[Approved] MV traders of Near

Thanks for the support, that proposal is excellent because that way the near community will realize the need to invest more time in the tiktok community and instagram reels content.

The maximum number of winners we are expecting is 10

Hi thanks for the contributions

  1. Educating people:
    Please elaborate on how many posts you’ll be making and on which channels.
    What are the themes / curriculum you’ll be covering?

The post will be made on instagram twitter tiktok and telegram the topics will be mainly related to trading, nft and how to evaluate the projects that are being launched on near and soon we will share the analysis and all the content by discord in a ows channel


  1. Basic technical analysis
  2. Advanced technical analysis
  3. Divergence analysis
  4. Offer and demand
  5. Market interpretation
  6. Risk management
  7. Capital management
  8. Creating a profitable strategy
  9. Backtesting
  10. Lives practices
  11. Basic Trading courses
    Can out outline the course curriculum?
    Courses Topics

On which LMS platform these will be published?
The platforms that we will mainly use will be discord and meet. Meet will be used at first because people don’t know how to use discord. The idea is to start in meet and then give the course in discord

What is the background of the instructor?
Frank Cardenas is the instructor, he has been giving trading courses since we started with the Virtual Mining page. He has knowledge in forex, options, futures, cryptocurrencies, his strategy is price action
4. Webinar
What is the theme of the webinar?
The topics are answered in the first question. In the same way I leave them here again
Courses Topics

  1. Basic technical analysis
  2. Advanced technical analysis
  3. Divergence analysis
  4. Offer and demand
  5. Market interpretation
  6. Risk management
  7. Capital management
  8. Creating a profitable strategy
  9. Backtesting
  10. Lives practices

How will you promote?
Promotions will be made through social networks

Which platform will you use to host the webinar?
Meet and discord

  1. Tournament
    How will you promote these? Which channels?
    the tournament will be held on two platforms instagram and twitter, we will use instagram because we have 41K followers. The first month we will use both accounts, to measure the reach and participation
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Hello, hope you are alright. I am here waiting for your feedback. :grin:

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@Mineriavirtual @David_NEAR

I would love to colab and potentially bring you guys onboard if you guys have some ideas for trading and trading content. We have currently been up and running for nearly have a year and have a reasonable following and incorporating some of the social media contest you have suggested.

Please DM/add me on TG for further discussion! Love to hear there are more traders and looking forward to working with you.


We can close the proposal, so far as they work with OWS…

Really sorry to hear that this is closed

Same goals, but several projects with differences and approach and this brings more live to the ecosystem. That’s why we have several DEX or Wallets listed on awesomenear, so I know he has contacted @Merchants_NEAR and I hope they can collab, I have been talking also with them asking first about collab with OWS and about the twitter and using tips, but if they collab or not, this should not be an issue to approve this proposal.

To be clear, We will not paid for Marketing on the Open Web Sandbox, We will just paid to contributors for their work, but we dont give a refund for coffees or pop material or similar to the sandboxers, just a payroll so they invest their time to make the community and the ecosystem to grow.

So, to be clear, this Marketing campaign is not on the scope of OWS, but for sure it could help to bring more Nearcomers from the MV Traders Instagram, it is on the scope and the goals of the @marketingdao-council

Is very sad that this guy @Mineriavirtual is asking for some funding for a marketing campaign since June 2021

But we as community have a burocracy that makes this so hard, and he has just being trying and making tests with some post about NEAR and working for free until now that we will receive him with a channel for traders on the OWS discord server.

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It is not up to an individual Council Member to close a thread, do not consider this closed until we have reached a consensus.


Ok, thank You. I thought OWS is going to work with this project.
Got you wrong. Thanks @David_NEAR , my bad.


Now that we could access to an OWS’ channel, a very respected community, our plan and goal is to attract the Mineria Virtual and Near’s community users through different activities, tournaments, live trading analisys and awards to the best students; just as @FritzWorm said, our proposal is a little different to @Merchants_NEAR because it’s not just a trading prognostic, but what it’s looking for is to get into the educational part with the goal of creating traders that work daily with the Near’s network. In this case, we would love to work with merchants, because they already have well defined how to make a tournament; now, to generate that tournament, we need the funding that are being asked to do at least one test, that we’re sure will be great and then, if it has success, we’ll continue not just the analysis, but with the classes, creating a strong development in the community; because the Mineria Virtual one that already exist is very interested on the Near’s ecosystem and besides, what OWS offers. I’ll share with you our OWS’ Instagram post, where it can be seen that people are very interested. Since we need the discord channel to be able to broadcast the analysis, trading signals and corrections live, it would be great if merchants on telegram joined the discord to be able to enjoy this attributes and live classes and mv traders joined merchants telegram to be able to enjoy that attribute too in this way the two projects would be mixed and it would be SUPER productive.

@Mineriavirtual can you confirm that you are now working with OWS and looking to collaborate with Merchants… or are you still seeking funding?

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Good morning. My thoughts about MV traders:

We have community driven Merchants of Near guild and @FritzWorm as an Spanish Ambassador, MV partner and experienced trader can use the platform (TG group) to educate (weekly voice/video chats, for example). Near Community Members. Would be great example of partially charity work (NF paid $150 to him in January), can help to Merchants of Near get a next tier.

For another education programs MV targets can work with Near Learning project. For all other proposals, MV traders can use Merchants of Near guild.

Overall, I and other community members have concerns about decentralization when we see how @FritzWorm and his partners get councils sits in Creativities , OWS DAO’s , concierge service, guilds.

I appreciate @FritzWorm for great job, but, please, Give a chance to other community members.

I will vote NO, suggesting to work with Merchants of Near guild.

Tagging OWS and NF people , because MV trades works with OWS.

@Grace @jlwaugh @AnaNastya @vrdoingthings

I am very concern with your attitude against Mineria Virtual proposal, like you change your mind from one extreme to another.

  1. Seems you dont want diversity, or real decentralization. If a new project for liquid staking appears we are not going to be helpful ? Like we just want METAPOOL.

Weird if you think so… because thanks that we had two Guilds for Memes, is that we had diversity and we were able to compare them like YOU DID with price per meme comparison between SwineGuild and MemeDaily

  1. Are we going to force people to collaborate each other?

As I said, already talk to Zuccini (Merchants Leader) to find out if we could have some cross collaborations, and I open the door for him first into OWS. I tagged him on the dApplets and Tips proposal I made, so Yeah I have been proposing ideas. Glad that Mineria Virtual have this different approach and want to use other social Networks for the Trading contests like Twitter for example, tradingview, and use the dApplets tip feature.

To be clear, I love the work that Merchants had been doing, that’s why I was able to convince moderators to send members there if want to talk about price. In this case this is a different approach with other social networks and also principal focus on the SPANISH community, as the Mineria Virtual community is a spanish one.

  1. Are we going to send people to other Vertical/Guild when this is Marketing?

Like it is not our problem ask to Education, or ask to Creatives is like the same if you send force him to collaborate with Merchants, I am sure they should and that they will collaborate, but they can have different approaches and tactics around the trading arena… The point is… that this is indeed a Marketing proposal because it is about doing Marketing from and to the Mineria Virtual community (40.000 members) so we can onboard some of them into the NEAR community.

If there is something bad with the onboarding of spanish members from Mineria Virtual you should said so, but dont make this about you and me, you can make this discussion elsewhere:

and Dacha give me a break, help me here to give a chance to other community members, as you just said so !!! In order to do so, you need to give our community members, like Frank a chance.

I have been helping a lot of members around the ecosystem, thanks to the fact that I know a lot of members and thats because I help on a lot of different initiatives. So I can cross each others. Also, I bring new members into, I help to create new Guilds.

You will be help full if you can be supportive with NEARcomers, or members with good initiatives like Frank here, because that’s the way to empower new members and let them join and help us to build community so then… grow the ecosystem, this way I can relax a little right and they can take positions on Projects, Guilds, DAOs after show their value.

Give NEARcomers a chance :wink: so I can relax buddy, and


For the record: I didnt ask for funding from Merchants they were truly moved by my help, just like dApplets when gift me an awesome NFT, or others who appreciate me… I am not here for the profit, as you should seen I use my own money to onboard a lot of new members. I am certain that Blockchain tech will help my people, will help everyone, and convinced that NEAR tech is the one that is really targeting onboarding… so I am here for the long run.

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Hello sure!!! :grin:

This is the distribution:
OWS → Payroll for contributors that will help with EDUCATION for the sandboxers

Marketing DAO → Funding for marketing campaign

Onboarding DAO → will help in launch right now the same marketing campaign on the step of contest onboarding community members.(already approve)

We continue requesting this way to be able to massify the trading tournaments on discord and live trading.

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Actually, want to see diversity in expanding to geographical areas. Merchants of Near Hispanic, for example.

I suggested to you teach community members in Merchant of Near, so far as you’re a MV partner and Merchants of Near ambassador.

@Merchants_NEAR Did you know Marketing DAO opportunities ? I just wanna make sure you’re aware about it. Tier 1 and 2 guilds require connections to guilds and other communities outside of the NEAR Ecosystem

I couldn’t find any Community driven initiatives here. MV traders is a private company, that wants to teach Near Community Members for NF-Community money. No problem, create community, show results and, after that, come back with your proposal if MV community would like to have any Marketing Activities.

I think MV can to say thanks to OWS for given opportunity to work with sandboxers. Let’s see on results.

Have a great day :grinning:

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That’s just what MV is offering, but it need to be at his way, he is the one that knows what he is doing and how to build community as he is the leader of that community with 40.000 members already.

I already did my work there, we (all) stop shilling NearForce telegram, and now we are sending people to Merchants, so that’s a lot of work from my side, with the best conclusion. And I share recommendations but it is a community they take their own decisions.

He wants to onboard his own community inside of Near, with the help of OWS he can hire the contributors, but still he need to do some marketing, you already approved and then disapprove without a real reason.

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Still a no for me. But I admire the efforts to get it out there.


Value requested is relatively low and, evidently, there are efforts made here.

I propose approving this proposal to give the team the opportunity to deliver, then afterwards we can assess the results :ballot_box_with_check:


I think it would be interesting to test the scope of the tournament through this totally different way that is discord 24/7 live charting and twitter to publish the results and updates. yesterday we started and we already have more than 50 interested people who are entering the ows server.

We estimate that with at least one test of a “large-scale tournament” at least we will have a weekly entry of 120 people.

Thanks for the support it would be great be able to test with this proposal to show that we have a good scope and it will be a benefit for the growing near community.


Hey guys,

Happy to approve this as a trial, looking forward to seeing it in action.


Super cool thanks for the opportunity I know i will deliver very very good results. :grin: