Name of community: NEAR AFRICA GAMERS


1.Clinton Omajari (Team Lead)

Near social: Clinton Omajari
TG: McClins

2.Chinedu Cosmas (CM)

Near social: Cosmas

3.crypto dreams (content)

Near social: Sammy

  1. Jeromemrys (CM)

Near social: Jeromemrys

  1. Sanusi (Designer)

Near social: Sanaik

  1. Diana (SMM)

Near social: Diana


Near social: Near Africa Gamers

TG: Telegram 1 120 members

Twitter: Link 84 followers

YouTube 6 subscribers

Medium 7 followers

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Spitnik Dao account


Sweat trivia


Aurora 2048

Aurora Wordle


Motor DEX


NB: more will be added to the list as we unravel them gradually


OKR for the quarter: Our objectives for the quarter includes

  1. To onboard 1000+ game players into the ecosystem through partnerships, education and contests.

  2. Hold series of workshops to educate members about some games on Near/Aurora and how to play them. Educate members about BOS and Near ecosystem at large.

KPIs for April

  1. 30% increase across all social platforms: with 3k impressions on X and 500+ views on medium
  2. 3 games to be engaged: we will choose a game for the week, teach members how to play, and then organize a contest to have members engage the games.
  3. 300+ transactions from game playing and activities on Near social
  4. At least 1 partnership
  5. 30-50 unique addresses to be created

Strategies to achieve above KPIs

  1. We will have workshops on 3 different games within the month and organize contests to make members engage
  2. Games contest amongst community members.
  3. Collaborations with off-chain web3/web2 communities to educate about gaming products on NEAR.


Funds required: $1000

  1. Marketing/partnership/onboarding: $150

This entails promotion on our socials and partnerships with a community. The partnership will be initiated by hosting an AMA with the community, enlightening them on what we stand, what they can benefit from GameFi and how games on Near can offer them these benefits

  1. Community engagement: $350

This entails all activities we will be hosting in the community within the month. Activities include;

3 workshops (Practical demonstrations on how to play the game of the week)

4 internal AMAs (education on Near ecosystem and GameFi)

3 game contests: $120

1 Meme contest: $50

8 quizzes(4 on Near social and 4 on Mental Maze: $80

Team Stipends: $500 for 6 team members

Wallet ID: near_africa_gamers.near
@IgbozeIsrael @Bakaka @adeiza @damboy22


Thank you for your proposal.

-I’ve identified a couple of areas that need further improvement to align with our KPIs before fund you.

-Your social media is not active, an active social presence is very important for community like arts and creatives, because it help in creating engagement and visibility, i noticed that your last post was in September 2023, i recommend focusing on improving your social presence or awakening your community and submit a commitment reports

-clarity in deliverables is also very very important, yours is not clear and convince, i suggest refining and detailing your deliverables to provide a clear outline of what you aim to achieve with the funding next time.

i believe addressing these points will strengthen your proposal next time, i encourage you to work on these aspects and consider resubmit in our next funding round.

Unfortunately; i won’t support your submission for this time

Given that you are focused on pushing these dApps out there to Africans, and your budget is small, I will support your proposal.

I wish you luck. Also, not that you need to keep your community active prior to been funded by the NDC to qualify to receive funding.

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Hello! Thank you for the comment sir. We just added more clarity to our KPIs, if there is any other info you would like us to add pls let us know.
Also we assure you that they will be improvements in our social media activities going forward.

Thanks for the support sir. We will surely do that.:raised_hands:

Nice proposal Gamers.

My area of concern:

  1. Funding request $1000 but am seeing a total of $1250

  2. How do u intend to introduce those gaming DApps within a month? How many specifically in a month?

I will be willing to support this proposal however I would need clarification on the above concerns. Thanks.

@Clinton can you answer this for finalization please

Thanks for pointing that out sir. All necessary adjustments have been made. What you see under funding for community engagement is just a breakdown of the activities we will be engaging the community with and how we intend to fund them.

As for the Dapps, we surely cannot ultimately cover all the games on Near within the ecosystem in a month and that is why we will be covering 3 games in a month.
I hope that answers your questions sir

That will be ok. Adjust the funding request.

I support this proposal.

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Please connect with Gaming DAO for guidance on collecting metrics and to the share data gathered from your initiative. Thanks!
cc @haenko @jefedeoro