[Approved] - NEAR Arabic - June 2023

Could you please share list of near wallets of your community members? I will be easy to track on chain activities

I already shared them on a reply above
Here is the link again : Wallets + Designers - Google Sheets

Please note that we don’t have the full list of wallets for all active members, as many community members using DApps but we don’t know their wallets, we just have some wallets as we collected them for an event/contest.

Is it that you are going to do giveaway after the webinar or a fee for the speaker (presenter)

Is it a community management renumeration to the core team and mod? If yes how many people

Both, giveaway will be 25$. Also, we will publish the webinar on a YouTube channel as we did earlier

Yes, it’s a remuneration, 3.

225$ will go to the presenter which is too cost for a single session, but still, who is the presenter??? You or one among your core team !

150$ for presenter + 75$ for the YouTube Channel (we can skip this if needed) + 25$ giveaway please see the channel and an example here
if you still think that price is too cost please mention the price you think is fair

Who’s the presenter?? And who own the youtube channel too ? If it’s not community based why don’t you utilize or use your own yotube channel.

150$ for just webinar presentation is too cost.

Overall, you guys are awesome and have done and continue doing a great job for the ecosystem.

I recommend that, check over your proposal again, specifically the costs of your engagements and activities, as there are many hidden and unclear costs based on the comments from of us.

Happy to jump to a call via tg @bakakaa to have clear details about your proposal before have my recommendation or not.

Thank you


I recommend this call.

Let’s have it

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Please, use your AstroDAO wallet ID.
We want communities to use only on-chain products to distribute rewards or bounties to community members.

Also, a great call today. I am happy to support you after our discussion. Thanks, thanks.
@marketingdao-council @Dacha

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Was a great call!
Added AstroDAO wallet ID, thank you.

Thank you for the call,

Happy to support your proposal.

You still need a support from one member to get approval.

Looking forward for your report.


Thank you for your help

After the call happy to support the proposal, waiting for good results next month.


Thank you, will do our best God Willing.

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Happy to support! Moving to approved!

Have a great day!

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AstroDAO proposal: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-730