[APPROVED] NEAR Brazil March 2024

Hello everyone. We are thrilled to present our proposal for March to continue the previous work and keep helping the Near ecosystem.

Community Name: NEAR BRASIL

Country: BRAZIL


WEBSITE: https://nearbrasil.com

TWITTER: - https://twitter.com/nearnobrasil

INSTAGRAM: - Near Brasil (@nearnobrasil) • Instagram photos and videos

TELEGRAM: - Telegram: Contact @nearbrasil

YOUTUBE: - https://www.youtube.com/@nearnobrasil

NEAR.SOCIAL: Near Brasil

Funding scheme: Month - March
June Report Link: Report
The current work for February has already started



Since we started our community in the beginning of 2022 we have reached many accounts, partnerships, artists and people who work with Near in Brazil, engaging and bringing more people to know about the protocol.

We want to help Near reach the 2023 goal of 10 million active accounts monthly. We want to be Near’s main channel and Hub in Brazil so that anyone can start in Near, develop in Near, buy, sell and create NFTs. We will also be able to help people look for grants and partners in Brazil and Latin America to start their projects.

In short, we want to continue learning about Near, teaching it and try to reach as many as possible of the 200 million Brazilians.

The purpose of this proposal is to continue the growth of the Near Protocol in Brazil, implementing and disseminating this innovative technology to educational entities in the country, bringing cutting-edge knowledge to people who already have knowledge of the crypto universe andalso new users.

Our job is to provide information to the Brazilian public and create partnerships to engage the community. This is an educational and informative project, so everything others are doing inspires us to create more and bring more information to our community.

Our differential is knowing Near for almost 2 years, working with Near since February of 2022 and meeting many people who work with it in Brazil.

Our country is immense and I believe that the work I have been doing will help many people to know more about the project and be constantly updated about it.

The project aims to continue what I was already doing and also add more partnerships, Twitter spaces and bring guests to talk about their projects.


For next months we are going to do:

  • Strategic Networking: Identify and connect with potential partners who align with NEAR’s mission and values.
  • Value Proposition: Clearly articulate the mutual benefits of partnerships.
  • As founders, establish the project MultichainBrazil and continue growing. There we can find new devs, users, universities and founders to Biz development
    Last December we had our first meeting where we connected with other chains and local communities for new users recruitment.

With this amazing group we also can create more online and offline events with Devs, NFT projects, Defi projects and new users.

Our Goals and Focus for March

We will maintain the same goals as in February so that in April we can move up to another Tier

Referral systems: Achieving 15 NEAR Wallet Creations

Education of the local communities:

  • Organize 1 online event - 10 users/ event

Carefully plan and widely promote online events to attract participation.

Engagement gamification mechanism:

  • Reach 10K impressions
  • 7 average txns/wallet/ month for 7 new wallets
  • Growing to 15 Active Members on Telegram
  • 1 video/ 100 views

We are going to reach that through:

  • NFT Contest: Launch 1 contest for users and artists to mint their NFTs/Collections on Near Dapps. Every contest has a different theme.
  • Zealey: Let’s create a campaign on Zealy for users to use some of the system’s dapps with rewards. Dapps to be defined, at least 3 dapps.
  • Weekly Leaderboard: The result is a daily increase in transactions for using/interacting with Near.Social and other dapps, mints of NFTs, etc.(Telegram: Contact @nearbrasil)
  • Weekly prizes and tips, management and engagement of users through Telegram, Near Social. We will create mini contests to have people interacting more with Near Social reflecting on Everyday transactions and interactions with Near Social, rewards distributed through Keypom and tipbot.
  • Promote NEAR dapps via campaigns: Introduce dapps through website / Twitter and Near Social
  • Engage with our existing members and help with doubts.
  • Translate/write articles of NEAR and projects of the ecosystem in Portuguese and present these articles to our community through our website and Near.Social and weekly Quiz about Weekly updates on Near
  • Social media: Daily posts, interaction with community members, and other ecosystem accounts.

Funding scheme

Total Requested: $1,300

Near Wallet ID: vianftbrasil.near

Thank you Community, @iamanansari, @cizi31, @derymars, @HaiVu, @Ihor


Hi @jcsta It’s very sad to hear that your Twitter is suspended. I also heard that you are having KYC issues to get funding in February.

I would suggest resolving these situations first before applying for another month.

Unfortunately, I cannot support your proposal at this time.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Hi @jcsta !

First and foremost, I want to express my condolences for what happened to your Twitter account.

Based on your explanation and diagram, this is the recap for your March proposal:

My points are:

  1. Near Brazil still struggle with KYC process, I agree with @cizi31. We have to solve it first.
  2. I personally can consider to support if we are done with previous commitment, which is mentioned it Feb proposal.

Don’t hesitate, if by any chance this KYC process gets completed halfway through, we’ll be able to understand its condition.

My bottom line is, I still can’t support the March proposal, but I’ll continue to support future initiatives.

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Hello @jcsta ,

Thanks for your proposal. I don’t have much concerns from your proposal except your hacked Twitter. But again, KYC is the biggest issue for you guys. It’s really concerning as we are following this set of process to fund the communities.

Also, I would have supported your proposal but again what if it doesn’t get resolved in March, it can disturb our budget dynamics. So, definitely would love to give opportunity to some other community. Nothing negative in your proposal, but for unfortunate reasons, I can’t support this.

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Hello @cizi31, @derymars and @iamanansari

My identity has been verified by Fractal 5 days ago.
I can check now the sheet that everything is ok. Its is approved (probably after you sent the message).
So, this point is not a problem anymore! =]

About Twiiter, we created a new one. Its growing and we are going to achieve the 10k reach goal (probably much more).
We also plan to onboard a new person to the team!
All the planned things are being done and much more to the next months.

Hope we can get your support


Hello again,

Please change your proposal according to our new Tier rewards. For Tier E it’s $1300.


hi @iamanansari

Its updated!

I see your recent wallet address is : vianftbrasil.near based on data from KYC December - January- February - Google Sheets

Please change your information data in main proposal.

Thats correct…

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As you already got the Feb Funding, we need some reports to decide on Mar Funding.
While the Feb report now is not possible, so we need more evidence that you guys can deliver the Mar KPI, for ex:

  1. Twitter impressions so far?
  2. Any current activities with picture report?

Hello @HaiVu

Sure…here it is


Great report so far! Happy to support!

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Hello @jcsta

Thank you for your suggestion, for March, I am willing to support it for Tier E

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I am happy to support you under Tier E with $1300 for March 2024.

Good Luck.

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Thank you guys,


Thank you, happy to support Near Brazil for March 2024 :heart: :beers:

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