and join us in shaping a future where NEAR Protocol and its ecosystem are made universally accessible, regardless of individuals’ prior blockchain experience. Your approval would be immensely appreciated, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude for considering our proposal.


Great!!. more engagement in Spanish for latinamerican community



Thanks for the great job. I am happy to support your proposal under Tier C with $3200 for March.

Please share a diagram to summarise on what KPIs you will work in March. For reference, please check: Near Turkey Proposal


Hi @ramgor

Happy to support your proposal under Tier C.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Hey there!

I’d like to confirm for section 3: Education of the local communities (Online/Offline Events)

What’s the minimum number of events planned?

Here’s what I’ve gathered from your explanation, please check the “ES” tab for verification.

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Hello @ramgor and team

Thanks for your proposal for March, your proposal looks good, I’m ready to support it.
Please add a graph showing your March KPIs.

Good luck :blush:


Hi @derymars
Appreciate your feedback
I can see your point about section 3.

The proposal didn’t show the number of events in the “education of the local communities”. It was corrected. Now you can see those numbers in the proposal.

- Education of the local communities:

  • 1 offline event (minimum) and two online events(minimum)
  • 5 developers
  • 2 medium articles

Thanks for your valuable observation.

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hi guys! hope you are doing great! Appreciate your support @NearGlobeDao Team!

We started working on the diagram. Our team member in charge of design will publish it when it’s ready. :muscle:

thank you for the clarification, I am happy to support your proposal.

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Diagram added :+1:
Thank you for all your comments and guidance. :slightly_smiling_face:

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